555.000 kilometers in a Saab 900 Turbo

A Saab is - what is it? A collector's item, a tool for everyday use? A long-term car? The 900 Turbo Sedan from Dietmar has been there before to guest on the blog. Today it is again, with a high mileage, which it has really worked out in 31 years. And that would be something with the mileage. More on that later.

Almost 31 years old. The Saab 900 Turbo from Dietmar.
Almost 31 years old. The Saab 900 Turbo from Dietmar.

The Saab 900 was first registered in March 1989. A long time ago, Germany had not yet been reunited, the Wall still stood and the Warsaw Pact countries were seen as a threat to the West. What we call smartphone today was not invented yet. Mobile phones were still expensive, heavy, coarse blocks and could only do one thing: make calls. The 900 Turbo was considered a fast, expensive and exclusive sedan at the time. Anyone who could afford a copy was sure of a solid account balance.

The 20 was used by Dietmar as a company and private car for 900 years. Scheduled inspections according to the service booklet were carried out up to a mileage of 200.000, then only regular oil changes and repairs. In 31 years the engine was sealed and the timing chain changed. The list now also includes two water coolers, five steering gears, one of which was refurbished and quickly became defective. The engine control unit was also repaired once, and the headlining also had to be replaced. One of the problems that you can have with some Swedish cars every 20 to 25 years.

555.000 kilometers - something like that

The Saab was not particularly cared for or spared. Almost 31 years, that gnaws the thickest Swedish steel. Especially when the car is not just a collector's item, but also a daily multitool. The 900 has been a die-hard lantern parker for more than three decades. That leaves traces. The sub-floor has been welded in some places over the years, and an axle shaft tunnel was also due. The doors, a well-known construction site of the 900, tend to rust. Opening after the car wash and driving in the rain helps - so that the water can run off. But who always thinks about it? Dietmar keeps the rust in check by using fluid oil.

The odometer has been on strike for more than 10 years and mileage is estimated.
The odometer has been on strike for more than 10 years and mileage is estimated.

In the meantime, the paint is also peeling, no surprise after 3 decades without a garage. In detail, it is the clear coat that begins to peel off on all horizontal surfaces. Trunk, roof and bonnet would be a case for the painter if you wanted to. At the moment, the 900 Turbo is still wearing its scars with pride. at Saab FrankfurtWhere he is professionally looked after, the effort for the major all-round renovation is estimated at around € 10.000. A lot of money, the use of which must be considered.

And there is the little detail with the mileage. The counter ended at 405.200 kilometers. At the end of 2009, this was not necessary and a replacement was not necessary. Because a sale of the Swedish turbo sedan has not been up to now. Since then Dietmar has estimated its annual mileage between 10 - 15.000 kilometers, which could mean the actual mileage between 505 - 555.000. Maybe more. Who cares if the car has been a sustainable companion for 3 decades and there is no separation.

We are looking for more kilometer kings!

Dealing with higher mileage and the idea of ​​sustainability will be one of our priorities for the future. We will have to make friends with it if we want to continue driving Saab.

Do you also have a Saab with a high mileage or a very long holding period? It does not have to be the highest mileage in each case! In addition to the age of the vehicle, we also focus on sustainability. All owners of kilometers kingsThose who want to see their car on the blog are invited to send pictures and information.

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    Dear Saab friend,
    thank you for your interesting comment and your sympathy that moves me.
    I have found that lantern parking is not necessarily that
    worst way to keep a car on the road for a long time. A well ventilated one
    An underground car park would undoubtedly be better, but a wet one, possibly with slush
    to put the afflicted car in a small, poorly ventilated box (garage)
    certainly worse. My Saab colleague and friend shared this experience with me
    made his Saab 900 Cabriolet.
    A carport and seasonal license plates would surely be the best solution for a car
    to preserve, but there is my T3 Bulli Westfalia at 37 years old
    rustproof as on the first day. Have fun with your Saab / s.

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    These kilometer kings give me hope! After all, my 9-5 station wagon “only” has 275000 km down and if I have my way, there will be another 100000 km (I knock on wood!).
    Wonderful stories so far. Please continue!

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    Great story and strong proof of the incredible quality of the Saab 900 from 1989! Lantern parkers for over 30 years!

    I call that sustainability! How many new cars could have come during this time and could have gone into the scrap press, would the owner have let the government incentives such as company car depreciation, 2x scrapping premium, electric premium etc. dumb it down and thus only harmed the climate but used the car industry.

    What, however, “hurts my heart” a bit: Couldn't the loyal friend now, at the beginning of the second “half of life”, perhaps be allowed a place in the garage after all? Then maybe it would only be the beginning of the second third (or quarter) of life! 😉

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    It's great that the car is still used in this way

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    I think that's totally awesome and infinitely likeable. The trips to Scandinavia of my childhood and youth were always time travel ...

    Coming from D once or twice a year, I was fascinated by the well-kept houses, automobiles, ships and boats, above all because of their authenticity.

    Back then (1970s, 80s and 90s) I not only saw Swedish, British and American cars there that were denied to me at home, but also Volkswagen, NSU & Audis, which had once again blessed the time with us ...

    Against this background, a Swedish kilometer emperor on German roads in 2020 is like a blue Mauritius in a stamp collection in a nameless village on Bornholm. It's really big cinema.

    In any case, it is an impressive testimony against the throwaway society ...


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