This is how Volvo, Scania, NEVS react to the Corona crisis

The corona virus is also spreading rapidly in Sweden. Scania, Volvo and NEVS react to this. While the big manufacturers close their factories and send thousands of employees into the forced break, NEVS takes a completely different path. It is offering Swedish citizens its own services for the first time and reveals a lot about the plans for 2020.

Corona crisis in Sweden

Scania will cease production in all Swedish plants in the coming week. With around 9.000 employees, the company is one of the largest employers in the country. The factories in Södertälje, Oskarshamn and Luleå are affected. The stop should initially apply for 2 weeks. The main reason is a lack of components due to interrupted supply chains, reports the broadcaster Sveriges Radio. The closure affects the estimated 500 to 600 suppliers in Sweden. 40 to 50.000 employees of these companies are also likely to go on compulsory vacation.

Meanwhile, Volvo Cars drives after a long standstill Production slowly increasing again in the four Chinese plants. The situation at home developed differently. The Swedish main plant in Hisingen and the engine plant in Skövde will close from Monday to April 14th. 25.000 employees are affected. The Corona crisis does not stop at the location in Belgium. The Ghent plant closes due to an increasing shortage of staff.

With 25.000 employees, AB Volvo is the largest employer in Sweden. The manufacturer of commercial vehicles has already closed its 4 French factories. Truck production in Tuve, north of Gothenburg, will be shut down next Monday. 1.500 employees are affected, the standstill is initially at least 15 days planned. Further decommissioning has not yet been published, but it is also not excluded.

NEVS Mobility Service for the Corona Crisis

NEVS has another starting point for coping with the corona crisis. The mobility service provider surprisingly launches a car sharing service in the Swedish capital. The service was extended by a few months preferred, the app for the Mobility Service is available for national download from the Apple Store and Google Play. The service is aimed at car owners in Stockholm who want to release their vehicles for car sharing and people who do not want to use local public transport and do not own a car.

NEVS keeps this group of people mobile and saves them the risk of infection in public transport. The mobility app is used to bill for fuel costs, tolls and insurance. The provider also provides the participants with disinfectants for the vehicles. For NEVS, this is much more than a spontaneous beta test. The app is part of the future mobility concept. The company plans to launch an autonomous electric car in the Swedish capital at the end of summer, with other European cities to follow.

In Trollhatten you work hard on one robot taxi, which is based on the InMotion Concept presented in 2017. Back in the stable for this project is designer Simon Padian, who designed the last Saab vehicles such as the 9-4x and 9-5. He is responsible for the robot taxi project.

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    @ Black Saab,

    interesting is the question of who or what NEVS should actually or supposedly have kept away from whatever outside of the Corona period? ? ?

    An intern has now created an APP on her smartphone with which a few people in Sweden's few and small metropolitan areas could share their old cars (none of which is a NEVS) with each other, if they wanted to ...


    If that's all, NEVS is neither an automobile manufacturer nor a mobility service provider. But in the times of Corona, it doesn't take much to generate positive headlines. Free toilet paper for employees would have done the same.

    But that would have been far too analog and also too anal. So it is totally ingenious and digital if you instead take advantage of the radio silence and production breaks of responsible companies to finally set a mark or two again.

    And if you have nothing else to offer, then you throw yourself into such options ...

    Dear NEVS,
    shame on you! ! !

  • blank

    Does the return of Simon Padian perhaps have completely different hopes ??? 🙂 Or are they just dreams of a castle in the air after more than eight years?

    • I would advise against any hope. Padian only works project-related in the Stallbacka and the course from NEVS clearly goes in the direction of mobility service providers.

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    A sign of life from NEVS if you don't suspect it. So a robot taxi from Trollhättan. I remain excited.


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