Single piece! Saab 9-5 NG TiD Linear sports suit.

I rarely get excited, because when it comes to cars, I have everything. Including prototypes and pre-series. But now I'm a little nervous. And careful. In front of me is one of 27 Saab 9-5 NG sports suits from the pre-series. In addition, one of only two surviving right-hand drive vehicles. A unique piece, a de facto new car, with a little over 6.000 kilometers on the odometer.

One of the last new Saab cars
One of the last new Saab cars, a station wagon from the pre-series.

The equipment level? A linear. The offer for Swedish company car drivers. If the station wagons had gone into series production, the linear version would have become the Passat among the Saabs. For the tax a friendly basic price, on which you could have packed everything that was good and expensive. There was more than enough of this in the price list.

Unfortunately, Saab failed to do this with this vehicle. Fabric seats, the green display in the center console. It all looks very budget-oriented. Stop, stop says Markus. The control buttons on the steering wheel are an extra. The seat heating and the automatic too. At least. I let Markus take the wheel, the thing with the one-off is too delicate for me. Today I am a passenger, rapporteur.

Surprisingly high quality

The Saab of course has its own story. He was bought at the KvD Aktion 2013 by a Saab fan from North America. Actually, he should have gone across the pond in the container, which turned out to be much more difficult than hoped for. The import to the USA turned out to be impossible because Saab would never have homologated the 9-5 NG sports suit there. The station wagon stranded in Kiel, and its owner flew in at regular intervals to drive Saab again. That went well for a few years, at some point reason won out, the one-off piece was released for sale.

We are now driving through Kiel. The 160 hp diesel is not uncomfortable, the automatic gearbox does its job well. A unique piece. A new car that smells and feels that way. Everything as if the Saab had rolled off the van yesterday, coming from Sweden. A journey through time that takes place beyond any reality. Transported us back to the year 2012, which didn't even exist because the lights were already out in Trollhättan. Crazy, and crazy is how the station wagon looks like. It is assembled by hand, pre-series as I said, and yet it has a remarkable degree of maturity. Nothing rattles as we roll over cobblestones, nothing indicates that this vehicle would no longer be in production if Saab still existed.

Would the sales force have been happy with that? The station wagon is bigger on the outside than on the inside. Unusual for Saab, but you don't feel the length of more than 5 meters in the space. On the other hand, there is really more than enough of everything and a high level of comfort for long tours. Difficult to say what would have happened had the Swedes really tried to conquer the fleet market. In case of doubt, the leasing rate would have been important.

Saab 9-5 NG TiD Linear sport combination - unique piece and last new car

And today? What do you do with such a unique piece? In theory, you could drive it in everyday life. It feels ripe and confident that there is no doubt. On the other hand, you always have beads of sweat on your forehead if the person behind doesn't keep enough distance. It is enough that the mom walks past with the stroller. Or grandpa with the rollator. The worrying look then scans the car and its surroundings, completely unfounded. Actually permanent. This is not for people with high blood pressure. Because in case of doubt, spare parts would be rare - and also expensive. Markus Lafrentz takes care of it. Around 27 survivors, in painstaking detail work, use long-term connections worldwide to find what is actually not there.

So the one-off, with budget equipment, it has an uncertain perspective. It can be rebuilt so that the steering wheel is on the “right” side. You can enrich your equipment, pack in a little more luxury. No problem, says Markus. It's just a question of money and patience. But do you want that? Shouldn't a piece of history be kept as it is?

I am undecided when we are on the Company yard Roll out. A journey through time to the Saab year 2012 that never existed. The trip was special, it gave goosebumps and sentimental. I don't want to come up with a final word about this car. Because it's unique, because you should put it away and not. Because it has retained its charm as a new car, it is a time capsule, because using it would destroy it. And because you should move cars. Actually.

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  • Thanks Joachim !, we are sure my next project. DAB + is already available, but I am considering it. If FM is really gone, there is the TUNE IN app on the iPhone for the radio.

  • Born from Jets - the 9-5 NG

    This report and all the communication did not let go of me, so last night I searched the relevant portals with growing enthusiasm for 9-5 NG switching cars (just for fun, a 3rd Saab would be completely insane for me). And there is one! 🙂 But unfortunately all without a sunroof. 🙁

    And now - as the last, totally stupid, everyone else had already realized this for a long time - I finally realized what I find so gorgeous, next to the successful "rear end" of the limousine: It is the perfect link to the connection to the Aircraft construction. Thanks to the dark A-pillar, the pulpit looks like a cockpit from the outside, especially in vehicles with light paintwork - but something of a kind! Ingenious and highly elegant!

