Announcement - 5th Hamburg Saab Meeting

A small anniversary is coming up! The Hamburg Saab meeting at the historic large filling station in the Brandshof will start for the 2020th time in 5. The event is now a fixed date in the Saab scene, and not without reason. Because the meeting has its very own atmosphere, which may be due to a specialty. While other organizers try to organize a supporting program, there is nothing in Hamburg! Why should you definitely go there anyway?

For the fifth time in the Hanseatic city - the meeting at the Oldie petrol station
For the fifth time in the Hanseatic city - the meeting at the Oldie petrol station

The Hamburg Saab meeting is special. A historic large petrol station, the size of which would no longer be sufficient for a small village. An ambience consisting of cracked asphalt, old cobblestones, framed by bridge structures over which Hamburg traffic thunders. A place to feel good? Well Nevertheless, I always enjoy going there. And with me a lot of other fans, some of whom take long journeys. The charm is the imperfect, the lack of will for any kind of perfection.

5th Hamburg Saab Meeting - you have to go!

What is it all about? To be able to meet other people, to communicate relaxed. A lively company that usually starts at 12.00 noon. Saabs arrive, park, drive on. There is a constant coming and going throughout the day, and you meet fans you haven't seen in a long time. The gastronomy on offer, if you can call it that, is straightforward, simple and honest. The service is relaxed and friendly. If the grill is put into operation by the petrol station team, there is bratwurst, bread rolls and soda or cola and, with a little luck, fries red and white. Seating is limited and always too scarce.

You improvise as best you can. The scenario is framed by a composition of the sound of the 2-stroke engines, the sonorous sound of the classic 900 and the whistling of the turbocharger. You are in the middle of Hamburg and yet somehow suddenly Sweden and Trollhättan are so close. If the immortal Erik Carlsson came by, no one would be surprised.

Yes, you have to go to this meeting without a program. Just be there, talk, listen, enjoy. This year the 5th Hamburg Saab meeting at the oldtimer petrol station will take place on May 2nd from 11.00:9000 a.m. As in previous years, the organizer is the Saab Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg. Vehicles from Trollhättan of all years of construction are welcome. The classics, including the XNUMX series, can park on the limited area of ​​the petrol station.

6 thoughts on "Announcement - 5th Hamburg Saab Meeting"

  • I'm there this time. With my first Saab. 93 2.0t! Bj 1999 and in 2020. Bought with remote assistance from Darmstadt and Austria. I am looking forward to getting to know one or the other personally. Exciting purchase report with big detours will follow in the next few days.

  • There is nothing to add to the report. It is precisely the atmosphere described that makes up the charm of the meeting. Just beautiful!

  • All who go there have fun

  • Yes cool. When I'm around I definitely stop by. Maybe Tom is there?

  • Great written.

    Suddenly I feel like sausage, rolls, fries and drinks that are far too sweet ...

    I even have water in my mouth. It cannot be due to the culinary framework program, but the eye eats with it. Or the ears? ? ?

    What could be more delicious than a sausage next to a Saab and after a good conversation?

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