From Berlin to Paris with 367.000 kilometers

If cars were people, they would have exciting stories in store. Like the Saab 900 Cabriolet that once belonged to Mirco. It is a wanderer between nationalities. International, cosmopolitan, and, to stay with the human-car comparison ... some would be happy to get this far. The Saab was built in 1987 and was one of the first model years of the convertible in Europe.

Saab 900 Cabriolet, first model year for Europe
Saab 900 Cabriolet, first model year for Europe

Back then Saab customers had to be patient if they wanted to drive an open 900. The delivery times were miserably long, the prices salted. The usual target group, consisting of architects, doctors, freelancers and artists, struck mercilessly. If you wanted to be IN, you had to drive up in the open Saab.

From Berlin to Paris

The Saab 900 Turbo 16 Cabriolet found its way to Mirco in 2010. At that time it already had 292.000 kilometers on its speedometer. It was sold in Berlin by an immigrant Swabian, who moved on to India. Since then, the convertible has been shuttling between Mirco's two residences in summer. Berlin - Paris and back, that was the favorite route from now on. The Saab was not spared. Although he had a seasonal license, he drove an average of 7.000 kilometers a year across Europe in the warm season.

Some wear and tear occurred in the 10 years and around 70.000 kilometers. After all, the Cabriolet has been a nationally recognized classic with H certificates since summer 2017. And after around 30 years, it is not surprising that there is always something of a problem. Alternator, muffler, window regulator, engine and relocate driver's seat. This is normal wear and tear, plus a new windscreen and the replacement of the bonnet. The 900 also refuted the saga that Swedish steel does not rust. Actually, according to Mirco, there was always something to weld at the HU appointments. Which holds the usual corners of the body with an open 900. The legendary axle shaft tunnel, wheel arches, trunk floor, driver footwell and the battery compartment. Nothing that would be unexpected. The Saab garage from usually took care of the maintenance Detlef Koeke in Hamburg.

366.666 kilometers on the last trip from Berlin to Paris
366.666 kilometers on the last trip from Berlin to Paris

The old Saab was already reliable. Only once, on the way back from the Mediterranean, did the 900 fail at the 2.500 km tour near Hanover. The alternator had stopped working, an excusable weakness.

From the Saab collection and back

One Saab is not a Saab, and two Saabs are far from being a collection. The Cabriolet was Saab number 2 at Mirco, and at that time the collector virus caught him. He rushed to collect Saabs. In the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium. First a 9000, a 900, then a 96. Keep going until there were 12 vehicles that landed in a hall near Hamburg. Collected in just 3 years, transferred to the Hanseatic city on its own axis. At some point, however, reason moved in - and the Swedish sheet metal out of the hall. Reduced as quickly as purchased, and at the beginning of 2020 there were only 3 Saabs left. An 89 9000 Turbo, an 85 900 Turbo 16 and 900 8v from 1984. Ultimately, however, only two should remain. Anyone who still has to go is open. Decide life and coincidences.

The Cabriolet also left the collection in September 2019. Bought in Berlin, sold in Paris. The 366.666 kilometers were on the last trip to Paris. The buyer is a Belgian who lives in diplomatic services in the French capital. He already owns a 900 Coupe, he wants to make the Cabriolet fit for the next 10 years. His international career continues. It will continue to collect history and stories, and maybe someday someone will tell them.

We are looking for more kilometer kings!

Dealing with higher mileage and the idea of ​​sustainability will be one of our priorities for the future. We will have to make friends with it if we want to continue driving Saab.

Do you also have a Saab with a high mileage or a very long holding period? It does not have to be the highest mileage in each case! In addition to the age of the vehicle, we also focus on sustainability. All owners of kilometers kingsThose who want to see their car on the blog are invited to send pictures and information.

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  • A great story about a beautiful car, which was apparently in good hands and was once again in good hands.

    Many thanks to Tom and the sender.

    I am reminded a little of my 50 year old Gothenburg with around 500.000 km. The list of defects and repairs is like one egg to another. Alternator, exhaust, seat covers. The bottom line is that it drives and drives at low annual costs and without any loss in value.

    The prices for wear and spare parts are laughable. At any time I would buy an older (and technically relatively simple) Sweden regardless of the mileage.

    Rather, it is the younger cars that scare me in terms of maintenance and costs (ultimately in terms of sustainability)….

    They are much more complex and sensitive. The lighting of my chrome glasses alone (xenon burner and tilt sensor on the rear axle have been replaced) has already swallowed so much money within a few years that you can easily illuminate 2 or 3 kilometer kings according to all the rules of art and the road traffic regulations for a few decades would have …

  • Very exciting story, would be nice if the new owner also reports here


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