Saab “Born from Jets” license plate holder - new version!

Saab and the planes. The brand has its roots there, and there was a time when the boundaries between the design groups were fluid. Anyone who worked on an aircraft project today could do his job in the automotive division a few months later. And vice versa. That changed at the latest with the entry of GM. The borders were no longer permeable, even if in the early years many ideas from aviation found their way into the vehicles.

Saab "Born from Jets" license plate holder, the latest version.
Saab “Born from Jets” license plate holder, the latest version.

But at some point the inevitable happened. The exchange of ideas dried up and the legacy of aircraft builders began to fade. Slowly but steadily.

That changed again by 2005 at the latest. Carl Peter Forster became President of Saab Automobile AB, and what he saw did not please him. Saab, for him that was a rough diamond in the GM empire. Almost forgotten, neglected, but full of potential. Forster set about reviving the brand, which meant a return to the roots and old strengths. The “Born from Jets” campaign started, it was more than just a marketing operation. For Saab, it meant a ticket to the future.

“Born from Jets” was the road map to the future

Airplanes reappeared in the vehicles. Stylized little jets everywhere. On cargo hold covers, shirts, pins. Studies like the Aero X looked more like an airplane than a car, and there was more to come. The speedometer of the Saab 9-5 NG was based on an artificial horizon, which was not available from any other brand. With the 2012 model year, the Saab B18 appeared in the speedometer and in the multimedia system. The B18, while not a jet, was a twin-engine bomber that appeared in 1942, but it was part of Saab's flying legacy. Who knows what else would have come?

Our new edition of the Saab “Born from Jets” license plate holder is based on this exciting time. Instead of the lettering of the first edition, which was to be found on the vehicles from 2010, it takes up the historical logo of the year 2000 again. This means that the license plate holder is on the right timeline when it comes to logo and advertising slogan.

The "Born from Jets" license plate holders are now available from stock, they are suitable for German Euro license plates. Readers will find ordering instructions for our Saab license plate holders here.

3 thoughts on "Saab “Born from Jets” license plate holder - new version!"

  • As an Austrian, I stay with the license plate holders of Saab Himberg with the Swedish flag

  • The license plate holder will soon come in a new design. Without the .net addition, as we can now also be reached under .de and .com. If you like, you can also combine your order. A bar with “Saabblog” and one with “Born from Jets” also make a sentence. Our team is extremely flexible in this regard.

  • That's great! I (purely personally) like the newer Griffin symbols better than the old ones with the stylized airplane - not because of their appearance, but they go better with the most recent years of construction. Will there soon also be written on them? I would also like to “advertise” the blog! 😉 Or best of all with both: The cool lettering “Born from Jets” AND Then I don't have to decide what is difficult. There would be enough space ... 🙂

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