Reproduction. Hockey stick for the 9-5 NG.

The kink in the C-pillar called a hockey stick is a piece of Saab Design DNA. He has accompanied the brand since 99, with the exception of the 9000, which makes the silhouette of a Saab unique and guarantees a high level of recognition. Only BMW with the legendary has a comparable design element Hofmeister kink. It is also considered sacrosanct and is part of the brand's history.

Silver hockey stick on the last big Saab
Silver hockey stick on the last big Saab

The hockey stick was particularly prominent as a design element on the last Saab 9-5. It fits in with the series of its predecessors and skillfully combined history and new design features. The hockey stick is visually successful only on the silver bar, which forms the end of the body to the window surfaces. Saab chose a technically favorable, but at the same time extremely poor way in terms of durability.

The component loses its grip at high speeds, preferably on the right side of the vehicle, and says goodbye to the body. The aging process of the plastics plays a role here, after all, the vehicles are almost 10 years old across the board. This process could only have been prevented by running the window bar and stick in one element, which is quite common with other brands.

High quality hockey stick reissue

Originally, hockey sticks are no longer available as spare parts in Nyköping. In the last few months, used parts have therefore been traded at noteworthy rates, now there are replacements. The Saab scene has become very mature in recent years, and where the formerly official sources do not respond, they are re-produced in-house. It's worth it, the public has purchasing power and is eager to keep their cars on the streets for years to come.

The good thing about the development is that replicas sometimes come onto the market in a better quality than the original. Saab specialist H. Blom Engineering initiated the solution for the 9-5 NG. The enthusiast has been providing the scene with high-quality solutions for years, which is why the new edition of the Hockey Stick is made of aluminum and no longer plastic.

The Swedish company has the element manufactured by Scandinavia-Asia Corporation (SAS) in Taiwan according to its own specifications. You can order via the online shop in Sweden. Shipping is handled by SAS, so local taxes and duties may apply as additional costs.

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    Nice that there are also external sources that have the NG on the screen

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    At 180 € that's fine, all NG owners should be out tomorrow, sticking their one in place …….

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    It's great that small companies take care of gaps in the spare parts supply and a blog about making it known ...

    Even without my own NG, I would like to say 1.000 thanks to both of them.

    And who knows, maybe tomorrow it will be about the aluminum frame (instead of plastic) for so-called chrome glasses, which of course are actually plastic glasses?


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