TOGG - the Turkish Saab project

Saab is no longer mentioned in the press releases. The origin of the platform is kept secret, which is hardly surprising. But TOGG, the Turkish Saab project, has its origins in the Stallbacka. As announced, the end of the year came to Presentation of concept vehicles. And there were technical details.


Design by Pininfarina

Pininfarina and Murat Günak are responsible for the design. Günak previously designed for Mercedes and Volkswagen, Pininfarina is well represented in the international business. The SUV and limousine are drawn nicely, the press release raves about Anatolian roots. In fact, both vehicles have that chic that can also be found in Chinese start-ups. Modern, technically reduced, adapted to what one expects from an electric car. If instead of TOGG Nio, Changan, Enovate or Dongfeng were on the bow, no one would be surprised. After all, in the elegant sedan you can still find slight echoes of the Saab 9-3.

A Tesla competitor from Turkey?

The technical data are impressive. There is no people's car or minimal concept here. A range of more than 300 kilometers should be possible in the base and over 500 kilometers in the large version. 200 or 400 HP power, 4 or only 2 driven wheels. 80% of the battery can be charged in less than 30 minutes, the 4,8 PS SUV sprints from 400 to 0 km / h in just 100 seconds. The battery is guaranteed for 8 years.

Reliable data and details are still pending, in the end the efficiency of the drives is decisive. And there is Tesla with a 10-year lead in the benchmark, as VW and Co currently have to experience. Whether the Turkish consortium can catch up will only be decided in 2022 when the SUV rolls off the production lines in the province of Bursa. TOGG already promises low maintenance costs with the latest technology.

Inner space. Something, NIO, Byton, Mercedes
Inner space. Something, NIO, Byton, Mercedes

Holographic assistant

A holographic assistant in 3D can provide the user with a new mobility experience. Gone are the days with 2D displays. Eye tracking algorithms and holographic helpers belong to the dawning decade. It goes without saying that updates are installed online. The flood of technology, according to TOGG, wants to relieve the user. It should be simple, even downright minimalist. The interior is mutating into a “Smart Living Space”, which will of course be fully networked via 5G. It should also be safe, a 5 star rating in the Euro NCAP test is assumed.

Turkey plans to invest € 3,3 billion in the project in the coming years. 175.000 electric cars can be built per year, 4.000 jobs are created. The project itself is a bit late, it is a good 2 years behind its original schedule. Several models with different wheelbases are to be built on the former Saab platform.

With Mehmet Gürcan Karakas, a former head Bosch manager the project. Until summer 2018 he was the division head for the “Electrial Drives” segment at the Bühlertal location. His departure was called a loss by the company. And while German competence flows into the Turkish car project, the Swedes go away empty-handed. The announced collaboration with NEVS was canceled more than 2 years ago. Perhaps, and not without reason, the Turks see the upcoming competition in Chinese companies as well.

One can assume that TOGG will act aggressively in terms of price. Turkey is a car country, even if the manufacturers are not national companies. With the TOGG consortium, a pinch of Saab, and the upheavals in the auto industry, you can count on opportunities for the future.

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  • Certainly there are many different opinions again. Whether it will be in the end is also up to the stars. I personally find the design and the technical. Data not bad. I find the rear sections of both vehicles particularly successful. It's also a little SAAB.

  • TOGG instead of SAAB ...., never ever!

  • The fact that there are still connections to Saab is really interesting and exciting
    The cars usually look like 0815 SUVs from any other car brand, but I still think it's not bad.

  • Damn exciting times ...

    technically, politically and both on a global scale. But it's hard to believe that there are still valid references to Saab. It's fun to read about it.

  • Surprisingly successful design! If the price plus workmanship are right, then it could work. I am happy if Saab Gene lives on, even if I would prefer Sweden as the origin.


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