With the Saab in Coronaland

Tuesday, just after 8 a.m. The TÜV appointment is waiting for the 9-3 Aero. The roughly 60 kilometers of the motorway to Frankfurt are usually characterized by heavy traffic and traffic jams. Usually not particularly pleasant, but everything is different on this day! The first few meters on the A3 show the route unusually empty. I suspect the journey through Coronaland will begin. 90% of the places where commuters should drive towards Frankfurt are dominated by trucks today.

Hanauer Landstrasse, Frankfurt
Hanauer Landstrasse, Frankfurt

Free ride, which is no joy on this day. Although the weather is perfect, the sun is shining and temperatures are mild in spring. The turbo sniffs morning air enthusiastically, my mood remains subdued. From the almost empty A3 I switch to the A45. It is similarly free, even from Hanau it doesn't get crowded in the direction of Frankfurt. The Saab rolls with 140 to 150 there, involuntarily I miss the members of the "I'm in a hurry" group. The speeders, jostlers, hectic people, they shine with their absence. Goods transport in the right lane, a few vans and small cars on the left. In between the old Saab.

Shortly before Frankfurt-Fechenheim a Chrysler Towncar, finally a little change. Another individualist on the way. A little more traffic in Frankfurt, but still very clear. Corona has the country under control, which should only be the beginning. More and more companies are relocating work to the home office or shutting down production entirely. If you can stay at home, you should do it. This is the only way to break the chain of infection. Many do this, and even on the streets around the Saab Service Frankfurt workshop, traffic is somewhat reduced.

The virus is always there in Coronaland

Before 9 a.m., after a relaxed journey, I'll be at my destination in Fechenheim. More than half a dozen vehicles received their TÜV or H approval this morning. The yard is full of Saabs, at first glance everything is as usual. Not on the second!

The virus continues to accompany me, the mood is indifferent and difficult to describe. And COVID-19 also influences the processes here. The door handle for service acceptance is disinfected again and again, out of concern and responsibility. Exemplary, customers and employees should stay healthy. Keep your distance is the order of the day in Coronaland.

Before the TÜV, the aero is inspected in the workshop, a few extras are done. The acceptance itself is not a problem. Flawless, of course, not bad for a 20 year old car. The service in Frankfurt is great, as always. Then there is the inspection that is actually due. Maybe next week, let's meet. If there are no curfews, as in other European countries. The virus, it affects us, although the measures to combat it will only really take effect in the coming days. Plan on sight. Something we have to get used to.

We have to get used to the new situation

The driveway to the A45 is closed, in the south it goes over the Frankfurter Kreuz and the A3. There is now a little more traffic on the motorway. It reminds me of the summer holidays, with less traffic and less traffic jams. Doesn't the virus have everything under its control yet? Even a few members of the “Left Lane” faction are on their way, they have completely free travel the more we leave Frankfurt behind us.

Shortly after the Rodgau it gets lonely again. Unusual for a Tuesday morning and somehow threatening. Before driving to the office, a short stop at the local butcher shop. A second breakfast, something for the nerves. The parking spaces are almost all empty, a lady has just loaded the trunk of her car. Now, standing by the car, she disinfects her hands with a cloth. Coronaland. The scene of the day, exemplary!

Disinfectant wipes are mandatory

For a few days now, I've also had such cloths in my car. Disinfect hands and steering wheel after every purchase, perhaps a helpless gesture. But it calms you down, gives you the feeling that you are not completely defenseless against an invisible opponent. An enemy who changed our behavior overnight. Keep your distance, don't shake hands, it all works suddenly and as if at the push of a button. Friends call, ask how it's done, a new level of care is spreading.

Germany is Coronaland and will remain so for some time. What can we do?

Reason, reason, responsibility

It is time for common sense. The measures intervene in the private comfort zone, and this is where it becomes difficult for some people. Another lifestyle, consciously reducing social contacts. Not just to protect yourself. It is about the chronically ill and the elderly. People who have a compromised immune system and for whom contact with the virus could be fatal. We can protect them if we question our selfishness and are aware of our responsibility.

Germany has with the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) world-class virologists. You can trust their expertise, not the trolls on social networks who trumpet conspiracy theories. Crises are tests for all of us. According to how we survive them and how socially we behave, later generations will judge us!

Of course, in this situation the world certainly doesn't need an auto blog. We will not leave the readers alone and continue to write anyway. As long as we find a topic. For all reason and all impositions that come to us, something daily luxury may continue to be.

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    Thank you very much, Herbert Hürsch, thank you! Your first contribution to hamsters already got to the point!
    @ Tom: A certain permanent stock keeping is definitely recommended! What does not work is to stir up further disorder in times of uncertainty, just because one tries to compensate for one's own uncertainty with the supposed control over the newly acquired supply ...

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    Since it is somehow also about cars, this may be interesting: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ETZEreoXsAAfC8M.jpg

    However, the laugh can get stuck in your throat if you have to read something like this: https://rp-online.de/nrw/panorama/coronavirus-in-aachen-wuerselen-einbrecher-stehlen-klopapier-aus-auto_aid-49668311

    On the other hand, it should now be clear what will bring the German soul to a boil. Whoever should first impede or ration access to toilet paper will face an uprising of unprecedented proportions.
    You have to imagine that the Bundeswehr will be deployed inside to prevent the looting of camps with toilet paper.

