Exit restriction Bavaria - country life in week one

There has been an exit restriction in Bavaria for a week. A drastic measure - sensible and appropriate. A completely new experience, especially if you are used to European freedom of movement. The exit restriction has also changed my everyday life. The balance of the first week.

Saab time was this week too. The new blog stickers are here.
Saab time was this week too. The new blog stickers are here.

I live in a small place in the pre-press style. A manageable street village, typical of the region, which is still dominated by agricultural businesses. With Aschaffenburg the next city is not far, and in principle it is just 10 minutes to the city center and only 5 minutes from my front door to the A3. The village nestles deep in a narrow valley, it is only thanks to its geographical situation that it has remained so original and has not been a victim of real estate speculation.

The exit restriction changes the environment

The exit restriction has also left its mark here. Where small groups were jogging through the forest a week ago and sneezing while having fun, there is now peace. No one would find sneezing really funny anymore, everyone is aware of the seriousness of the situation. The command to limit exit has arrived, distance announced. And above all, rest. This unusual, unreal calm and the missing background noise of civilization. That worries the first few days. The village street empty, almost no airplane in the sky. Pure nature, only the chirping of the birds can be heard. It triggers a mental cinema in me. Take me back to my childhood. In the summer vacation that I always spent in the country with electoral relatives. I, the city child, in a completely different world. I was just 10 when I first came to the farm. 14 then on my last big summer vacation. In between was an exciting time with the tractor and combine harvester, driving a moped, shooting an air rifle and the many other freedoms you had as a child in the country at that time. The calm in 2020, this unusual, difficult to classify silence, takes me back to that time. Country life is not a bit boring. It's interesting. More exciting than city dwellers imagine. Even in times of Covid-19. The pre-press style is a bit like Idaho. This American state whose slogan is “big potatoes”. Which said almost everything about Idaho. It's similar here, and a bit bizarre in between. It is normal for SUVs and pick-ups to board the country lanes. People who walk their pony don't ride it, too. It is more unusual to go for a walk with two mules. But only because of the limited availability of these animals in these latitudes.

Country life is anything but boring

If you walk across the fields in the late evening, a motocross machine may fly by. Which is not a problem. I put Frida on a leash as soon as I hear the bark of the two-stroke engine. The machine flies up, stops briefly, you recognize me, greetings, fly on. The driver has fun, shows a wheelie - and he is gone at dusk. The fact that the machine has no license plate and will never get it is of secondary importance. And nobody cares.

I admit that I'm settling in with the exit restriction as well as I can. Yes, it is an incision. Friends no longer see them, instead making calls. Shop consciously and as rarely as possible. Having more flexible working hours and, bottom line, more time. That slows down and the coming weeks will show what you can do with it. A profiteer of the situation is already certain. It is my bitch. You will enjoy more distance than a week ago. She can hardly believe her luck! The virus changes the world around me. Acquaintances have too little or no work at all. Future fears become concrete. Others are flexible and adapt quickly to the situation. My saddlery, preferred supplier for high quality steering wheels and restorations, has started to produce respiratory masks. Everyone reacts in their own way, the neighborhood moves closer together.

Freedom and normality

We are just beginning a story that is a tragedy. Human lives cost and future plans become waste over night. The longer it will last, the more it will determine our behavior in the future. Probably we'll see. But people are more resilient and flexible than you think. Crises are always new beginnings and opportunities. They also provide an opportunity to think about what might be important afterwards and what would be unnecessary. Of course there was also time for the Saab topic this week. Covid-19 changes our everyday life, but does not dictate it. Freedom and normality must remain, more than ever. Our in-house print shop has finished the new Saabblog stickers. The lettering, which has adorned the blog for months, was designed by a Hamburg designer. The Saab drives of course, whatever else. The stickers are available in two versions, one light and one dark, and they look good on Swedish metal. From next week you can order them if you like.

And please: # stay at home. Thank you!

