New Release. Saab 99 Turbo 1:18 from DNA.

There are a handful of cars in life that you never forget. Or rather, which one should have driven. The Saab 99 Turbo belongs on this list. To be honest, he's not beauty in the classic sense. Basically he's a little chubby. It lacks the elongated bonnet that characterizes its successor. Regardless of the external appearance, the perception changes when you turn the ignition key in the center console and the engine is running.

It inspires, it delivers brute thrust.
The 99 Turbo. It inspires, it delivers brute thrust.

A Swede with a pronounced turbo lag

The first few meters are then very leisurely. 99 newcomers to turbo must definitely keep an eye on the boost pressure indicator, which sits on the dashboard to the left of the driver. You could think of them as accessories from a tuner shop, which is not the case. As pragmatic as the Swedes have always been, they saved the expensive revision of the instrument panel and simply put the additional display on top of the dashboard.

With increasing engine speed, the 99 overcomes the pronounced turbo lag, the display to the left of the driver comes to life, and the Swedish chubby becomes a sports car. This happens without warning and much more brutally than the data of 145 PS and 235 Nm would suggest. The turbo affair is something for all the senses, because in addition to acceleration, the 99 also produces the right soundscape. You will inevitably get addicted! The instinct to play wins the upper hand, you want to accelerate again and again, experience the turbo lag and the spontaneous drive.

In 1978, when Saab launched the turbo, the behavior of the turbocharged machine was completely normal. Back then, Saab drivers had a lot of fun and could annoy the inconspicuous 99 other turbo sports cars like the 911 and drivers of large, expensive limousines. The standard performance data did not always remain. Increased boost pressure was only one way to increase horsepower and joy.

The Saab 99 Turbo is a piece of automotive history

The 99 Turbo was the start of a saga, from which one in Trollhättan lived to the end. Saab and Turbo have been closely linked since 1978. Today, a handsome price is being called for a well-preserved Saab 99 Turbo. The Saab is accepted as an important piece of automotive history and has reached the collectors.

DNA Collectibles is now building a monument to the 99 Turbo in the form of a miniature in 1:18 scale. The first photos of the prototype have been released, the edition is limited, and delivery will begin in August 2020. preorder can save 10%. The pictures are promising. The interior is lovingly executed, and looking at the pictures triggers a Saab mental cinema. The colors correspond to the cult, weird color perception of the 70s, and you can hardly get enough of the exterior design. The cardinal red and the wonderful Inca rims are harmonious, a nice contribution for all collectors of miniatures.

Of course, the prototype is not yet in line with the series, and DNA Collectibles would be disappointed not to find a comment on improvement in this post. And indeed there is a suggestion. The silver frames of the windows should be much more filigree, because the builder of the prototypes is too massive. There are no further objections to the successful example of Swedish automotive history.

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