    Anyone who is not afraid of the future now can no longer be helped. The stupid thing is that you don't have to have this fear because of a virus, but because of the supposedly rational people who live with you here ...

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    The author captured the vote very nicely. With us, too, the traffic is getting less and the people hopefully more reasonable. Hopefully, because that's the only way curfews will pass us.

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    PS hamster

    If the hamster purchases served the purpose of reducing the number of baths and contacts, I would not ride around on the type.

    However, the opposite can be observed and ascertained. The supermarkets are as full as before Christmas and Corona is happy about it.

    The fault is empty shelves and ultimately the hamsters. The toilet paper takes on the role of the sold out red cabbage and fresh kale ...

    You have to go to many supermarkets until you finally have everything for the big festival. One after the other. The result is unnecessary contacts and a mix of infected people with others.

    A friend was already days ago - and at only one - in 6 (!) Supermarkets without (!) Getting toilet paper. And yesterday I had a woman behind me at the checkout line who, with a crazy grin, pressed three packs of ten to her chest ...

    What a party ! ! !

    If the virus had a brain and a sleep phase, it would laugh itself to sleep night after night - for the sheer joy of the hamsters, because without them we would only visit a supermarket every 3 days. And not about 3 to 6 markets a day (a factor of 9 to 18).

    How can and should it be that a brainless DNA that is somewhere between matter and life and that doesn't even have the status of a single cell is strategically superior to us?

    Dear people,
    listen to your mom. If you don't let the hamsters go, there will be curfew. Mutti made that clear yesterday. I only like her to a certain extent, but where she is right, she is right ...

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    @ Tom,

    my comment was meant something like that. I make a bet that 80 to 90% of the hamsters already had enough in the household before their purchases to survive 10 to 14 days without symptoms of deficiency.

    The fact that shrimp and pikeperch are stored in the freezer or whatever in the cupboards and shelves has unfortunately hardly prevented a hamster from plunging an affluent society into a certain and at the same time very, very luxurious chaos.

    Of course, my children's desire for dad's pizza is also a luxury problem. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, a big thank you to all hamsters who are fueling chaos and problems before they have a good reason for it. That is definitely very helpful.

    I also believe that the majority of purchases will end up in the trash sooner or later. I've just seen far too many shopping trolleys in which perishable food is piled up at an absolutely grotesque height ...

    Some drivers of these cars, by the way, wore green face masks (which have probably been stolen from hospitals lately). This is survival of the cheekiest.

    Everyone can and may evaluate for themselves, but it disgusts me enormously.

    For that I finally like to tank again.
    That's something.

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    Dear Ms. Hamster,
    Dear Mr. Hamster,

    please think, buy and act a little countercyclical. One or the other stock market paper is now as cheap as toilet paper. Petrol is also cheaper than ever.

    I would also like a pack, salt, flour and yeast. Really only one at a time. It's a shame that you don't pay any attention to this.

    You have too much money and you don't care about my homemade pizza?

    Okay, then maybe you are interested in disinfectants? You can get that in the E-Bay for € 45. I just want a little flour, salt and yeast. Can't that be too much to ask? Why do you have to stack this up under the covers at home?

    Bad news for you:
    I won't buy it from you. Also no disinfectant. Think, buy and act counter-cyclically and we will all be better ...

    When I think about how many of the hamster purchases will be thrown away in the next few days (6 kg of bananas?), Weeks (meat and milk) or months and years, then I would actually like to slap you (Ms. and Mr. Hamster) today ...

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      You shouldn't make a flat rate, that would be too easy. A healthy stock keeping, as it was still practiced by our parents and grandparents, is recommended and a bit of personal responsibility. Not having to go out of the house for 10 or 14 days is not a bad thing in the current situation. It has nothing to do with the cute little hamsters ...

      What is not possible is the unreflected shopping of large quantities, which in the end cannot be consumed. This behavior can also be an expression of current excessive demands in a situation that is difficult to assess.

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    @Heijo Red
    Moin, dear blogger!
    Clear contradiction to follow theses: Guys this is guaranteed to go in the wrong direction ... it cannot be stopped ... and therefore continue to use your contacts in the closest family with close friends and do not let yourself go astray!
    I don't know where you got your information from, but I have to clearly contradict you.
    Prof. Drosten, virologist from the Charitè Berlin and advisor to the federal government at the moment (with other virologists from the Robert Koch Institute) meet z. At the moment the statement continues that the droplet infection is the main way of infection. That means the personal distance (2m) is extremely important! The virologists also say 60-70% of the population will be affected. It is also communicated that the infestation of the citizens will take place over a “longer period of time”. So much for the clear announcements from the virologists and the government in Berlin.

    Of course, it is (still!) To be prevented that people at risk are infected or that self-infection is prevented as long as possible!
    Reason: Otherwise the infection becomes a logistical problem !!!

