Picture Gallery. Saab at the Retro Classics

The classic fair in Stuttgart has opened. Saab is present on site, the stand is worth visiting. It is refreshingly different from what we are used to from classic exhibitions. Creative, provocative and anything but boring. The appearance is all about the Saab 900, which has always been polarizing. You like him, worship him hotly and intimately. Or reject it.

Saab at the Retro Classics
Saab at the Retro Classics

A convertible, sedan and hatchback are hidden behind a silver curtain. In addition, one of these wonderful Toppola superstructures that turn the 900 into a rolling home. "Saab you like or not. whatever”The visitor can read. And under "propeller born, not from jets". An interesting approach. If only "propeller born”Was the advertising slogan for the classic fraction among the Saab drivers?

In addition to the presentation of the vehicles, brand history is told with a wink. Maybe nothing is arranged at random, everything could have a symbolism. At the stand you whisper something of the unforgettable, legendary Greta Molander, What does the Saab Stammtisch Stuttgart-Alb want to express?

There is only one way. Visit the Retro Classics and find out the background yourself in a conversation.

Retro Classics has been open since February 27.02.2020th, XNUMX. Tickets are too online available. This also gives you a 25% discount on entry to the highly recommended classic museums by Mercedes and Porsche. Saab will be found this year in Hall 7, Stand 7C23. The last opening day of the Stuttgart Classic show is 01.03.2020.

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    Thanks to all visitors and the many interesting and relaxed conversations - it's like a family reunion - and it should be. We enjoyed it a lot. We are happy to be back in 2021 and are looking forward to it.

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    Fabulous engagement

    And maybe the rogue on the neck is exactly what is good for us Saab drivers? Maybe it is healing?

    In any case, the slogan “Born from Jets” has repeatedly been targeted by journalists and competitors. The British (TopGear) even let a 9-5 Aero compete with relish against a nationally produced fighter jet in order to dismantle this slogan.

    So it might be. Saab drivers know when and how Saab has adopted which influences from aircraft construction and which model they value.

    The spherical lights in the 9K alone are legendary. At the time, it was probably the first and only car in the world in which the front seat passenger and passengers could actually read at night without bothering the “pilot” ...

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    It's a shame, but Stuttgart is too far away for me “Northern Lights”…. But an imaginative trade fair appearance by the SAABians! Class! Even “the girls” from the fender were thought of, perfect! This is what retro looks like! 🙂
    Thank you for these optical SAAB 900 delicacies.
    Happy spring to all blog readers!

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