Spoiler alert! What's in this Skandix box?

Experienced blog readers know what's coming! The first spoiler alert of the year! Next week we will start our first Saab 2020 campaign! The large Skandix package was packed into my large Saab trunk during my last visit to the Harz Mountains. After a long drive, it ended up in the blog headquarters.

Large trunk is good. The Skandix package, arrived after a long drive.
Large trunk is good. The Skandix package, arrived after a long drive.

The Skandix AG produces and supplies spare parts for the two Swedish brands. The company from the Harz region has been supporting the blog for years, so the question now is what the content is. But there are no spare parts for one of my Saabs in what would be obvious. Also not components for a new blog project that is still in the planning phase. With which I have actually placed a spoiler in the spoiler. Unfortunately, there are no neat little things in the box that would be intended for the blog crew. We distribute the mysterious content of the large package to our readers - who, as always, have to do a little thing for it ...

The following factors have been clarified: The package includes other, smaller boxes, the contents of which are 100% Saabig. Second, theoretically, every reader who drives a Saab and is somewhat creative can receive one of these mysterious boxes. And of course the number of packets is limited.

So do you fancy Saab and looking forward to the surprise we have prepared for our readers? Then stay online and don't miss the upcoming news!

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  • What a furious start of the blog in 2020! Sooo many, very interesting and detailed articles on various, highly topical topics - Saab and the blog live, but something from !! 🙂 And also so many promising spoilers for other interesting reports and actions that make you excited like a bow! The recently announced story about a surprising “survivor” in Sweden (pre-series model?), A new blog project, various previously announced reports etc. And now also mysterious boxes ;-) that you can “work out” - the tension and curiosity go up and up ... thanks for everything! 🙂

    Speaking of Skandix, who has been a long-time blog supporter: In a (memory) comparison with the supporters 2019, I only notice the lack of Orio. Right? I think that's really bad because you can't get past Orio if you want to drive and keep Saabs. A workshop that no longer supports the blog could be avoided. If so: ugh! Orio certainly owes a lot of sales to the blog, be it through references to current promotions, new spare parts, etc., be it because he keeps the interest in Saab and that you keep your jewelry loyal.

  • I also say thank you for all the articles that have already appeared. Each article is worth reading and covers a wide range of topics.
    Such a large trunk is practical, large trunk is also a Saab ability.
    I'm extremely excited about what's inside.

  • Das Paket

    ... was transported in the 9-3 Aero, if I recognized that correctly. It is very, very stylish.

    Otherwise just join Ebasil. I no longer had the unknown pre-series model on the wall, but of course I find it exciting. What the blog has announced for 2020 and published in 10 days is almost overwhelming ...

    If I got it right, then on January 8th there were at least 5 contributions from exactly 4 different authors. Question to the blog team: this is definitely a record, isn't it?

    Special thanks also to Mark. If I have that right in my head, he wrote a report about a SAAB meeting in Turkey some time ago. And it was so full to the brim with joie de vivre, culinary impressions and cultural bridges that I have since been unable to enter a Turkish supermarket without thinking of Saab. Somehow crazy but still true ...

  • Hmm, what's in there? Actions like this loosen up the blog. So take some electric car (Sion), some China (Evergrande), plus drama (NEVS) and tradition (Saab). If nobody else would dare, I appreciate this mixture and how it continues to develop. You never guess what's coming the next day. Looking forward to the action!

    @ebasli: Orio has not been visible here since the beginning of the year. Speculatively, I'm betting on a “blogxit” that Orio might have done. Possibly also the blog. Can also be a cost reduction in space, save whatever is possible. Anyway, it's questionable.

  • Thanks Tom
    The voltage increases.
    Greetings from Oldenburg
    André T.


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