278.000 kilometers of sustainability with a rarity

287.000 kilometers are not much for a Saab. Especially not when it comes to a 9000. Its engines are considered indestructible. Even with gross neglect, the Saab will run - at least as long as the engine finds a little oil somewhere for lubrication and some fossil fuel for combustion. In the future, it could also be synthetic fuel made from renewable energies.

Lemans blue, 287.000 kilometers on the odometer
Lemans blue, 287.000 kilometers on the odometer

The 9000 Aero by Hans Joachim, called Jojo, is definitely worth mentioning. Because it seems to be a rarity.

About the story: The 9000 Aero was registered in 1996 and professionally maintained at the Saab Center in Bayreuth. In 2000 Jojo took over the Saab. Since then, the aero has been maintained in the checkbook without any gaps. A specialty is its equipment, which makes it a rarity. The color Lemans blue in connection with sand beige interior is very rare to find, in connection with the legendary Aero seats even rarer. In addition there is the glass sunroof; there is therefore the claim that there are only 3 vehicles in the same configuration worldwide. Unfortunately, Saabblog has no production statistics and we cannot verify the statement made by a well-known Saab dealer, but we think it is very likely. If one of the readers has access to the corresponding old Saab statistics, Jojo would be happy to hear from you. The editors will be happy to establish contact if required.

The owner appreciates his rarity and maintains it accordingly. At the moment the 9k Aero is in hibernation and waiting for spring. 278.000 kilometers are not a house number for a Swedish car, especially for a 9000. Almost 20 years of holding time are further proof of the responsible use of scarce resources. You don't always have to park a new car in front of the front door.

Addendum: The Saab has now been sold. The new owner takes good care of him, eliminating the accumulation of things that need to be done despite regular maintenance. The 9000 is preserved, and that's the good news with such a rare vehicle.

We are looking for more kilometer kings!

Dealing with higher mileage and the idea of ​​sustainability will be one of our priorities for the future. We will have to make friends with it if we want to continue driving Saab.

Do you also have a Saab with a high mileage or a very long holding period? It does not have to be the highest mileage in each case! In addition to the age of the vehicle, we also focus on sustainability. All owners of kilometers kingsThose who want to see their car on the blog are invited to send pictures and information.

6 thoughts on "278.000 kilometers of sustainability with a rarity"

  • Absolute “cream cuts”!
    Outside color dark, inside cushion light, great! 🙂
    I wish the successor to JoJo a lot of joy with this noble SAAB. And not just costs ... eliminates the accumulated backlog of things despite regular maintenance. 😉
    Pay attention! Always accident-free journeys!

  • I was in love with my 9000 Anniversary which I dare to change as a company after 150.000 KM. If I had known what I now knew then I would have ensured this great car for later. But I wish the owner of JOJO many years of driving pleasure.

  • Dream & Nightmare (PS)

    On the cover of the book (A man named Ove, of course) you can see chrome glasses, but if I got it right, then he stuck to his 9K in the book and film for the rest of his life ...

    In an article about another king it said that other manufacturers / brands would dream of the loyalty that Saab drivers bring to their cars and the brand ...

    I'm not so sure if that's not a nightmare?
    Imagine the board of a corporation driven by hectic model changes and a permanent expansion of the model range and unlimited growth fantasies, which is haunted in its sleep by an entire army of Oves chanting that they already have the world's best car and never another one would need ...

    Saab engineers would be well rested and would not wake up until the morning with a smile. The board of X or Y is drenched in sweat and already in the middle of the night.

  • As far as sustainability is concerned, it doesn't always have to be a person's long holding period. Even Saabs from the last halfway normal production year 2011 will soon be 10 years old - being under 100.000 km, for example, is sustainable from the other extreme. And cars like this can last a long time. Anyone who buys a Saab today inevitably always opts for an older car. Others have provided the holding period, now it is important to extend it. It's up to Saab's target group, I think, that they have always thought more long-term and more sustainably than others. In this respect, it seems almost logical that this group holds up their Saabs and wants to drive for a long time.

  • A dream

    Alternative heading for this comment: The best car seats in the world - still.
    Even the driver's seat looks almost virgin in the photos. Is this really the first leather? The first cushion? And that after around a quarter of a century and after almost 300.000 km?

    An incredibly beautiful and sustainably built car. Long live this bewitching 9K with its maximum envy factor.

    And then another switch and including a removable towbar. If it were mine, I wanted to sit in it all the time, use it constantly and at the same time preserve and preserve it forever. Truly a dream of a car ...


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