Bilweb spring auction for collector vehicles

The annual spring auction in Sweden starts on March 25th. In the times of the Corona crisis, one can look forward to the results. However, the Saab participation is extremely meager this year. Volvo dominates, and while previous auctions were really about vehicles from collections, this time around, everyday classics clearly outnumber them.

Saab 900EP in Monte Carlo yellow
Saab 900EP in Monte Carlo yellow

Saab 900 Cabriolet 1992

Monte Carlo Yellow is the open classic from Saab. No Monte Carlo full turbo, which is sought after and accordingly expensive. But one of only 893 specimens painted in this color that were sold worldwide with different specifications as special models or limited editions. The mildly charged 2 liter turbo works under the hood, originally it was delivered to Italy. In Germany, this popular type of motorization ran as the 900S, in Italy as the 900EP. The convertible later came to the UK, and has been back in Sweden since 2019.

262.750 kilometers are on the counter, the condition is a 3 with signs of use and technical restrictions. The history is unclear, manuals and documentation are missing. The Estimated price is € 11.000. Is it too high or does the Monte Carlo yellow, which is supposed to be in the original, stand out?

Saab 9000 CD 1993

It really does exist, the tension at second glance. At first it seems to be a 9000 CD in state 4. Rust on the body and doors make the vehicle unattractive. The mileage of only 105.000 speaks for this. The history is clear, the seller is the heir of the first owner.

The engine of the CD is remarkable. A B202S with 150 hp can hardly be found in the 1993 CD in 9000. In all of Sweden there should only be 4 copies, it is unclear how high the share in the production mix was. The Auctioneers estimate the price for the upcoming classic in condition 4 at € 2.700. It would be gratifying, if only because of the rare motorization, if the CD had a chance for another life.

Saab 900i 1989

The Saab 900i offers an interesting basis. A two-door sedan that was originally designed as an inexpensive entry into the world of Saab for the Nordic countries. The Cabriolet is based on it, which is a completely different part of the Saab saga. The 900 had only two owners in 30 years and rolled off the assembly lines in Finland. The origin of Saab-Valmet usually guarantees good workmanship and little rust, although the latter does not apply to this specimen.

The sedan rusts in all places where a 900 is popular to rust. What speaks for the Saab is the manageable history and the low odometer reading of 155.000 kilometers. The auction house awards a grade 3 characterized by optimism and an estimate of € 1.800. Interested parties with close family relationships to the body builder or their own welding machine have an advantage if they are interested in this specimen worth preserving.

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    The version of the 900i is not that rare - yes, stocks have decreased quite a bit in recent years, but you can still find some here and there, especially in Scandinavia.

    I think the convertible is not exactly "straight" and also not original ... the trim strips were not installed so unclean and with heels at the factory, which - in addition to missing lettering all around - speaks for a repainting. The headlight wipers are completely missing, mmh, overall I have a calm feeling about the car.

    I find the 9000CDE extremely exciting and it is a piece of SAAB history that is very special. I hope that he will be in good hands with him!

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    I would be interested in the 900i as rarely as it is

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    welding machine

    I really need one. And the necessary skills, which are not rocket science ...

    There are still good cars that reward welding for the fact that they are otherwise very honest and completely uncomplicated.

    Maybe that's where my automotive future lies?

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