Koenigsegg Gemera inspired by the Saab Aero X?

Shortly after the presentation of the Gemera, the first comments on social media saw a possible inspiration from the Saab Aero X. Is that true? Koenigsegg is almost traditionally said to have a certain proximity to Saab. First they negotiated with GM to take over the brand, but finally canceled. NEVS is now involved in the Ängelholm factory, and the connection to Trollhättan is more intense than ever.

But is there also a link between Gemera and Aero X? The most beautiful study by Saab was born in 2006. At the time, the Stallbacka was in a difficult phase and was fighting for a clear alignment of the brand. The Aero X embodied everything that Saab was and could have been in the future. Aviation heritage in the form of a pilot's cabin - the Aero X is an airplane for the road. Many of his design elements flowed into the series at the very end. Starting with the ice-blue headlights to the LED bar at the rear to the new grille and the design of its rims.

If you look at the Koenigsegg Gemera, you will indeed find parallels. The Gemera also has a striking pilot's cockpit, which in this case offers space for 4 passengers. Even if the boarding in Koenigsegg does not take place via a completely lifting cockpit like the Aero X, access via wing doors is always spectacular. And also from a bird's eye view one can clearly see parallels in the lines of both vehicles.

Relationship and inspiration from the Aero X? It would be possible, but it is probably not. And if so, it would be a bow to the successful design that is now in the Saab Museum. Koenigsegg has long been designing his vehicles with the design quote from a pilot's cabin. If you look at the Jesko presented in 2019 and its predecessors, you can clearly see this design element borrowed from aircraft construction and racing.

Koenigesegg Jesko in Hong Kong
Koenigesegg Jesko in Hong Kong. Photo: Koenigsegg / Oskar Bakke

The Gemera is not built in Trollhättan

After the statement in the room says that an entry-level model from Koenigsegg is to be built in the former Saab factory, we tapped the Gemera. It is not so. Official sources call the plant in Ängelholm, but components and assemblies are said to come from Trollhättan. The Presumption about Trollhättan has not been confirmed. This also raises the question of which Koenigsegg could be produced in the Stallbacka in the future and whether the planning is still up to date.

However, the price level has been confirmed, which is now officially stated at around € 1.5 million. Even by Koenigsegg standards, the Gemera is therefore not an entry-level model into the very exclusive world of fine manufactured goods.

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    The company of course ... ..

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    I hate GM, US and Germany ………

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    There are parallels. However, I often asked myself whether the Aero X was also inspired by Koenigsegg. If I look at their first model (the CC8S, produced from 2002) like this (or the following CCR), then the pulpit and roof design could have served as a model. If it's true that Volvo and Saab supported Koenigsegg in the beginning, then it seems to me that mutual inspiration is quite possible.

    (... and regardless of how I would like to have an Aero X in the garage ...)

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    A direct comparison shows how sustainable the design of the Aero X was. A few small retouchings and he would be fresh again and a model of the present. It will always remain a dream car.

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    Clarifying article on a dream from SAAB ...
    Thanks to the editors! 🙂
    What a pity.

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    If Koenigsegg modified the camera, reduced the ventilation slots, adapted the front and rear and made the technology less expensive, he could already pass as SAAB. The chassis could be the same.
    Let's say a series of 1000 pieces at a significantly lower price - but still in the luxury segment. The whole thing made in Trollhättan. Naming rights would have to be licensed from SAAB aircraft.
    It doesn't have to be a dream ... 😉

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    Here …

    ... you even get answers to questions that you haven't asked yourself yet.

    And they immediately make sense. There is the timeline (the Turbo X is younger than the first Koenigsegg) and there are the pictures and comparisons ...

    They are a great and impressive pleasure with a clear advantage for the Saab. At least to my taste, the Gemera should cut off a thick slice of the Turbo X, but it doesn't.

    The Saab is much simpler, is typical Saab. The Gemera is typically hypercar and apparently the target group needs a comparatively rugged design. The more ventilation slots, corners, edges, wings and spoilers, the more expensive and potent they are, the greater the pleasure of driving them up to somewhere two or three times a year ...

    At least there is still hope for a more everyday, more beautiful and cheaper entry-level model from Trollhättan. Visually, in terms of price and in terms of the planned number of pieces, the Gemera is anything but that ...

    But above all, he has good technical approaches. Would be nice if Koenigsegg dared to take the step down into the upper class and series production.

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    You don't have to look twice…. A grand bow to one of the most beautiful car designs ever.

    It would be a dream - probably forever unfulfilled - if the AeroX were to be produced in a small series ...

    Dreaming is beautiful….


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