Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting - Swiss cheese with an addictive factor

Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting, the tenth: on February 22nd the time had come. Guests from half of Europe and, of course, many from France and Switzerland made the small town of Vallorbe in the Swiss Jura the winter Mecca of the Saab scene.

A parking lot with Saabs of all generations
A parking lot with Saabs of all generations

However: no trace of snow and spring-like weather. All-wheel drives and window scrapers could be left safely, although: XWD works without snow. Alternatively, many well-guarded babies with summer tires were allowed onto the slopes, which would have stayed safely in the garage at home.

Many arrived the day before, after all, several hundred kilometers were not uncommon. With the longest journey, the participant weighed more than 1.500 kilometers. And where did it come from? Sure - from Sweden!
All this proves something: this meeting has its own magic, and more Saabisti succumb to it each year. In 2011 there were 56 people, 2016 in 89 and 120 this year, who were infected by the fondue virus. Five toppolas alone show that this is a relevant meeting, there were a total of 70 Saabs to admire from almost all age groups.

On Saturday morning there was an informal get-together in the private home of the two organizers Dimitri and Frédéric. It is worthy of honor that the two make their property available to sweep the rush of Saab fans over it. The principle: everyone brings something to eat or drink from home, and the regional buffet is ready. Here you can talk shop as much as possible, here friendships are made, here you can communicate with your hands and feet. After all, not everyone knows French or Swedish.

In the past few years, there was an exit that took the participants to the beautiful area around Vallorbe, interrupted by breaks, photo sessions, coffee and other shop talks. This year the organizers tempted them with a tour of the picturesque town of Vallorbe and asked very demanding questions at four stations, at which a small motif was then punched into the questionnaire to prove that you were really there.

And of course there were open bonnets en masse in the official parking lot with all the Saabs and the lively exchange of tips as well as mysterious boxes full of rare spare parts.

But at some point it got dark, of course, the Saabs in the parking lot were left to their own devices, and the fan community came together for the eponymous dinner. Three long boards filled the room from front to back, and it was a colorful murmur of voices as the mood rose, the closer the Swiss fondue came. This was really a pleasure for gourmets, rounded off by wine in white, rosé or red, according to taste, the tongues quite loosened and served in a specially printed glass. At some point, usually late, the participants then fell into bed or the toppola to meet again on Sunday morning with a princely Swedish-Swiss brunch.

Then the pack scattered again in all directions, swearing each other beforehand: Next time we will meet again. It is the Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting, the eleventh. However, there will still be 2021 participants in 120 - more simply won't fit in the hall.

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  • If I had a print of the (typo) graphic 900, I would hang it framed in the living room.

  • Right! Fantastic! 🙂

  • typography

    I still have to get rid of (PS) how awesome the opener of the video is. I have already looked at the typographic and animated 900 three times and am far from being fed up with it.

  • Thanks for the report, I would also like to go to this meeting, it is always nice to be able to read reports from Saab meetings that have already been at a meeting this year. It will take a while until there is a meeting again.

  • Great human-emotional SAAB cinema!
    Thanks for sharing with this very nice video! Must have been a really good relaxed mood ...
    Great action. How good that was the appointment in February 2020 ... 😉
    Thanks to the “storyteller” and his hardworking helpers!

  • Thank you for the multimedia fondoue.
    A real pleasure and very well appreciated by Ebasil.

    @ Hans S.,

    good idea and also my first thought. The better half of a common whole agrees. There will be fondoue and raclette here in the coming days ...

    If we get what we need for it without going through more than one, max. to have two supermarkets. I recently heard a leader or owner in a report who said that triple (!) Is currently being implemented in his market every day, as it was shortly before Christmas ...

    Insane. Who knows if the ingredients for raclette and fondoue these days are not similar to soap? Tomorrow I'll find out ...

  • Very beautiful! Today looks like from another time ...

  • Good timing, just before Corona! At the moment that would be unthinkable.
    Thank you for the nice report on a special occasion.
    A little tip, founds can also be enjoyed in pairs in a cozy home! Right now with this icy east wind!

  • Thank you very much for this wonderful heartwarming report! The video almost brought tears to me, the meeting must have been so beautiful - and so unthinkable and as if it had been decades ago, given the current ban on contacts.

    The fantastic friendly atmosphere, human (!) Closeness, humor and fun jump immediately when you watch the video. The organizers have demonstrated unbelievable work and an incredible amount of attention to detail: A lovely couple opens their private house for 120 (some of them foreign) people, pastries in the form of Saab-Toppola, with Saab icing, etc. It is therefore not surprising that one of these is positive - crazy participant even has Saab tattoos !!

    Merci for this distracting and encouraging story and the great video that distracted me nicely! 🙂


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