The Hyundai Prophecy that could be a Saab

Concepts that Saab DNA is said to appear again and again in the automotive universe. Most of the time, the wish of the relatives lies only in the hope of their designer. Because Saab is still considered an iconic brand. More than ever, the longer it has been since it ended. With the Prophecy, Hyundai is pushing a concept vehicle into the spotlight, which is once again assumed to have Swedish DNA. In this case, maybe even true, and that's why I took a closer look at the Prophecy.

Hyundai prophecy
Hyundai prophecy

What distinguishes a Saab? A reduced design, concentration on the essentials, paired with long durability. Sixten Sason, the first Saab form designer, the word designer had not yet been invented, took this path. A Saab had shiny aerodynamics and a reduced design language in which it reproduced the shape of an airplane wing. This mantra was valid from the first Saab to the 9-3 I. And for over 50 years. The original Saab is still parked in the museum in Trollhättan, the Hyundai Prophecy could perhaps be its great-great-grandson.

Rims propeller design

Black, simple, taking up the shape of a wing. If cars were still being built in Trollhättan today, a concept vehicle from Saab would look something similar. But in the Stallbacka today, at most, uniform, self-propelled boxes are drawn. The field of beauty is left to others. Of course, putting a black car in a teardrop shape on its wheels isn't difficult. That alone does not make a Saab relationship. If you take a closer look, it becomes disturbing.

Rims in the propeller design suck in the air and let it slide along the body. The integrated rear spoiler made of acrylic, one could also say made of iced material, optimizes the aerodynamics. It loosens the shape of the streamline and, in addition to its function, is a defining design element into which the Koreans have integrated innovative pixel lamps. Propeller rims, aerodynamics, reduced design. At the latest when the Saab person enters the interior of the Hyundai Prophecy, he needs antihypertensive agents.

Joystick in the Saab and Prophecy

Joysticks instead of a steering wheel. Saab experimented 9000 times with a new steering system in which the joystick replaced the steering wheel we are used to. One experimental vehicle survived and is now in the collection in Sweden. The Hyundai concept vehicle takes up the idea again. The driver can navigate the fully electric Prophecy with just one or two sticks. The two joysticks are not only suitable for steering, they also make it possible to call up a wide range of additional functions. By eliminating the traditional steering wheel, the interior design is further reduced, making space for a wide display and plenty of space.

The passenger compartment bathes Hyundai in a calming, ice-blue light, which can be a coincidence. Or even intent. Because of course it is possible to choose any other desired color for the ambience.

Saab DNA or not? The Hyundai is close. Even disturbingly close in some details. Consciously or unconsciously, a tribute to Sixten Sason, who would have enjoyed it. All that's missing is the Saab design-defining hockey stick of the C-pillar. Then the Saab concept of the Koreans would be perfect.

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  • Since I have always focused on Europeans since then, I have to say that the Hyundai Group (Hyundai-Kia) is increasingly impressing me. Above all, the Group's openness to technology is currently unique.
    From modern, clean diesel to gasoline, hybrid, battery-electric and fuel cells, everything is already in series production there. As far as I know, no other manufacturer offers this versatility

  • From the outside, truly a piece of jewelry and very beautiful to look at. In the interior, I find the plaid pattern on the seats and headlining cool and the joysticks are a nice gimmick, probably with a long time to go into series production.

  • @ Aero-9-3: I keep looking with interest what Hyundai (and also Kia) are doing. Some designs are really well done. And both brands are becoming more and more appealing. But I lack the last bit of coolness in the interior, or the consequence that Saab had to do things.

    If you could manage that, then ... I think @Tom would have to take care of the topic. I think he would be thrilled 🙂

  • Moin, Freising86
    when you commented, my mind went spontaneously:
    WHY should Hyundai not be able to take on the outward “legacy”? It's about the principle “form follows function”. SAAB is history, away from the current market. We complain. So why so strict when the outside of the Hyundai could be so stylishly Saab? Wouldn't it be nice if the new line would follow in production ... The inside is a completely different story. Of course, a “change” should also take place in this area. Yes and the drive ... there is z. Currently EVERYTHING open. SAAB would probably have chosen the electric drive. Whether that would have been the “right” solution ... I dare to doubt it.

  • What I can see from 3 sides and what I can judge in terms of taste looks almost perfectly elegant and stylish. The rear, well, looks too brutal to me. So falls through with me. Except for the spoiler, which I find a bit “simple” in terms of design in terms of design, but I find the ICE look and LED equipment chic. The rims are super awesome! Hopefully it will also fit my Skoda ;-).
    Why is there no front view? Too secret ???

  • "Disturbing" …

    ... sums it up perfectly. The associations with the Ursaab and the latest models and prototypes are too numerous to list individually. It is also disturbing (and perfectly disturbing) that Hyundai can come around the corner with it in 2020, while the author, while Saab will no longer exist for almost 10 years.

    A truly disturbing “new” world we live in. No more space for the "old" ...

    Speaking of new, the thing actually has round wheels and four of them, presumably drives from A to B. Hopefully this has also been patented, because this idea is brilliant ...

  • Outwardly a very nice car, especially with the illuminated spoiler. The interior, however, doesn't work at all. What is this madness of having to throw over everything that has proven itself? Joysticks as a replacement for the steering wheel may still work on your home computer, but if you have an accident in the real world, the Game Over light doesn't just go on and you start the level all over again. I work in the field myself and notice every day that even using indicators and driving in the right lane on motorways seems to be overwhelming for many drivers. If you were to take the steering wheel away from them now, well, congratulations ... Autonomous driving All well and good, but from my point of view still a long way off if it is to function reliably.

  • Amazing details, the designer really seems to have Saab in mind. Maybe Hyundai wants to be as cool as Saab once was. But you will never do that.

  • ´As handsome as the product looks´, one must not fail to mention that Hyundai served itself unabashedly at the world's automobile fairs and copied without any hesitation, which in my opinion has NOTHING to do with individuality! ´ If Saab still existed today (a pirated copy would never make it to a trade fair) ´´ because at Saab the SPIRIT that is placed behind it would be the one that creates a vehicle as it will be in the end´´! ´´ THEREFORE SAAB VEHICLES ALWAYS HAVE A VERY SPECIAL FORM-LANGUAGE THAT HAS MERCYLY SUBJECT TO THE FUNCTION ... AND THAT'S ALSO A GOOD SO "!!

  • Pooh I have to say I like it, I like it very much. Even if I don't like to follow the electro euphoria. Then I would rather have the Prophecy than a hydrogen vehicle.

    Thanks for your great reports Tom

    VG Cetak


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