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Sunday, the second day with exit restrictions in Bavaria. The Spessart is Bavarian and yet is closely connected to the Rhine-Main area. It is an approach lane for Frankfurt Airport, and the background noise of civilization is always present. Correct: Was present. Everything has changed since yesterday. Hardly any traffic, hardly any people on the streets. And the sky is blue - and empty. It's been emptying for weeks. And today? No airplane far and wide - a situation that has not been observed for decades.

Saab 9000, blue sky, no planes. The new normal.
Saab 9000, blue sky, no planes. The new normal.

Germany is shutting down and we are only at the beginning. What we are now experiencing will be the new normal for some time. More months than weeks, depending on the further course of the spread of Covid-19. The virus invades every area of ​​life, and it changes the blog too.

It affects my professional and private life, my plans for this and the coming year, and my hobbies. From now on everything is wasted, appointments have been canceled and postponed indefinitely. I won't see friends who live far away again anytime soon - a situation that has to be dealt with first. Behind the events there is also the question of whether one can and should write an autoblog given the general situation. Aren't the issues too mundane when people die a few 100 kilometers away and the health system threatens to collapse? Although I don't have to go that far ...

If I look out of a window, my gaze falls into the neighbor's garden. Neat, well-kept, not as close to nature as my property. The pride and joy of its owner. The old man is well over 80 and has a lung disease. And the owner in the house in front of it has been in the clinic since Friday. An operation not to be postponed. The threat is real to both of them, and the hope and desire that they will make it through time is huge.

So how about the mundane car issues? Keep going? In any case, the editorial plan for this year is history. Visiting appointments that were due from the end of the month have been canceled. The section “visiting” will be omitted for a longer period of time. Likewise, the Saab appointment planner that Mark always writes. No meetings, no appointments, nothing can be planned any more. Even the test drives and Saab test reports are affected.

The new normal

It is advisable to accept that Covid-19 is changing our lives. Our behavior can no longer be as it was, it will leave its mark. Socially, economically. Even if we get through it, it may shape our future. It could be that things will be different afterwards, that a lot has to be reconsidered. The damage is already huge, but there is no fully comprehensive insurance. Even if our politicians try to suggest something similar.

That is precisely why we have to face the virus and maintain some normalcy. The blog is very profane in the current situation, admittedly. But for this very reason, I would like to continue filling it with content. An island in the midst of economic and health concerns, where simple things like old cars are allowed.

The plan is already there. A project that should only start in summer is preferred. Saab films! And those that were guaranteed not to be public yet. I will reveal the background later this week, then it will start! And we found a club. Not in the usual sense, and no competition with the established associations. More virtual, but not for everyone. A Saab is a basic requirement, but that alone will not be enough. Curious; excited?

Saab films, club, participation

In third place is the desire to create an opportunity for readers to get involved online. More participation in the blog, uncomplicated access for everyone to write small contributions and experiences that can be posted online and read here. The software for this is already running in the background, but the question of security is still at issue; which should work effectively, but is best hidden in the background and does not make access difficult.

China is doing better. The first attacks by Chinese cyber warriors this year.
China is doing better. The first attacks by Chinese cyber warriors this year.

And unfortunately it is precisely the question of data security that still gives me a lot of headache. With the outbreak of Covid-19 in Wuhan Province, the attacks on the blog also stalled. The state cyber warriors had enough work in China's interior, and there were no more attacks from mid-December. The firewall was already beginning to attach moss, there were only a few small attempts from servers from Hungary and Turkey, which are hardly worth mentioning. In plain English, China has been preoccupied with itself and the surveillance of its citizens, and attacks have decreased by 95%.

China is doing better now. Good news! It gives hope and joy. Although Covid-19 has not yet been defeated in the country of origin, independent bloggers speak a different language than state-controlled media. But the Chinese cyber warriors are already free to attack Western media. The first attacks of the year against the blog from China started on Saturday. If you have these friends in times of urgent international solidarity, at least you no longer need to worry about possible enemies.

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    Stay healthy take care of yourself and thanks to the blog team that continues to bring articles, right now the blog is good and brings some variety to the day at home, and maybe one or the other blog reader also has some fun apart from reader actions also writing a Saab story.

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    Bravo pour your blog
    A petit français qui roule en Saab 9.3 cabriolet

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    I join Lizi, even though I don't believe we'll be an example.
    I am excited about the new club (the suppot members?)
    Tom, the indirect insight into the health of the dictatorial system is as entertaining as it is terrifying, but especially very informative!

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    I had to smile at that. Tom can't be profane ...

    Just the swipe at China's premature return to "normality" and the indication of what kind of spirit child she is is more critical and reflective than anything I hear about the ÖR.

    “Normal” is when the internal enemy (the people - not the virus, for example) is so much under control that the great army of cyber warriors is increasingly devoting itself to external and geostrategic goals.

    But we are also not free of such games. On Inforadio RBB, the news was moderated on Thursday a week ago as follows:

    "The news will be back in 2 minutes, with the latest reports on how to contain (!) The Corona virus."

    Just stupid that there were no measures or news to contain. But on the contrary. And therefore the news should have been announced as such for further expansion (!).

    In addition, the Berlin Senator for Health made fun of an executive medical officer in an interview on that day, in a journalistically undisputed manner. The gentleman could close all the bars in his district if he believed that this was useful.

    In the meantime, ironically, all demands of the head of office and medical doctor have been implemented nationwide and the health senator is showered with praise by party friends and journalists.

    The world and life are not always fair. Or the media or politics. Unfortunately, this also applies in D.

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    I like to agree with Lizi's opinion. Especially these days it is always a pleasure to read Saabiges.

    Thank you for continuing to inform us about exciting topics.

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    Dear Tom.
    Of course we need the blog. Us that more than ever !!!!! Right now, on the outside, we're just a small group of weird people who love their old cars. But maybe at some point, for example, for pioneers who have always thought a little differently ... .. slower. More sustainable. More relaxed. More communal.
    I dream that what happens now will make life a little different. As is well known, hope dies last.

    Greetings to the community.

    The Lizi

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    Hi Tom,
    you found the right words again. Enviable!
    A writer has been lost on you, or is he still coming?

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      Thanks Dietmar! I think there is no danger of going under the writers. I know my limits and have to support a family 😉

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    Thanks Tom for your decision to continue the blog. I fully agree with Freising86's opinion and am looking forward to distraction. Greetings from Saxony

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    Who in heaven is interested in attacking the Saab blog in China? Does everything have to be destroyed?

    The swarm stupidity of the people is showing up again right now. I'm curious when the first citizens eat their toilet rolls ...

    I was on the road yesterday with my 9-3 Aero Coupe, a small lap in the Alb Valley without getting out. Was great, everything was pretty empty and so the 250 PS Aero could show what it can do.

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      It will not be about the blog specifically or its content. The only thing behind it is the will to cause the greatest possible damage or to infect sites with viruses.

      Sauer is particularly worried by the fact that even in these times you cannot and will not let it go. After all, China is the origin of Covid-19, even if you work hard on history to rewrite.

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    Is that Anna in the photo? If so, I would be interested in a long-term experience regarding durability, consumption, etc.

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      Yes, it's the Anna project. There is currently a lot to tell about this, but I'm still waiting for pictures. All questions will be answered soon.

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    We can all tolerate a few issues and distractions beyond Corona. The longer it takes, and it will be. I'm looking forward to the films and all other ideas!

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