    That in turn made me spontaneously think of one of my favorite cartoons from the early 2000s 😉 (I have no idea what else this is for a website, it was only the first hit when searching the web).

    In this sense, nice weekend! 🙂

  • @ Ebasil,

    Unlock and exercise well. I hadn't thought about the subject in such detail before. But you are absolutely right ...

    Playing with throttle and clutch still offers tangible advantages in various situations and is also a general factor in road safety….

    What more do you want and why exactly? ? ?

  • Herbert Hürsch - six-speed gearshift

    My two 9-3s (MY 2011 and 2012) both have this gear shift and I can only say, simply great! In fact, my previous 2007 convertible (diesel) was a bit rough. With my current two beauties, however, things look very different: with the 2011 Combi (160 PS Diesel), it works without any problems, the acceleration is fun and you can drive very lazily. In my 2012 Bio Power Turbo Cabriolet (with 210 HP) the manual gearbox is even better, it is an absolute pleasure to switch my "racehorse". The circuit works "creamy".

    That being said, I cannot (purely personally) get used to the automatic system (whether old or new) for various reasons. Every time I had an automatic rental car (even for a long time, e.g. in the USA) it only annoyed me. These are mainly the reasons you describe, I would like to have it somehow "in the hand" (in the truest sense of the word) - so decide the way of acceleration directly with one hand, and also when downshifting, engine braking etc. In addition to the question of consumption, I think that you can drive “millimeters” with a fine play of clutch and gas. So if you have to drive onto a curb, for example, when parking, but have very little space between the other vehicles. On the one hand, you have to accelerate a lot to get up, but you can only drive a few centimeters. In any case, I always do it very well in the interplay with clutch and gas and in an automatic vehicle with only gas and brake it doesn't work so well. That may be different with completely new automatic vehicles, but I have never seen it before.

    And especially with a few old drivers, it happens again and again that they confuse gas and brake in automatic vehicles and then "shoot" somewhere uncontrollably with their vehicle. Such accidents are technically impossible with switchcars. Here in Hamburg, for example, in Ottenser Hauptstraße (a popular shopping destination for the well-to-do older retirees) umpteen times (no exaggeration!), Cars with older drivers have repeatedly shot across the sidewalk and landed in the shop windows, even even after concrete bollards and concrete benches had been let into the sidewalks to avoid such accidents - they ended up in the shop window. Fortunately, all of this has so far taken place without personal injury. Of course, this is above all a question (not to be discussed here) of driving suitability tests for driving license holders - I do not want to position myself on this, but hope that if I could not drive in 30 or 40 years, I would recognize this myself , But I find it very reassuring to know that if you mix up the throttle and the brake in a shift truck, you would simply stop.

    Apart from that, shifting or automatic is certainly primarily a question of personal preferences. I start to gossip - it should be noted for me that maybe I will test drive a 95 NG switch someday. 🙂 A relaxing weekend for all Saab drivers - maybe with nice trips (weather permitting)! 🙂

  • @ Ebasil,

    I have no experience with NG transmissions. I only know that I enjoy shifting and clutching manually and that I would like a 6-speed gearbox in my chrome glasses ...

    Just as they already existed in 9-3 and later in NG.

    I know, I know, a lot has happened with automatic transmissions. This has little to do with the previously only 3 long gears and the viscous clutch in front of it, in which engines whirled around uselessly and howled like a boat engine during a port maneuver. But personally I would miss something, the interaction between man, machine, car and driver, self-determined shift points, the purpose of a rev counter, etc. ...

    The automatic control of days gone by was so ridiculous and the viscous coupling so inefficient (it swallowed 10% power with corresponding additional consumption even during constant driving, more when accelerating and the driving performance was therefore significantly worse (at an additional cost)) that the argument of the vehicle classes and what suits for this, still does not pull with me until today ..

    After all, the argument is as old as this damned 3-speed automatic. A lot, even a lot, has happened since then. And yet I would still try an NG switch if it came across as an attractive offer. No question …

  • There is also a video of a conversion in a SAAB 9-5 2010 -

    Greetings Joachim

  • Hello Bergsaab

    Here SAAB SAAB 9-5 2010-2011 VIDEO INTERFACE! There is also for the 9-3!

    NavTool NAVTOOL4.0-APPLE-CARPLAY does not replace or add the factory screen; it creates additional video inputs and smartphone mirroring & Apple Carplay capabilities for the factory installed navigation system or color information screen. Vehicles equipped with factory color screen or an outdated factory navigation can now take advantage of the navigations apps installed on your smartphone, mirror / project any application including navigation applications (Waze, Google Maps and similar) from smartphone to vehicle's color screen.