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  • Hello Tom
    as always a great article ... which has less to do with SAAB´ but with the current situation and situation. 'Everyone is interested in how it will go on ...' 'My assessment based on the statements of virologists and experts' who have commented on it in the last 14 days on TV' ... '' I will NOT give it back here ´ because I don´t want´ that the SAAB blog readers should not really enjoy their well-deserved WE anymore. // ´´But everyone is old enough´ and can get detailed information´ in order to form a final judgment´ and for his / her family the future planning. (because whether it will last 3´ 6´ 9´ 12´ or 15´month´ makes a certain difference) ´´ // ´´Now well I don´t want to paint too black, because despite all the adverse circumstances´ you should of course not lose sight of the joy of life itself and with its closest loved ones! ((ps: 'my high-end HIFI system has not been as demanding for a long time' as it has been in the last 10 days' ... how bad the situation has escalated worldwide ... although the FRG got away very well is because our health system is based on a high standard !!))

    Wish everyone here health satisfaction always friends at your side who like you as you have ... and of course always a good trip with SAAB´´ !!
    “A loyal reader from the beautiful Wachenheim an der Weinstrasse´… the beautiful Palatinate´´

  • Super nice article. ME a great statement for us relaxed Saab drivers who also let the motocrosser (without license plates) live! I am an enthusiastic biker and of course a Saab driver

  • Nice article on the WE.

    I feel my thoughts and my life situation are mirrored almost down to the last detail. I could even re-enact Frida's photo with a black male right away ...

    What a luxury! ! !

    In this special time, my thoughts are more important than usual to friends and family members with inner city apartments.

    I don't know whether you should really block park benches and sanction violators with high fines. The regulations on distances and against the risk of infection already implement that no more than one person can and must not sit on a bench, unless the close people live together in one household.

    We don't have to have any illusions. In the end, the measures will be relaxed for purely economic reasons. In the background, calculations have been intensive for a long time. And the virus is always legally held to benefit from the fact that it chooses its victims to focus on pensioners, pensioners and expensive patients ...

    At least the ÖR in Berlin-Brandenburg celebrates its information about the age and previous illnesses of the youngest victims and packs them as a colorful candy to a supposed calming pill.

    I find that cynical and disturbing. My (in-law and grand) parents are important to me and my children. Someone wrote here (I think it was StF) that the virus is less frightening than humans. I feel the same way.

  • Thanks for the decelerating article for the weekend! 🙂 A lot speaks from my heart! I also live in the country and see relaxed faces around me. The bookstore orders goods to the customer, in the mill around the corner “the hedge burns” because there is always plenty of flour to be produced. Local regional cycles are important, are now being lived even more. And it is possible! The asparagus growers do not have long faces here, as they do not offer “mass production” and CAN do without masses of cheap labor from abroad! Solidarity is lived: Vouchers for cinemas, cafes, etc. are happily ordered so that customers can order their espresso at a later date. 🙂 Corona changed. Corona also offers opportunities! This fantasy will do us good!
    Time with the (closest) family - what more do we want? Wonderful!
    So let's enjoy the “free space” creatively and make the best of it.
    Stay healthy!

  • I also thank you for these very suitable articles at that time. No matter where we live, we notice the changes clearly. Whether in the city or in the country, everything has changed. Here in my area, near the airport and highways, it is now very quiet and you hear sounds that you have probably never heard before, you can hear so many different birds and other animals. Stay healthy and take care of yourself.

  • @ Heijo Red,

    very pleasant comment with positive feedback (thumb). I notice that this time you put a lot fewer words in capital letters and were much more economical with exclamation and other signs ...

    Maybe that's the key? Here is a self-experiment:

    Mommy says that the doubling of infections needs to be stretched from 5,5 to 10 days. Then one could consider relaxing restrictions.

    With 50.000 infections, that would mean 50 infected after 1.600.000 days and 100 infected after only 51.200.000 days - if the loosening had no accelerating effect.

    The scenario speaks for itself. But I could also have written:

    51,2 MILLION (!!!) In ONLY (!!!) Around THREE (!!!) Months. 102,4 MILLION IN ONLY (!!!) 110 DAYS. WE ARE ALL! ! ! , THIS IS MORE THAN WE! ! !

    When I read the latter, my flaps go down.
    Both representations are identical in content and mathematically correct.

    If I could wish for something from you, it would be that you never take a leaf out of content and always find a suitable form for your valid thoughts.

    You can also shout in writing.
    And who screams ...

    It would be a shame about facts and valid thoughts if they were drowned out in your own shouting.


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