NEVS 9-3 electric car with wheel hub motors in the winter test

Pictures were shared on social media yesterday showing the NEVS 9-3 electric car in Sundsvall, Sweden, returning from annual winter testing. A sign of the activities in the Stallbacka, of which unfortunately little is getting out at the moment. However, the images also raise questions for which it is currently difficult to find a valid answer.

NEVS 9-3 electric car with wheel hub motor from Protean
NEVS 9-3 electric car with wheel hub motor from Protean

Just a reminder. In June 2019, the start of production of the NEVS 9-3 electric car was celebrated, but shortly afterwards production ceased to further expand the factory. It happened later rumors about a possible export of the 9-3 to Israel and then the disillusionment. Major shareholder Evergrande announced that mass production of the electric car would not take place. However, there could be small quantities for internal use and possibly also for the employees. The story of the comeback of the 9-3 seemed to be finally closed.

The return of 3 electric cars from the winter tests raise the question of what is really planned. Why do you test two vehicles in Sweden, which obviously correspond to the series, in elaborate tests when the project is officially considered to be discontinued? The answer remains open.

NEVS electric car with wheel hub motors

The rear, and probably also the front vehicle on the trailer are old acquaintances. 2018 electric cars from NEVS with the 130 KW electric motor, as we have often seen in Trollhättan and the surrounding area. The vehicle with the Protean lettering is very exciting. The 9-3 electric car is equipped with 4 wheel hub motors. A late career in an automotive vita that is very eventful. protein has also been part of NEVS since July 2019 Wheel hub motor is considered promising. The use of the wheel hub motor could offer completely new and spectacular possibilities for the vehicle design of the future. The fact that it will be used in series in the 9-3 is ruled out. It would be more realistic to imagine a completely newly developed vehicle on the Chassis 2.0 architecture could be based. This platform was acquired by Evergrande in 2019. It comes from the German supplier Benteler and is considered one of the most advanced for battery-electric vehicles.

In the first half of 2020, Evergrande plans to present a first, completely newly developed vehicle that will go into production in 2021. It is unclear whether the NEVS-Protean test vehicle is related, as are many other things that are currently developing in Sweden.

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    Since I accidentally stumbled across a video of the Protean NEVS winter tests, I'll post the link to Youtube because turning on the spot is a nice effect:

    It looks a bit spectacular, but it shouldn't really work for normal driving situations. It may demonstrate an ESP control capability with the engines, but halfway current vehicles can do that through the brake system, so that doesn't seem like a world-changing innovation.
    Anyway have fun.

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    Thanks for the information about NEVS

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    Well, Mr. Nordmann,

    I'm also a die-hard skeptic of NEVS, Evergrande and otherwise a more critical mind ...

    But I also imagine a differentiated one. I don't find the wheel hub motor deadly ridiculous and the fact that it is being tested in a 9-3. This is also an interesting message in the given context.

    Many thanks to the author.

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    Beat me, but I would take the 9-3 with wheel hub motor if NEVS also brought this to the market (which of course they will not do).

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    Instead of finally telling potential customers what, how, where is planned, NEVS (or whoever) is messing around with something.
    And the belief that anyone whatever is produced there will find buyers to die for ...


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