Sono Motors successfully completes crowdfunding campaign

The time had come on Saturday evening. The Munich start-up's crowdfunding campaign reached the € 50 million goal. By the end of the campaign yesterday, the amount had even risen to € 53.271.798,00. Now it is important that the supporters keep their promises and transfer them. The payment requests should now be on the way. Sono Motors could have passed an important hurdle.

50 million crowdfunding campaign
50 million crowdfunding campaign

The campaign was originally limited to 30.12.2019/32/20, but was only able to raise € 3 million by the cut-off date. The Sono community then voted for an extension until January 2021. The intended goal was reached before the deadline. The construction of XNUMX near-series prototypes and further development are within reach. However, there will be a long way to go before the first solar-electric vehicles can roll off the assembly lines in Sweden in XNUMX. The company has already made history with the successful conclusion of the campaign. It was probably the largest German, and possibly even the largest European campaign of this kind.

During the campaign, new reservations for the Sion worth over € 10.000 million were booked. The number of reserved and partially paid vehicles should be just below the threshold of 13.000. Of these, 789 vehicles have already been paid for in full. From January 1, customers were able to get out of the contract and claim the deposit back for the first time. Few people used it until January 14, according to Sono Motors. The 1.021 cancellations are valued at € 1,84500 million.

Internationally increased awareness

Until the pre-series production in Trollhättan can start in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2021, there are still a number of challenges to be mastered. Investments of more than € 200 million are also required. Sono Motors must continue to promote its project intensively, make reservations and raise funds. Trading in CO2 certificates is also a possible source of money.

The campaign paid off for Munich in two ways. For the first time, international media took notice of the German solar electric car initiative. For Google Trends, Sono Motors was above the search frequency of the Saab car brand for the first time. In addition to more than € 50 million, there was a dramatically increased level of awareness, which in turn cannot be paid for. Tesla also started with his idea on a small scale.

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  • Collecting more than 50 million for a vision is amazing. Surprising result and I'm excited to see whether the Sion will be born as a Swedish car. Perhaps Evergrande ends the dream before he starts and builds his own electric cars at NEVS 2021?

  • @Edmund: Interesting thought. The question is how much interest NEVS or Evergrande will have to build a competitor's vehicle in the future. The contracts are due to expire anyway due to the delay of one year.

  • I'm happy for the Sono enthusiasts! A great success to collect 50 million! But one is advertising, the other is reality on 4 wheels. I also keep my fingers crossed for this. However, whether Chinese companions are the right ones, I don't really know. But maybe Chinese are ready for a German. Break of the previous production on reduction to the essential.
    I look forward to further reports on Sono.

  • I congratulate, the boys really have a fighting spirit. Therefore, I continue to treat them to success and hold back with my skepticism. You just have to be able to keep your hands free 🙂

  • It is gratifying that the required sum has been raised.

  • Well said …

    Old Swede, I fear the worst (silent) and hope (loudly) the best. Companies like Sono give hope. Such a broad base of supporters gives hope. And I'm very happy that Sono has overcome this hurdle.

    At the same time, it sounds from Davos that people should understand that economic growth and climate protection are not contradictory. In other words, you can drive faster, bigger, more expensive and more and more cars for the benefit of the environment. How about a few million more cyber trucks?

    That's when I get scared. Sonos' resource-saving approach, on the other hand, is pleasantly realistic and deserves every chance of success.

  • Sometimes the most incredible things come true. The triumph belongs to Sono, it remains exciting for the future.


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