    You could also install 4 cameras, then you have 360 ​​degrees (bird's eye view), as with the new PW's. I now have Waze, Google Maps on it too. There are also many other additional options.

    Look here:

    There are also videos and the installation instructions. And in terms of price, I think it's OK. After all, that is completely updated again :-)! There are actions from time to time. I asked. If you buy several, you would get up to 30% discount.

    I also want to install it in the 9-4 X, because Navi is not possible at all, has XM satellites in it, but just does not work. That is the next project. If that works, I will stream everything on my cell phone. And I should also be able to play the films that are always rebranded because of the country codes. Then the problem of the 94X is solved or above all improved.

    Best regards


  • The display was available in monochrome (green) and in color for an extra charge. 17 ″ Alu 101 were standard, the linear parking aid was available at an additional cost. I will upload the 2012 price list again in the next few days.

  • Without homologation, no import into the USA is possible. The vehicle does not come out of the customs area and is scrapped. The Americans are rigorous, there are no individual approvals. Land Rover had already experienced that many Defenders had lost to the scrap press.

  • In principle, the automatic system fits better and better with the 9-5 NG, especially in coordination with a Hirsch performance upgrade. Then also with the TID machine, which is better in class with Hirsch. The manually operated Opel gearbox is not a revelation and does not fit into this vehicle class, other manufacturers were already better at that time.

  • Hello Joachim,
    how was the Carplay or Android Auto implemented? I have a 9-5aero limosine but that should be technically the same. At the moment I'm afraid of changes because the information system has a lot more functions like radio and navigation system.
    Driving limosine is a very exclusive pleasure, but the estate car is really a unique selling point! 🙂

  • Jochen Geweke and automatic vs. Circuit in the 9-5 NG

    There was also a blog report recently about your piece of jewelery, right? Congratulations on your dream car! Personally, I find the limousine, as I wrote recently, more elegant and unique from the outside behind - although I actually don't like limousines at all. But of course it's all a matter of taste! There are many practical reasons for a station wagon, even if you rarely have so much to transport that the large limousine trunk would not be enough - apart of course from large barking family members traveling with you. 😉

    The hatchback (built only as a prototype) would have been it for me!

    Regarding the bad automatic: For various reasons, I would always only buy switching cars anyway. Tom advised against it in a recent post at NG. Why? Just for convenience? (Not an argument for me personally.) Or are there other arguments? Has anyone experience with 9-5 NG manual transmissions? Maybe I'll get weak again with a limousine…. 🙂

  • I drive such a station wagon myself! And it's a dream car. Next to me in the underground car park is an Audi with a continuous light in the back. The upper class of the other brands has finally discovered this. Although the design is almost 10 years old, you absolutely do not notice it. Clearly the car has all of the Hirsch options. And it's absolutely no home cooking in a chubby dress. The 9-5 NG station wagon is very elegant. Nothing with “chubby dress”. Especially the rear with diffuser and 4 pipe exhaust system (with super sound) is still beautiful and looks modern. Sorry, I absolutely have to disagree.

    Also @HP Schmitz! The petrol consumption of the 2.0 biopower with Hirsch tuning is at least on the performance of Audi, BMW or even less! Clearly with E85 the consumption is one liter higher, but it is also more environmentally friendly and has an additional performance plus. On the highway at an average of 140, the car doesn't treat itself to 10 liters.

    The car lies perfectly on the road even at very high speeds. You don't notice the high weight and size of the vehicle. The comfort in the comfortable seats is absolutely perfect at the front and rear and at the level of a luxury car. The HUD display is awesome. The interior is valuable. And significantly more spacious than the Insignia, which is always compared. And also looks more valuable. Above all, the front legroom is superior to today's new vehicles and almost spacious.

    The transmission shifts very cleanly and smoothly. The gearbox was rinsed once and provided with Midland gear oil. With the E85, he jerks the first two km very easily with light acceleration. That is then gone and the acceleration of these big cars is impressive with a 2 liter engine.

    Nothing rattles or clatters in the interior. The cockpit is upgraded and Apple Carplay and Android Auto are available. The DAB + has not yet been installed, but the device has already been purchased. The multimedia function, especially for the rear passengers, is awesome. So you are at a high level despite a 10 year old car, with a more ideal operation than with sticks etc.

    The only thing missing would be the blind spot warning, but with the large exterior mirrors this is actually not a problem.

  • What amazes me ...

