Saab Ice & Snow - the winter photo! Picture gallery (3)

Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Germany. Saab Ice & Snow winter photos come from everywhere. In today's selection, the 9-3 I clearly has the upper hand. The last hatchback from Trollhättan is now rare on the streets. The development is like the 901 a few years ago. Cabriolets find enthusiasts and should soon have bottomed out in terms of prices. But everything that has a tin roof is increasingly reduced.

Lots of snow in Andalusia. The 9-3 from Marco.
Lots of snow in Andalusia. The 9-3 from Marco.

Does it have to be that way? There are still nice vehicles with relatively low mileage for little money. And they also cut a fine figure in ice and snow. Typical Saab. Enjoy the third part of our photo gallery. These and other pictures can also be found on Instagram and Twitter, And the Action keep running! We are still looking for DAS Saab winter photo until February 29th!

14 thoughts on "Saab Ice & Snow - the winter photo! Picture gallery (3)"

  • Peter - you're slowly making me "scared" - I'm just looking at the Oldi Saab search ...
    Looking forward to SAAB 2020 ...

  • Thank you Tom,

    the comments can be confusing. In fact, there is a good story behind each and every one of them. Fascinating ...

    If my father bought another 9000 tomorrow (he has occasionally been mourning the company car that has been leased for 3 years for almost 25 years), that would not surprise me anymore at the latest ...

    Maybe he waits 2 years until his 80th and buys a Saab convertible? ? ?

    • Our time is limited. Therefore, there is no better day to start such a project than the current one. It doesn't matter whether it's a 9k, which I always tend to, or a convertible.

  • @ Stephan H. (= dersaabler [?]),

    It just keeps getting better. This story has to be told and I'm looking forward to it. So congratulations to the father. Many sunny days, carefree kilometers and worthwhile goals for him and his Saab Cabrio.

    • Hello Herbert, no confusion. Stephan H. = not dersaabler 😉 A great story anyway, to treat yourself to a convertible at 80 is quite remarkable and great.

  • Hello Herbert, it is not the first one ...... on January 10.01.2020th, 2005 a new (9) 3-80 convertible arrived from the far north, something is currently being prepared. Is for my father! At XNUMX, he finally wants to drive Saab ...
    However, has been driving Volvo for 12 years

  • Hello Herbert, a contribution is planned! Especially since the way to this vehicle was special! Best wishes

  • Thank you very much. It is a checkbook-maintained 99er 2.0t! Report follows. Because the search for the right vehicle took place with the huge help of the Saab community.

  • @ Stephen H.,

    hopefully there will be a camera on Sunday. A first Saab 2020 and against the well-known background of Saab history would be a nice reader contribution ...

    Congratulations from me too. My 9-3 I was a rock solid and good car that I like to think about. The separation was unplanned and through no fault of his own (accident).

    Have a good trip at all times.

  • Strefan H. - Congratulations on your first piece of jewelry and have fun with it! 🙂

  • My first Saab in the form of a 93 I moves in on Sunday. I am already very excited!

    • You're welcome Marco!

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