New Koenigsegg 2020 from the Stallbacka?

Perhaps there is still hope for a car production in Trollhättan in 2020. Swedish media and circles around NEVS report on a new, "small" sports car from Koenigsegg. That was already in May 2019 for this year announced, Since then, however, hardly any news has leaked out. The evidence is now condensed that the presentation on March 5 at the international motor Show will take place in Geneva.

Jesko - the hypercar was presented in Geneva in 2019
Jesko- the hypercar was presented in Geneva in 2019. Photo: Oskar Bakke

In Switzerland, Koenigsegg has almost again traditionally booked a trade fair appearance. The show in Geneva is generally popular with small manufacturers, has its special charm and a manageable size. Koenigsegg has almost always used it as a podium in recent years to present new models or limited small runs. The presentation of the. Was spectacular during the last motor show Jeskowhich was sold out in no time.

What speaks for the presentation of one or more completely new vehicles is the fact that the Koenigsegg booth will be larger than usual. According to our information, it offers space for 3 vehicles. Since the Jesko is sold out, there might be two new products next to the Regera - in whatever form, as concept cars or ready for production.

New Koenigsegg 2020 from the Stallbacka?

The entry-level model of the Ängelholm brand should no longer come from Ängelholm. The manufactory is reserved for the millions-cost copies, the cheaper entry-level model is to be built in the former Saab factory. In much larger numbers than before, as Koenigsegg let know. Larger quantities can always be seen relative to the previous production in Ängelholm, because a three-digit number annually would be an inflationary quantity for Koenigsegg.

In theory anything is possible. From a pure electric sports car to a combustion engine. Unconfirmed information speaks of a "small" hyper car that - as is usual with Koenigsegg - should offer spectacular drive performance. If she Freewalk Technology will be used, but is currently just as unsecured as the entire concept. A hybrid drive could be possible, and with the new one regera the manufacturer showed what is possible. The old Saab factory is well suited for the construction of exclusive small series. Already in GM times there was the "Frickeboa" next to the regular band. Saab built the electric 9-3 station wagons there in small series for field tests in 2010. Pre-series vehicles were built on this route, most recently NEVS assembled vehicles there for China.

Evergrande, the main owner of NEVS and the former Saab factory, joined Koenigsegg at € 150 million almost exactly a year ago. A joint venture between NEVS and Koenigsegg AB, which NEVS has capitalized with a further € 150 million, has been working together on the development of new vehicles since then. In Geneva, the first product of this collaboration could at least be seen as a concept vehicle.

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  • In order to create a distance to the Koenigsegg hypercars, it would make sense to revive the old sonorous name SAAB with the new model. Especially since you manufacture in the Stallbacka that would be obvious. You pay a few license fees to SAAB aircraft and whoosh - new SAABs fall out of the factory. That would be awesome.

  • Turning point? For the first time in what feels like 100 years, we speculate here about possible new cars. I think it's great, even if it's a Koenigsegg. The brand is really awesome, I like to read that.

  • I think Koenigsegg is cool and I wish him and Trollhaettan every success!

  • Dream mode on: “Two exhibition spaces free? One will be the Koenigsegg Aero X, the other a 4-seater convertible in Saab style.

  • It looks exciting, it would be desirable for Trollhättan. It is also interesting that the workshops still have so much potential.
    And that the blog has published an article every day for the past four days is really remarkable for a blog that writes about cars that are no longer built.

  • I'm not a NEVS friend but I keep my fingers crossed for Koenigsegg.

  • I wonder what will come of it.

    In any case, the photo (or the montage) of Jesko in the dark alley looks like it was taken from a sci-fi movie. Cool image. I hope that combustion engines or at least hybrids will remain with us. Technically, a great deal is still possible. Not just in the name of performance. Also in the name of efficiency and the environment. Especially with biofuel ...

    • The pictures are all from a shoot in Hong Kong, including the dark alleys.


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