Record price for pre-series Saab 99 Turbo

A very special Saab 2 Turbo stood in a barn in Jämtland for around two decades. Ignored, maybe even forgotten. One of the very first to be built in Trollhättan. A pre-series vehicle produced in May 99. For further testing, it was approved for the Automobile Division of Saab AB. The 1977 moved slightly disguised as EMS for more than a year. In the summer of 99 it was finally sold to its first private owner. At this point, series production had already started in Sweden.

Sweden find. A pre-series 99 Turbo from a barn in Jämtland.
Sweden find. A pre-series 99 Turbo from a barn in Jämtland.

The turbo saves Saab

Saab in the 70s. The products were considered rock solid, but also not very spectacular. Demand was subdued and production was underutilized. Once again, the brand was in crisis. There was a lack of innovations, one brilliant idea. It came with the turbo that gave Saab a boost from the crisis. The manufacturer from Trollhättan became the brand that democratized turbo technology. The 99 played a role as a pioneer in engine history.

In 1978 it was not unusual for pre-series vehicles to come into customer hands. No particular value was attached to the fact. The cardinal red 99 was used in everyday life for 22 years. It was serviced regularly, but not particularly spared. The last inspection he received for the time being was at 1999 kilometers in 249.957, and around 2.000 kilometers later he was put away.

More than € 20.000 for a restoration object

He then parked in a barn in Jämtland for 20 years. Its condition was not good, as is the case with normal consumer goods. Rust in the usual places, signs of wear, defects. But at least complete, not tinkered with no missing parts. Usually a basis for a restoration that would not be too expensive to buy even as a turbo. Not so with this vehicle. Its low VIN and verifiable history made the barn find part of national automotive history.

What is the find worth? The question is exciting, because Saab is now more important in Sweden than it was years ago. One can also say that the longer the company has ceased to exist, the higher its esteem rises.

The pre-series Saab 99 Turbo was on Tradera offered for auction. The interest was overwhelming. More than 50.000 people saw the ad and 342 bids were placed. In the end, the offers were at barely to be expected 216.000 crowns and thus just over € 20.000. A record price for a 99 Turbo in a condition in need of restoration. Of course, the price level is due to the documented history, because how many pre-series vehicles will have survived? It should be less than a handful.

In general, the Saab 99 Turbo is enjoying growing popularity. His role in history is recognized and collectors value him as a technology pioneer. For years, prices have only known the way up, not spectacularly fast, but always reliable.

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  • ´´´´´´´´´ Single piece for collectors & enthusiasts & speculators´´´´´´´´

    'It is definitely a nice feeling to own a Saab 99 Turbo as a one-off'! ´But the normal mortal SAAB fan will probably never buy a car for 20.000 euros, which will then have to be painstakingly restored before being shown in an exhibition hall so that the owner can enjoy his property. since normal use would be difficult to think of, given the history and the uniqueness of the vehicle! 'So what does that tell us?' ´There is a speculation object here in the 1st line, otherwise the owner would never have released his unique specimen for sale´! 'It is a pity that an object will go into hiding somewhere in order to make further long-term speculations, and the welded-in SAAB fan will no longer be able to participate in it'! ´´SELVES HERE ON THESE CAR-TYPICAL HISTORICAL VEHICLES, “MONEY RULES THE WORLD´´´´´´´S A POSSIBLE RESPONSIBILITY IS DEPLOYED´´

  • I would also like to have a pre-series precious part. So what would be the highlight for every Saab fan. Maybe you will find him at a meeting in Sweden in 2021 or 22? Definitely thumbs up for the preservation of Saab cultural heritage!

  • One should not start from oneself.

    From personal experience I know about people who spend a lot more money on a Saab. Most of them are driven. With the money that they spend on the cars, these people also ensure that I get new spare parts for my Saab and that the mechanic who installs them is still there when I need his help.

    Nobody can feed themselves and their families from envious people and avarice.

  • @ Heijo Red,

    a very interesting comment. My spontaneous reaction would have been contrary (the more appreciation the better) ...

    On the other hand, the appreciation is the common and almost all-encompassing intersection of speculation and exploitation and knows very different faces.

    It ranges from slaughter cattle (lowest form of appreciation) to vehicles in everyday use to the perfectly restored item in a collection ...

    The field is very, very wide. And maybe the small but nice brand was big enough to use it completely?

    That means that I am not upset about every Saab that is deemed worthy of restoration and collection.
    As soon as the market is swept clean and I can no longer find one for the street, I will definitely think of your comment again.

  • nice that the vehicle is being restored

  • @ Heijo Red
    Does bitterness sound in this article ???
    The result is important: the SAAB is preserved. What the use looks like afterwards is pure speculation ..., joy will probably have life ready with the 99-ziger!
    Otherwise, I recommend the welded-in SAAB fan to buy a “worn” SAAB, to weld, weld and weld, and then as a mortal SAAB fan to enjoy the joy of the SAAB.
    Stay with the brand, your time will come!


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