    -We do not have enough protective materials in some jacks for self-protection.
    -The ventilation capacities cannot be increased "infinitely".
    -No one would like to experience with their relatives that it is decided under "emergency medical aspects" who is connected to the ventilator! The 60-year-old or (!) The 80-year-old.
    -Furthermore, the med. Personnel in the "priority areas of virus infestation" at their physical limit.
    -Med. Personnel are now (!) Already being recruited from retirement to work through the situation on site.

    How should the situation look like when the infection curve rises rapidly ??? Nobody wants to read that here….

    Therefore: Information up to date every day at https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/info/podcast4684.html
    With that in mind, stay ALL healthy, avoid panic and fear. Instead, get information from reputable sources.
    Greetings from the north!

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    I also hope that everyone can take care and stay healthy. The current situation is not funny, but if we all stick to the measures now, hopefully that will pass.
    I would also like to thank the Saab blog, which continues to provide us with articles that everyone can read in peace and who knows, maybe one or the other reader will now find the opportunity to write his own Saab stories for the blog.

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    ´TOM you are absolutely right´ in what you have observed´ ... as one of the few ´ who was on the road´ and saw first hand how quickly an industrial country like the FRG sees itself forced within a very short time ´ the general public To restrict business and community activities so much that one thinks something must have happened that would have caused mankind to hide (like in the war years when people went to air raid bunkers to protect themselves from bombs) ! ´I believe that in the last two weeks the world has turned upside down for many ´ and many understand what is more important again´! ´That people proceed with the necessary caution (2 meters distance OK´, wash their hands regularly, possibly disinfect those who also consider this to be absolutely necessary´) but do not let themselves be put off by it´ and even your closest family or friends no longer meet in direct contact but only want to take part in their lives digitally or by phone! `Guys that is guaranteed to go in the wrong direction ... it cannot be stopped ... in Germany 70% will be infected over time ... and after that, as far as possible, it will be immune to it´ but others will continue to infect others with the virus´! ´Therefore continue to use your contacts in the closest family with close friends and under no circumstances let yourself be screwed up´! ´ Because that doesn’t help anyone… not us as individuals ’as a sociable person who needs the contacts’ (currently so limited that the spread does not spread too quickly) ’and also not for the general public because those who“ mean in 3 Months would have survived most of it´´ have probably NOT internalized that this topic will accompany us for much longer´! ´I think things will only really start then ... and will determine our actions and actions for the next 2 years´! ´Because as long as no vaccine is available there is no way to take up the fight with the virus´, new groups will always be infected which again infect other groups´ so it will appear´! ´ Sometimes I get the feeling´ where did I know this problem from´ hmm and I have to think of the zombie films of the 80s´ a fiction and unreal to the power of 3´ !! ´But what we are experiencing now is REAL and therefore we have to learn to deal with it´ so that our social environment does not suffer from it ... with all caution of course´ !!


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      Do not use any contacts, the message from those responsible is very simple: stay at home!

      The most sociable individual has to get through it, and it would be good to take the news to heart. Because the consequence that will result from non-observance is an ordered ban on going out. Do we want that?

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    Thank you for pointing out the particle filter. Will the blog report when this is available and where to get it? The blog continues to be a reliable, reputable, and interesting source of information - and, yes, a bit of a distracting conversation, which we all could use right now.

    Do you really need such a filter for the car? The breath droplets don't hang on the road, where only closed vehicles drive around, waiting around in the air, do they?

    Thank you also for the perfectly captured surreal mood. The references to the lost business enterprises (Neckermann) have not only something melancholic, but unfortunately an enormously current reference. It is getting really bad for the small restaurants and of course for the small retail stores (for example also for Karstadt, of course), which are already struggling because of the internet anyway. The disgusting Amazon, which does not pay any taxes in this country (and which is why I have not been ordering for years, and only once if something important was not available anywhere else) hires thousands of new employees. Real perverse!

    I very much hope that after the crisis, not only will retail be promoted, but internet retailing of new retail goods will finally be subject to a climate tax for all this back and forth embroidery, for example a surcharge of at least 25 percent on each item, which has long been the case anyway should have happened. Otherwise we only have desolate cities with empty shops and crumbling houses, as most German villages and small towns have long been.

    After the end of the crisis, which we hope will occur in the foreseeable future, let's all go shopping at local retailers!

    I wish the blog team and all readers all the best and health!

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    Thanks Tom !!!

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    Especially now in the Corona period, the SAAB blog is a welcome change.

    Thanks for that!!!

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    My old 9000er (also my 9.3er) already had the particle filter (also called pollen filter). Now I don't know if he would have kept the Covin-19 out, since it was always comforting to have something like that "on board". Today, many cars own that, but SAAB was often ahead of its time and created innovations, especially as a role model for other manufacturers, which is unfortunately often forgotten today. And “kör alltid bra” 😉

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      Unfortunately, the pollen filters do not help. The industry is currently developing appropriate systems, above all Volvo owner Geely. In 30 days, a system should be ready for production that filters 95% of the airborne particles larger than 0,3. This includes the droplets on which the corona virus likes to travel.

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    Thank you for your clever words in this devastating situation. And thanks for your blog, please keep going.


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