New Release. Saab 9000 Aero 1995 from DNA Collectibles.

Several Saab fans might have been waiting for this miniature. Finally a Saab 9000 comes in 1:18 scale. So far nothing has been found in the larger collector's dimension. The Swiss from DNA Collectibles have been supplying a small, fine niche with limited models for some time. The legendary Trollhättan brand is part of their portfolio, and the 9000 is the latest addition.

Björn Envall drew the design of the 2nd 9000 generation
Björn Envall drew the design of the 2nd 9000 generation

Even the pictures of the prototype show detail and a certain degree of maturity. As usual with the Aero, the famous sports seats are well hit, generations of Saab 9k pilots rave about it. The dashboard is also successful, the Saab has the large sound system, but smaller details still have to be finalized. The exterior design is also well done, and there are at most minor details that could give cause for complaint. But you have to look very closely and have the original in front of the door.

The 9000 Aero, the top version of the 2nd 9k generation, is an asset for the Saab-savvy collector. Its design comes from Björn Envall. He modernized the somewhat chubby original version of the CS and gave the first large Saab more presence and stature. The front pushes like a wedge into the wind, a particularly popular body shape in the 90s. In contrast, there is the rear, which Envall took away the lightness of the original version. The requirement specifications were more serious, and Envall and his team met the requirements. The C-pillar is wide and appears indestructible at first glance. It is, too, because the security fanatics from Trollhättan had hidden a roll bar in it. Just in case, because you never know what's coming.

Björn Envall designed the second Saab 9000 generation

The rear end and the newly shaped tailgate are now more mature than the airy, lightweight original model. The rear fascia drawn across the entire width of the vehicle makes the Saab appear more stately than it actually is. A popular trick of the designers to give a vehicle more visual breadth.

The 9000 was Saab's first premium class entry and was an instant success. 503.087 pieces ran from the belts of the factory at Göta Älv, on April 28.04.1998, 2006 it was over. Björn Envall drew a possible successor with the name in XNUMX Aerospace, but at that point, sedan hatchbacks no longer had a chance at Saab. GM anticipated more opportunities in the market with notchback sedans.

The Pre-order phase for the 9000 Aero Miniature has opened. Delivery of the resin model is scheduled to start in June 2020. However, our experience shows that DNA Collectibles does not always meet and postpone delivery dates until the quality and details are right. At the Turbo X model there was a delay that is in the collector's interest but also requires understanding.

preorder the limited miniature save 10%, shipping is from the European warehouse of the manufacturer. The customary value added tax is added to the price.

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  • Fascinating. With some views you really think the original was photographed ...

    For example, the photo of the back seat with belt and buckle. I am not a model car collector myself, but I would have to lie if I wanted to say that one or the other Saab miniature would not appeal to me.

    Personally, I thought the matt gray teaser of an upcoming model was brilliant, which was shown here. I think it was the announcement of a Turbo X. If there were a series of delicious Saabs in this reduced and uniformly color-neutral monochrome look, it would have definitely happened to me ...

    As it is, I can talk myself out of the fact that the color of the X or Y model would not fit together in the living room, neither alone nor together, that they were too realistic and not sculptural enough for decoration.

    Hopefully it stays that way, otherwise I would want them all. Really all …

    So I'm also grateful that the 9000 comes in red. The 9K was awesome. But in this color it does not fit in the living room and in 1: 1 it would not fit in another color ...

    Speaking of colors and standards, the door handles seem a bit thick to me and the fittings (burl wood?) Too red. But Tom already wrote that the final model would probably be even better than the prototype it is now. This is truly fascinating ...

  • My absolute dream car - 9000 AERO in red ... I wanted to buy it in the 90s as a GW from a Saab dealer - unfortunately I wasn't able to really enjoy the test drive at the time - after two km the tank was empty - about 800 meters in front of the gas station 🙁 okay - then just hiking day instead of buying AERO ...

  • One of my two 9k is not an aero, but exactly in this color combination. A wonderful sight that I can enjoy every day anew….
    The model is really very successful. I am sure that the shortcomings mentioned are eliminated.

    Greetings to the community

    The Lizi

  • I would really like one like that! Red, black leather upholstery and as an aero! Simply great!

  • I have already seen on the website, I am considering to get it

  • Yes Herbert as an alternative there is only setting up a “SAAB room”. The color of the miniatures doesn't matter.
    I did it and in addition to a showcase with currently 54 models in 1:43 and 3 in 1:18. The 9-4X in 1:18 has been ordered and I'm still pondering the 9000. Is it crazy or an addiction (says my wife) .. Then there are folders with articles about Saab and tons of brochures and materials of all kinds etc.
    So don't think about Herbert- buy and color the living room !!!

  • 9.3 Wolfgang,

    a SAAB room? I'm jealous ...

  • Just one comment, the brake discs seem to larger diameter to my eye ……


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