Pilots wanted 2020 - canceled!

It could have been the big meeting to mark the 10th year of production of the last big Saab. The preparations went on, restaurants were booked. The road book and the designs for rally plates and stickers were worked on. But it is now clear that there will be no international Saab meeting in Kiel this year. Pilots wanted 2020 is canceled!

Pilots wanted 2020 has been canceled
Pilots wanted 2020 has been canceled

The decision was made last Friday and everyone involved agreed. In the current situation, it would be irresponsible to continue the preparations. The general situation and legal regulations are clear. Other, much more important events in Kiel have been canceled for June, we hereby join.

There will be no alternative date later in the year, even in the medium term the uncertainties are too great. Maybe we'll catch up on the meeting in 2021, maybe it will be canceled completely and won't be back until 2022. The teams of the Saab center Kiel and the blog regret the move, we were looking forward to the meeting and the international fans.

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  • Hey Tom, dear SAAB team Lafrenz,

    I know that this step is not easy for you - and the Pilots wanted were always an absolute highlight !!!
    Nevertheless: In view of the overall situation, you have made the right decision, respect and thank you for your responsible action. The opportunity is sure to come

    We keep in touch ... 🙂

    Saabige greetings from the south - stay healthy!

  • A pity!! But absolutely right !!!!
    I would have loved to be there for the first time this year…. when my 9-5 drives again with a new engine

  • A correct and responsible decision!

  • A shame for participants and organizers and this great event.
    But currently the right decision.


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