Expansion. Koenigsegg AB strengthens management team.

In Ängelholm, the signals point to expansion. With the presentation of the Gemera and the Jesko Absolut, the manufacturer of hypercars grows into new dimensions. To meet the challenges, the Swedes are strengthening their management team. The increase in personnel comes from the best addresses in the automotive industry. Expertise from Munich is brought in for growing production and quality management.

The new Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut
The new Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut

Urs Maehner comes from BMW

BMW is considered a cadre smithy. Munich has spurred many careers beyond the white and blue brand. Experience with the Bavarian manufacturer is considered a seal of quality. Urs Maehner brings more than 20 years of experience in production and quality management to Ägelholm. As General Director of BMW Group Mexico, he was responsible for the construction of the Mexican plant and the start of production of the new 3 Series BMW. Previously, he held various positions within the BMW group. Among other things, he worked in England as quality manager and head of the individualization program at Rolls-Royce Cars.

He completed his training as an industrial clerk with a manufacturer for molded parts. The native of Upper Franconia completed his studies at the University of Siegen. Maehner has had a remarkable career in the automotive industry in recent years. With the entry into the expanding Hypercar manufactory he ignites the next level.

Henrik Wiese comes from KTM

Born in Sweden, Henrik Wiese is drawn back to Sweden. At Koenigsegg, he takes on the position of technical director in an exciting phase of corporate development. Wiese comes back from Austria to her old homeland. At KTM Sport Motorcycle AG, the engineer was most recently responsible for the LC8 engine family. He worked for the Thule Group until 2016 and has numerous contacts in Asia from this time.

Wiese is also passionately connected to motorsport in private life. Wiese Racing AB develops simulation software to optimize lap times for motorcycle racers.

With the commitment of both managers, founder Christian von Koenigsegg sets the course for a new phase in the company's history. Koenigsegg and NEVS are developing together Society new vehicles to appear on the market in the coming years. Among other things, the former Saab development center in Trollhatten and the in-house test track are used for this purpose.

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  • blank

    Exciting personal details. Sounds like expanding into another market segment. There is no room for improvement technically or in terms of price ...

    At least not for a Koenigsegg. Conversely, NEVS has no room for downward movement. 0 cars for € 0 each. It doesn't get cheaper.

    You can and should be curious about what vehicles will come in what quantities and what their names will be. I speculate that they will not be marketed as NEVS or Koenigsegg. As Saab probably not either, but it would be fun and not impossible either.

    At KTM, the Swedish colors and traditions are also upheld. And BMW the British flag. Both managers are also experienced in this respect (experience with the continuation or revival of foreign brands) ...


  • blank

    Crazy! Cool! I'm excited to see what will come of it and how Koenigsegg will develop further. Although I will probably never see such a vehicle live ...
    And today the 2nd report! The editorial team is incredibly hard-working! Great!!! 🙂

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