The Jesko Absolut. Fastest Köenigsegg ever.

In addition to the much noticed Gemera Koenigsegg also presents the new Jesko Absolut. An evolution of the Jesko, presented in Geneva in 2019. In every respect the most extreme super sports car from Ängelholm. The manufacturer even speaks of the fastest Koenigsegg ever. And forever. However, the Absolute should not just be a technology carrier that shows what is feasible. The Swedes even assume that it is suitable for everyday use. Have you finally gone mad?

A rocket for the street
The new Jesko Absolut, a rocket for the street

Drag coefficient of 0.278

At 0.278, they call the drag coefficient shockingly low. Compared to the normal Jesko, the new variant has been revised and further optimized for efficiency. No more jet for the street. No! Company founder Christian von Koenigsegg is not enough. He presents the Jesko Absolut as a land-based missile; able to set a new speed record. How it will turn out is still unclear at the moment. But the conditions are there. In any case, the Jesko Absolut should be incredibly fast. One speaks of a top speed, which should be well over 500 km / h.

The in-house twin-turbo V1.600 delivers 8 hp. However, only if there is fuel in the E85 tank. Performance would decrease with the use of fossil fuels. Saab Trionic drivers know this and remember old times. However, Saab engines were never able to withstand the maximum speed of 8.500 revolutions, and they would certainly have liked the Jesko's 9-speed transmission. It is an in-house development and is produced in Ängelholm. Koenigsegg calls it Light Speed ​​Transmission (LST). It enables extremely fast gear changes in a barely measurable time, and it does not matter how many gears the LST transmission skips. Coupled with the Ultimate Power on Demand (UOPD) technology, which anticipates switching points, the manufacturer promises maximum acceleration at all times.

Tail fins with vertical stabilizers

Apart from the drive, Koenigsegg has invested a lot of precision work in the Jesko Absolut. The bonnet (rear) has been extended to improve aerodynamics. Slats were removed from the front and an air duct was closed. The rear wheels are now covered and the height of the vehicle is reduced again. The most eye-catching feature is the modified rear structure. The Jesko from 2019 is optimized for maximum acceleration on the track. His unusual spoiler work takes this into account. The new Jesko Absolut takes off the spoilers. Instead, it carries two fins equipped with vertical stabilizers, which according to Koenigsegg dated F-15 Eagle are influenced.

The suspension of the Absolut has been made softer and handling on the race track has been simplified. Koenigsegg speaks of comfortable and forgiving and chose the word “streetable” for the description, for which there is no 100% suitable German translation. From this one derives the suitability for everyday use. However, the Jesko Absolut remains nothing more than an extremely top-class racing machine that has received homologation for road traffic. The possibility that you will catch the neighbors with it on Sunday to get bread rolls will still be very small. Unless you live in Dubai or any other place in the world with extreme billionaire density.

The new addition is a piece of Swedish engineering at its finest. The Swedes complement their offer with the Jesko Absolut. The Jesko from 2019 tuned for maximum performance on the track remains in the program. Customers are spoiled for choice from now on, and Koenigsegg is already looking forward to which variant will be the more popular.

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  • I went through my head today ...

    when you get something and what you hear from NEVS.

    I can't think of a comment worth reading about the article itself. I just wonder if the cars are signed and whether they will be delivered with or without a frame, with or without a gallery base, whether the media coverage in art magazine or that of motor journalists will be the louder?

    • An interesting question. In general, the COVID-19 not only messes up my editorial plans, but also the great ambitions of the Chinese NEVS shareholders. A contribution with relevance is ready in the digital drawer. If the situation has calmed down a bit, he goes online.

  • Herbert Hürsch,
    very interesting thought what is currently going on at NEVS.
    Nothing has been happening on the NEVS website for years, unbelievable in today's media world ...

  • Thank you for the interesting report on the new Koenigsegg “Jesko Absolut” Tom. For me, an absolutely perfect super sports car with a clear message of what is possible in vehicle construction! Absolutely unreasonable, brutal and certainly not necessary, but if you want to afford it. I can be happy about such vehicles, even if I will never own them.

  • @ Gebhard,

    these are works of art from a studio. You got the message straight to the point - the technically and aesthetically possible.

    And it is fascinating which paths Koenigsegg takes. First the small 3-cylinder in the Gemera and now this almost unbelievable drag coefficient…

    In contrast, a Bugatti is a latent streamlined steam locomotive, because the VW group knows no other way than brute and conventional to produce power and contact pressure. That is the difference between a large corporation and a studio.

    Maybe the group managers should rather focus on collecting?


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