Saab 900 2.0i # 6 Replica Edition - Talladega Long Run

We are few, but we have managed to gather a good number of fans committed to SAAB in the south of Spain (Andalusia) around a small local SAAB Club. THE PULLS OUT, For a few months now, one of them, José María, from Córdoba, who gathers a good number of SAAB in his collection, has taken advantage of a great opportunity.

Talladega Long Run 1996 # 6 Replica Edition (1998)

We all know that there are some SAABs that are unfairly very undervalued in the market. This time is specifically the new generation of 900 (1,994-1.998). Among other reasons, due to the increasingly restrictive environmental measures in large cities, there are some owners who are deciding to detach from units in an excellent state of conservation and with a few kilometers. In this case it is a 900 2.0i (MY98) with 60,000 km. and a ridiculously low price. His state of conservation is very good and José María has not thought about it. A new acquisition for your collection.

But the challenge hasn't been here.

We are good lovers of SAAB, of its technical achievements and sports conquests. We were struck a few years ago by the publication on SAAB Blog that they had located the 900 2.0i # 6 participant in the Long Run of the Talladega (USA) circuit in 1996, resting on the SAAB center camp in Frankfurt.

Said and done. José María has set out to rescue this history of SAAB by recovering that model by replicating it, as accurate as possible of that model.

First he has proceeded to completely paint the 900 to recover its exact color and shapes.

Next, with great research work, he has proceeded to replicate as accurately as possible, the adhesives that model carried on the Talladega circuit in 1996.

With all the material ready, all that remained was the work of sticking the adhesives to 900, trying to make it as true to the original. I don't think we've done a bad job. Now we only have to enjoy it for a long time and kilometers surrounded by good amateur friends SAAB. We look forward to enjoying it for many years.

Author: Marco Fernandez / PULLS OUT Webmaster

6 thoughts on "Saab 900 2.0i # 6 Replica Edition - Talladega Long Run"

  • Very nice, one more saved!

  • Thank you for this interesting story, the lovely pictures and - first of all - the great enthusiasm of your strong Saab community in southern Spain! We enjoy so much knowing that there are Saab fans in whole Europe and the blog becoming more international.

    @ Tom: Do you know what happened meanwhile to the original 900 2.0i # 6 whose story you described in 2011? Hopefully it is still “alive”!

  • NICE

    Thank you for sharing, Marco Fernandez. All the best to car and driver.

  • Really nice 900, they've got so rare

  • Thanks for sharing Tom. We hope to see you (& Talladega replica # 6) at IntSaab 2020 in Danmark.

    Marco Fernandez

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