410.000 kilometers with the open-air Saab

Brand loyalty! The strategists in Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt, Munich and Stuttgart are dreaming of this - and probably also for every car manufacturer around the world. Saab had them, the very loyal customers. The decades that only a small brand from Sweden wanted to drive. And nothing else. It was only unfavorable that the loyal customers held onto a model for a very long time before they switched to a newer series.

410.000 kilometers with the open-air Saab
410.000 kilometers with the open-air Saab

Herbert Saab has been driving for 31 years. He didn't count how many 900 and 9000 passed through his hands. It could have been more than 10, he writes to us. He currently owns 4 old Swedes. The oldest Saab is also the one with the highest mileage. 410.275 kilometers are on the counter of the 900 Turbo 16 S Cabriolet. The open-air Saab from 1991 has been with its owner for 19 years. He is fond of traveling, together they visited Italy, Spain, France, Austria and the Benelux countries. Of course, the tours also went north. The Scandinavian countries are almost mandatory for a Saab. The open Saab is currently only moved in summer with season license plates to enjoy the open air season.

Brand loyalty doesn't always last

How reliable is an old car? Herbert reports no unusual repairs with the Saab. There seem to be no problems beyond wear and inspection. Analog cars, and the 900 Cabriolet is one, also have some advantages. No updates, no assistance systems, little that can cause trouble. And what is not on board cannot break. To ensure reliability, Herbert attaches great importance to competent service. Over the years, he has tried all the well-known Saab specialists. He finally got stuck with the little hamburger Saab garage by Detlef Koecke. He has been a satisfied customer for 15 years now and plans to stay longer.

Even a classic can go back to Trollhättan.
Even a classic can go back to Trollhättan.

One more turn back to brand loyalty. Of course, the most convinced fan will also be caught at some point, especially when reason strikes. A few years ago, at the end of the last millennium, Herbert realized that cars were really only needed to get from A to B. A pure means of transport, so he sold his Saab 900 S Cabriolet at the time and bought a modern diesel from a Bavarian brand. But then it happened what usually happens sooner or later when automotive heart meets reason. Herbert calls it the “amputation pain”. In short, he missed Saab. The Bayern Diesel Liaison remained a brief episode in its automotive history. The diesel had to give way, a Saab 9000 CSE moved in. And shortly afterwards an open-air Saab with a 900 Cabriolet. Happiness was perfect again.

We are looking for more kilometer kings!

Dealing with higher mileage and the idea of ​​sustainability will be one of our priorities for the future. We will have to make friends with it if we want to continue driving Saab.

Do you also have a Saab with a high mileage or a very long holding period? It does not have to be the highest mileage in each case! In addition to the age of the vehicle, we also focus on sustainability. All owners of kilometers kingsThose who want to see their car on the blog are invited to send pictures and information.

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  • That's exactly how I feel.
    No matter which car is put in my hands.
    So far none of them have been able to convey the feeling that a Saab triggers in me. No matter how old the Saab is.
    Anyone who has ever found the link to Saab will not miss anything!

  • Mine are SAAB 9-5 (2009, 2.6 B234R Turbo edition estate, Manual) + SAAB 9000 2.3 lpt. stage 1 (1998 anniversary, auto), that will do good for me, at an older age …… ..

  • 410km of pure driving pleasure

  • Mr. Hürsch, you speak from my heart. The last new car presentation I attended was almost nine years ago. At that time I admired a 9-3 Griffin convertible from the last Stallbacka production at my dealer. Since then I haven't been interested in a new car. I also notice a trend, especially in stylish new Bauhaus building areas, where the new commercial sledge is no longer discreetly placed in the garage, protected from the weather and prying eyes, but directly in front of the front door. It doesn't matter if the paintwork and / or convertible top suffer, after three years at the latest the soulless mass product goes back and a new one is rented / leased. In the past, people looked forward to reading the prospectus, admired artistic photos in front of a picturesque backdrop, compared technical data, marveled at the sectional drawings by Rony Lutz - today there are generally no more print documents at all, you should use the configurator online. I also wonder if a new car could ever appeal to me like it did back then ... Fortunately, with two beautiful, always fascinating youngtimer Saabs, I don't have to rely on it. Because they still have a soul ...

  • The picture in front of the Saabwerk in Trollhättan alone is an eye's breadth. I was already at this point with my 9.3 Lim. You just have to experience it! New cars no, maintaining our "old ones" is the motto.

  • Bells and whistles is THE point!
    More so called i net.

  • Prestige & envy

    It's completely crazy, but it's just like that and not different. My son reports about another father's new Porsche, neighbors imagine different and prestigious new cars and next to their houses and I don't feel anything, I don't feel anything ...

    And then here comes the notion of a kilometer-like majesty, an old box, with permission, that can arouse my desires without a hitch.

    I'm not really sure yet, but I seem to be through with the topic of new cars once and for all. Too many frills ...


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