    ... is that approval in the USA was not possible. Sometimes the craziest boxes go there. Probably different rules apply to imports than to conversions and self-construction?
    Sad for the longtime and enthusiastic owner that it is. He would probably have had to cut up the SC and rebuilt a limo and then it would have worked. Just bureaucracy ...

  • Would have. Would. Would.
    This has been my dream sport combi for many years. Despite the poor equipment (which I would probably have left largely untouched) and the Lenrad on the right (it would have been my third right-hand drive). After a Saab 95 and a Volvo C70.
    I've been waiting for this vehicle for a long time, many years. But the owner did not give up hope of bringing his piece of jewelry into the land of unimaginable impossibilities. Alone, nothing came of it. For him as for me.
    I am now driving a limousine with a full cabin, deer and four-wheel drive, which is a lot of fun. In this respect, one eye cries, but the other laughs out loud.

  • An interesting and indeed truly unique car. Hopefully it can stay as it was at the factory and will not be upgraded afterwards. And hopefully he will be moved despite the accident risk described. He doesn't get any better from standing around.

  • A very nice individual car, was at Saab Suchomel a few days ago and also saw the black 9-5NG Combi there. It's such a shame that there aren't any more of these cars. Would be even more individual and beautiful than a V90 Combi. If I win the lottery, then you could get weak with that, you only get so much uniqueness and Saab history with that, but the fear of what would happen would still be there. I've seen accidents in the most impossible places, if something happens ... something could happen even in a garage ... For me it would only be a good weather Sunday vehicle, whereby the red NG Combi Diesel is the best example that you can also drive 200km with a pre-production car can drive.
    Were the rims actually standard?
    Were there two different cockpit designs? One only in green color on the speedometer display?
    Was the parking aid series? Have already seen 9-5NGs without parking aid.
    Now I drove a NG limousine myself and also drove it and have to say honestly that you don't really notice the 5m inside, I remembered it bigger, but still a super car.
    However, as written by Hans S above, I did not find the automatic so optimal. I found the gear changes to be too late and therefore the engine too loud and too noticeable. Was a 160hp diesel. I would not have noticed that the chassis rumbles

  • Hard but fair,

    what you (HP Schmitz) write. But also as senseless and hypothetical as looking back at a stillbirth must be ...

    In view of the current discussion about private transport in general and the combustion engine in particular, such considerations fade anyway.

    The bottom line for me is that I would have loved to have owned an NG SC with the stag 2,0 BioPower and operated it with E85.

    This is less opposed to the competition from other brands and models than to the bankruptcy of Saab and the political framework, which I consider questionable ...

  • Nice report about a very rare vehicle indeed. Two thoughts / comments:

    I hardly think that the 9-5 NG SC would have prevailed against the VW, Audi and Skoda fleet. Not even in the niche, there is the Volvo 60 or, if you like it big, the Volvo 90

    I had a 9-5 NG TiD with automatic transmission. Great car, but it was just too big for me. However, I could never really get used to the automatk during the six years. In my opinion a car as great as the 9-5 NG is unworthy. Downshifts were always very rough, there was always a slight blow and the gear change was clearly felt. Unfortunately, my otherwise very good Saab garage could not remedy the situation. I never really got used to the inharmonic automatic!

  • Even if some think the 9-5IISC is pretty, for me it is more technically home-style food in a chubby dress, although different from the mainstream. The competition was not the Passat but rather the A6, 5 series etc. and in comparison the 9-5 is too heavy and too thirsty (at least 1,5L / 100km more than the competition) and at the same time less lively.
    The car was a vehicle for friends of the Saab brand, but less suitable to draw buyers from other brands.

  • The learning curve at Saab was really impressive between 2010 and 2011! The processing of the 9-5 was improved weekly and the chassis were, after justified criticism from several places, new and better tuned. It really wasn't because of the cars.

  • Then the processing must have improved significantly in the final stages. At that time I had made a test drive with one of the first limousines (no aero) and was frankly disappointed with the chassis and the workmanship.
    But the article is wonderful again! I think Saab's failure had other fathers, it wasn't the cars. But as a fleet car I don't think it would have been enough. There would have been too few willing to pay a premium for individuality. Kia Stinger is a good example, great car, but a killer leasing rate.

  • Great car with the steering wheel on the wrong side, but a great story. I really would have got one as a company car in 2012, probably also a savings roll. But it was not meant to be. Too bad.

  • For me, the 9-5 NG is one of the most visually dynamic cars that have been built in the past 20 years. Dynamic without being pushy. In 2017 I was allowed to drive the Mechanicus SportCombi petrol engine and was thrilled. A very great automobile, even if it has the highest proportion of all the reviled Opel parts.

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