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Every year again! As every year, we ask the clubs, round tables and fans to send their Saab scheduling. Who is planning a meeting, where is there a new regulars' table, have we had everything in view in the past few months? Certainly not, because the Saab scene is very active, and more and more fixed dates are being established across the country.

Saab dates
Pilots wanted 2014 in Kiel. Picture: Ute Kolla-Bliesener

In principle, our Saab calendar is not just for Germany. The blog is read in Austria and Switzerland, increasingly also in the Netherlands. It would be nice if we could get appointments from there in the future. Since the Saab love is international and Saab friends somehow speak the same language, the whole scene could benefit from it.

A few important dates are already casting their shadows ahead. The IntSaab 2020 takes place this year at our friends in Denmark. From August 7th to 9th between Vejle and Billund - and since the appointment is in high season, it makes sense to schedule in good time. Another highlight will be “Pilots wanted 2020” in Kiel. The international meeting for Saab 9-5 NG and 9-4x has only taken place every 2014 years since 2, the date will be in June. The exact date has not yet been determined, we hope to be able to publish it in the next few days. As with previous events, registration is via the blog.

Here is our offer to all clubs, regulars' tables, organizers and Saab friends who are planning something great in connection with our small, Swedish brand! The entry is quick, easy and of course free of charge.

We are happy to publish and look forward to every new regulars' table and every Saab appointment!

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