Still exists! Saab bike from Biomega.

The year 2007 was when Saab presented a bicycle. Not just any, but a perfectly thought-out one, developed in cooperation with the Danish manufacturer Biomega. Back then Saab was already a little bit ahead of the times. Because people in Trollhättan thought of inner cities worth living in and how the Saab driver could best get around there. A Saab for the long haul was agreed. And in the luggage compartment a practical bike for sustainable, urban mobility. Optimized to find a place even in the narrow convertible trunk.

The Saab bike was available in the Saab Expression Shop
The Saab bike was available in the Saab Expression Shop

Biomega was already thinking about the inner cities of tomorrow and the image of a bicycle as a means of transport. They began to design modern and highly functional bikes. They should be light with high quality materials. The Saab bike was made with a mix of aluminum and stainless steel components. 8 gears and a carbon belt drive instead of a chain. The cables were integrated into the main frame wherever possible, and two disc brakes provided deceleration.

The Saab bike still exists!

The bike was a successful lightweight and weighed just over 10 kilograms, which made it very easy to use. As a special highlight, it could be folded and stowed in the trunk of a Saab Cabriolet without any problems. The Danes did without the lower frame tube, replaced it with a wire rope that could also be used as an anti-theft device. Some things are awesome - and very simple.

Biomega BOS - ex Saab bike. Picture: Biomega
Biomega BOS - ex Saab bike. Image: Biomega

The Saab bike was sold through the Expression Shop, which no longer exists today. Now, 13 years later, the bikes are wanted. They are sold at a high price when used, especially if they are in good condition. Not just out of Saab nostalgia, but also because they are practical, beautiful design classics.

The last chance for a design object

Its basic design has been preserved because it is simply timeless and because well-made things have a long life. Little has changed in its configuration since 2007. It still has 8 gears, a carbon belt drive and the shift cables in the frame. The lower frame tube is still absent, it hasn't got any heavier, 10,8 kg are on the scales. Only one characteristic has changed over the years. The bike is no longer foldable, the frame is now rigid. Which is only a disadvantage if you want to sink it into the trunk of your convertible.

Manufacturer Biomega is currently offering the former Saab bike at a significantly reduced price. The company is moving, so the warehouse should be reduced. 30 pieces were still in stock a few days ago, 15 on Friday. For our readers, Biomega has 10 bicycles Reserved until midnight on January 22nd. The last chance for a classic at a low price. When ordering, the comment “Saabblog” must be given under comments. In contrast to the original, it is only available in white. An option for fans of high-quality design or Saab nostalgics who could simply stick the branding on the frame. Regardless, it's interesting anyway. Because sustainable mobility in an urban environment is even higher on the list in 24 than in 00.

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  • A really great bike, unfortunately without a folding function! I wouldn't notice it in the convertible. But thanks anyway for the report.

  • And we just gave our grandson an original SAAB children's balance bike for his birthday, his first SAAB at the age of 2.

  • Hello Tom,
    Many thanks for the post. I immediately ordered one of the biomega bikes. could you help me where i can order such suitable saab lettering stickers? the white wheel is a perfect match for my saab 93 II convertible in polar white from 2008.
    lg from lake constance,

  • @ Herbert Hürsch @ StF

    Thanks for the interesting answers, especially for the video! (I just imagined a blue 9-3 sedan instead of the bling bling cart ;-)) I learned something again! 🙂

  • @ Ebasil,

    it's harder to describe than it is. You will definitely find something on the net. Put simply, you have to imagine a bike rack that you can swivel into a more comfortable position for loading and unloading with little effort.

    Not everyone needs this for every car or bike, but the advantages of the system become apparent very quickly if you have ever felt a desire for a lighter bike, a lower vehicle or more power and your own height with other roof racks ...

  • Last year I was able to order an original bike rack for the 9000, new, original packaging from the 80s. That was cool and I kept the box. It's also for a Danish bike, but SCOOP.
    I bought it at the same time in 1989 with my first 9000 CC. The 9000 was unfortunately taken away in an accident, the bike still exists and has literally seen a lot of the world. I love it, like my SAAB, because it is so brilliantly simple and just as reliable and stable!
    Now it can ride on a 9000 CSE again 😉

  • Lift function ?? Huh? 🙂 What can I imagine?

  • It could be that I'm not sure. The photo comes from the old Saab Expressions web shop.

  • Thank you for the praise that we have to pass on to our reader Ulrich in this case. He had the idea for this post and established communication with Biomega.

  • The bike roof rack in the picture, is that the one with this lift function?

  • That sounds like intervention.

    It's amazing what the blog team has on their screen and how it pulls the strings for the readers in the background ...

    The reservation doesn't interest me personally (there is already a factor of 3. X more bikes than people in the household), but I find both the bike, its design and the commitment of this blog remarkable ...

    If there was a need, I would order. But even without self-interest, the value of such a commitment is immediately apparent to me.
    It is always incredible how this blog can still surprise its most convinced followers.

  • Wow, that's a great bike. Thanks for the news!

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