Saab Ice & Snow - The Saab winter photo!

Where is it, the winter? Spring-like temperatures prevail in the lowlands, and in the low mountain ranges it doesn't look any more wintry. Nevertheless, we are optimists and are starting the search for the perfect Saab winter photo today. The action differs from its predecessors in one important way. Because for the first time it is deliberately internationally oriented.

Saab Snow & Ice, the Saab winter photo.
Saab Snow & Ice, the Saab winter photo.

We publish the Saab winter photos with as much ice and snow as possible not only here on the blog. About our Instagram ITA and Twitter We also address accounts to an international and sometimes very young audience. This is good for the brand that we have been keeping alive and aware of for years.

Terms and Conditions

What we expect is not a little! We are looking for the perfect Saab Ice & Snow photo! The vehicles come from Sweden, and Saab himself described the country in a commercial as the home of ice and snow. A Saab in winter that fits, and the challenge for our readers will probably be to organize enough snow and perhaps icy slopes from somewhere. But we have full confidence in the readers for that matter.

Ice & Snow. Saab XWD Days 2011.
Ice & Snow. Saab XWD Days 2011.

Per sender one photo allowed, So please, no flood of images, but one good photo, carefully selected. The sender assures us that he holds the rights to the photo and approves the free and unlimited use on the blog and on social media.

Please send your Saab winter photos to:

What is there to win?

There was this big, mysterious one Skandix Carton. The company kindly packed this XXL package for me during my last visit to the Saab. Without big words, just to support actions like the ones we are starting today. In the large box there are other, small packages in the Swedish style. Inside are those little niceties that you like. Key rings, pencil cases, stickers and a cuddly little moose. We then enrich the package with additional Saab and blog stickers.

This is fun and probably arouses desires. Because we pass five of the nice, small packages on to the readers.

How to choose!

We don't decide who belongs to the winners. The readers have a choice, and we have come up with a simple procedure. The campaign runs on Instagram, Twitter and the blog until February 29. Only Instagram is decisive for the pre-selection. The 10 most popular images migrate from there to the blog in early March, where the final winners are chosen by the readers.

So that all Saab Ice & Snow images have the same opportunities, they will be published on Instagram at a specified time with always identical hashtags. This guarantees maximum equality of opportunity for every sender.

What remains to be done?

The Saab Ice & Snow promotion starts today and ends on February 29th! Saab-enthusiastic readers only have one thing to do: hope for a wintry January and February. Find snow and ice, drive the Saab, take perfect photos and have a lot of fun!

16 thoughts on "Saab Ice & Snow - The Saab winter photo!"

  • Or add a “winter saab” as well

  • Shit, my season vehicle does not "play"! Another reason to turn it into a year-round car 🙂

  • Great action, again! I look forward to the pictures!

  • Hello dear Saab community.

    If I correctly interpret what Tom wrote, the photo doesn't have to be from this winter, if you can call it that.
    So searched the photo albums of the past few years, pretted up on the computer and collected the Skandix package!

  • Cool action.

    The call anticipates the problem of many Saab drivers not being able to participate meaningfully. So is the action unfair?

    Definitely not. Despite climate change or a flat country residence, anything and everyone can get hit, at least occasionally. Even if I probably can't take part again, I'm looking forward to and about pictures of Saabs that defy the cold ...

  • That is a great statement! 🙂 Caresses the native soul.
    But the last sentence is particularly important. Thanks Tom.

  • Nice action - even if, as a hamburger, I can tick off a participation in our mild winters. And since I deliberately don't use “social” media, all I can do is look forward to the finale in the blog! These are sure to be great shots! 🙂 Great idea - and yes, especially in terms of rejuvenation and internationalization of blog readers, there is of course no way around said platforms, so exactly how it is raised.

    I just hope that the blog will be preserved in its "old-fashioned" form, so that you can continue to enjoy exemplary researched and skillfully formulated articles, browse and comment on them - without having to send a flood of data to the "grimace book" or the like and without from other commentators (postings, retweets, etc.) to be slaughtered in the media. The blog is a real oasis! 🙂

    • We are "old-fashioned" and will remain so. German server and provider, medium-sized company that we have known for years. We keep control over the data.

  • I would be interested to know whether the Vienna TTID XWD is still in Austria. Back then it was probably still a vehicle from Saab Austria.
    Otherwise there is only hope for snow here in my area, too bad that it didn't snow on Saturday, snow and Saab Support Convoy would have been good

    • I assume it won't be. All Saab company vehicles were then collected and "recycled". In other words, sold at a reasonable price to interested parties. Former Saab Austria employees still read along from time to time, maybe a comment will come.

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