Blog donation 2020. Half time for Christmas.

The last post before Christmas! But if everything goes according to plan, not the last of the year. Shortly before Christmas, we celebrate half-time - or something more. Because the readers have not disappointed us, and it looks like there are a lot of people who want to read Saab in the new year as well.

Blog donation 2020
2011, Saab 9-5 NG SC and 9-4x in Denmark. The Oresund Bridge in the background.

It amazes me a little. First, there are the readership numbers. We will end this year with a big plus of at least 25 to 26%. This is hardly compatible with the zeitgeist and against all discussions about old cars and individual mobility. Apparently there are not too few people who still appreciate the analog and want to keep it for longer. A kind of counter-movement on a small scale, maybe.

And there are the donations received so far. Not as tough as in previous years, but a little more fluid and constant. 118 readers have donated € 6.147,11 so far. We would have reached almost half of last year's donors, with a somewhat higher average sum. And, of course, collected more than half of the money needed. Class!

Since we are still collecting until January 31st, I am almost certain that we will be able to meet our budget and possibly even exceed it. For me and the whole team it is more than just a moral tailwind and a confirmation of our work. The fact that a lot more could theoretically be done is a completely different story. 99% of our donations come from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. But the blog is read more internationally than ever, thanks to the AI ​​in the background, which translates our texts better and better into different languages. Maybe one or the other visitor feels addressed and honors our work.

Merry Christmas!

We will use the time between the years to further develop the blog and to bring new ideas on the way. An old discussion could become a topic again in January, we want to present the drafts of an action for the coming year in February at the latest. And Mark is working on the Saab dates for 2020, a call to organizers of Saab meetings and round tables will follow in the next few days.

We wish all Saab friends and all supporters who have supported the blog in one way or another or are still planning it, a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing time!

We thank you for finding the blog exciting and for stopping by. We weren't exactly a few in 2019!

Because almost 750.000 people have read and liked our small niche project.

Donations account:

Bank account: T. Knecht - IBAN: EN 08 7955 0000 0011 7754 75 - BIC: BYLADEM 1 ASA


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  • This is nice Christmas news! Above all, I am pleased that there will be more reading material this year and that more than half of 2020 is already secured.

    Merry Christmas to the whole SAAB community and bloggers!

  • Thank you for this great blog and your work. I wish you a Merry Christmas and an excellent 2020!

  • Had a lot to do recently, so my donation will be made after the holidays. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and relaxing days. And if you feel like it, you can come to the Saab Support Convoy in Slovakia on January 11th.

  • A great blog that is part of my favorite daily reading. I wish the bloggers a Merry Christmas, as well as all SAAB drivers. Who are still not extinct. Sometimes I even have the impression of seeing one more and more here in the north.

    One more note: the principle of solidarity does not apply to social media. Some pay for the blog, I think they love to do it, but many read it. Please switch to paid content. The content is worth it. the blog is too good for free. (Much too good) This secures your project and the costs are fairly distributed.

    • You are, of course, correct. However, I am not a friend of payment barriers and try to avoid them. This is certainly idealistic, like the whole project. Not now, but in the medium term that will likely have to change.

  • gated community

    With 750.000 readers and 118 donors so far, the thought of paid content is obvious.

    But that can also backfire very powerfully. In the worst case, not only international readers are locked out, but also donors who are conservative with regard to automated debits.

    I prefer an open Saab blog. And as far as my donation for 2019 is concerned, I feel confirmed by the increase in subscribers and readers. The thought that Saab friends from Turkey, Kenya or the UK would take advantage of me never once.

    Keep on Saabing, everywhere and everyone.
    And merry x-mas to all.

  • In Sweden is every, really every small provincial newspaper subject to a fee? Why? It was a choice between hiring or continuing to read regional news. I think you can transfer that to the blog.

    Either make all or part of the fee and thus secure the future in the long term. That is not negative, it is realistic. After all, who would want to take over and continue to run a blog with unsecured funding if Tom didn't like it anymore? Nobody really. Or?

    I like the spirit with which the crew and some readers stand up for the free accessibility of the pages. You don't have to hide everything behind a payment barrier, it is enough if it is 1 or 2 thirds of all contributions.

    By the way, the concept has proven itself in Sweden. Despite initial concerns! The number of readers has hardly decreased, the regional editorships have been saved and with it the diversity of the press landscape.

    • Trollhättan's TTELA really only narrowly escaped bankruptcy and is now completely chargeable. Too bad, but without alternative. The office would have been closed and settled long ago if this decision had not been dared.
      As far as the blog future is concerned, we indeed need a sustainable basis. The current concept has survived, but at least it carries us into the next year with the great commitment of the readers. For 2021, it needs to be reconsidered and realigned.

  • 2021

    I would recommend this blog to a test run and a gradual change, if it should be. The experience of Swedish local editors doesn't seem to be transferable to me at all. As far as I know, Swedish society has a strong local focus, so local newspapers and online publications are inevitably given high priority by the Swedes.

    In Germany it is completely different and municipal newspapers are mostly funded entirely by advertising. Ads in the editorially mostly underground free sheets make up the smallest part. The newspaper is usually disposed of unread anyway ...
    No, it is the minimum of 3 and up to 5 supplements (weekly special offers from supermarkets) that finance our local press. And honestly, the environment and I could do without getting the mailbox clogged with the latest waste paper every week ...

    If the blog wants to change its funding, for example, the email service for subscribers could be paid for. A single € per month would currently generate € 14.472.

    Sounds little in view of 750.000 readers who would bring € 10 with just 75.000 cents per article. But what will become of the current donors who currently pay more than € 12 per annum and who pay more than 10 cents per item if they are asked to checkout in an orderly manner?

    It is quite possible that the financing of this blog, the number of readers and reach as well as the associated advertising revenue will collapse completely in the course of a conversion. It would be the end of my favorite blog - the only blog I ever read…

    Well, what am I talking about? I simply trust Tom, his farsightedness, his overview and his ratio, which keep popping up from every single article or comment that it won't come to that.

  • Just a Happy Christmas & great New Year….


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