Do you fancy Saab? Saab driver for limitless!

Our mission these days? Keep the desire for Saab, provide some normalcy and distraction. If we manage to put a little smile on the face of the reader every day, then we have won! So Saab Entertainment, and today it's about the new Saab blog stickers.

The new Saabblog stickers

In normal times, like the previous versions, we would give these away to the fans. A franked and addressed envelope would suffice and 2 stickers would be on the way. But - the times are anything but normal. They are special, and that is why we are deviating from ancient traditions today. We will sell the stickers and we are counting on the readers and that our Saab blog stickers will sell well.

Why are we doing this Because we have the mission to deliver Saab Entertainment, but in addition to the most pleasant hobby in the world, we don't want to lose sight of reality. And neither can. We want to stand up for the Grenzlos department store in Aschaffenburg. A social department store that has been providing an important service in our region for many years. It provides food and clothes for people who are not necessarily on the sunny side of life.

Social department store Limitless needs help

Now, in the Corona crisis, the shelves are getting emptier and emptier and the supply of food threatens to run dry. A vicious cycle is emerging. On the one hand, there is a lot of food selling, and sometimes supplies are scarce. This leads to fewer and fewer food donations from regional supermarkets. On the other hand, more people are in need today than 14 days ago. Short-time work unfortunately hits hard on the fellow citizens, who are not among the best paid anyway. 60% of the salary is certainly not enough if life was scarce before.

Boundless eV in this situation asks for donations so that the association can buy food. We want to support this initiative - together with our readers. Because even if the fully comprehensive mentality is spreading in Germany these days and all possible groups are calling for the state. The responsibility and the initiative lie with us.

Saab driver for Grenzenlos e.V.

The deal is easy! We have had more than 1.000 stickers printed. Our in-house print shop, a small family business, earned some money from it. The printing industry has been hit hard by the Corona crisis and is grateful for every order. If the campaign finds a lot of support, the print shop will have something to do again.

We pay for the Saab blog stickers and shipping, also internationally. The readers donate € 6,00 for two stickers of their choice, including shipping. The money goes 100% to the social department store without limits. Enjoying Saab and the blog, while doing something good and taking responsibility.

We are many and many small donations can make a difference. You can buy groceries for just € 6,00 and help a family in tough times. Please indicate the color of the sticker - white or black - and the desired shipping address when donating. More stickers, more Saab? Of course, we also deliver more than just two Saabblog stickers, if requested. The donation amount increases for each sticker pair by € 6,00.

Donations account:

Bank details: T. Knecht - IBAN:   DE 08 7955 0000 0011 7754 75 - BIC: BYLADEM 1 ASA

31 thoughts on "Do you fancy Saab? Saab driver for limitless!"

  • Hope the promotion is still running. Donated just 12 euros.
    2 x white / 2 x black

  • Great campaign - the donation is out!
    Saabige greetings from the beautiful Karlsruhe 🙂

  • Gladly participated! Please know

  • Great action that you have to support!
    Stickers have been ordered, the amount is out.

  • Hi
    Je n'arrive pas à m'inscrire sur your blog pour faire un don
    Je suis en France merci de me faire parvenir un lien sur mon adress mail
    For yourself

  • Great thing, let's see if the transfer works. Now I can't spend pocket money in any pub, because the stickers are loose in there!

  • @ EF moose,

    charming thought. It would perhaps be easier and more universal if the in-house print shop only produces iron-on blog logos.
    Anyone could apply it to any fabric themselves.

    T-shirt, pennants for the regulars table, jacket, face mask, anything would be possible ...

  • Hello from Thuringia - just don't know how best to say it - of course, many SAAB fans will take part in your great action, we are sure all of us agree - social arrangement is always good and right - if not now, then when!?!?
    And therefore my (probably) unthinkable thought - many in my circle of acquaintances are currently sewing. In their free time, breathing masks for retirement homes etc. from all possible cotton scraps
    Would you find a small sewing shop that could sew SAAB / SAAB BLOG masks at short notice?
    I think the price would be irrelevant for many of us - "killing" two birds with one stone - health protection and social assistance….

  • Hello Tom
    Here is my address: Thomas Waldtmann
    Vogelsang 1 27318 Hoyerhagen, Germany
    Thanks in advance

  • I liked to donate 🙂 Because I like to support the purpose! But stay true to my aversion and don't want stickers.

  • Hello
    Great idea just transferred the money for 1 pair of bright stickers. Where do I send the letter to have no address?
    Greetings from the Weser Thomas

    • Hello Thomas, no letter. We do everything, if there is no address for the transfer then please send a short email.

      Thanks for the support!

  • @ Tom,

    in fact, that's fine. Fits more than easy. Money for 4 whites goes out tomorrow. The good cause was beyond any doubt anyway.

    But now I also know that I'm sure to stick three of the subtle and chic things (despite all aversions against stickers) to my Saab. So thanks for the AW.

  • Great idea!
    € come tomorrow by bank transfer. Since I no longer use a SAAB, I will put the "particles" behind the windshield wipers. 🙂

    • Can also be glued to a third-party product. We did today, looks great 😉

  • Hi Tom,
    something shouldn't be your damage - or take something away from the meaning of the action.
    I have just "ordered" 2 pairs of stickers each.
    What would I have to send you where to get the full 12 EUR to you?
    you can send me an email back - thank you !!!
    LG from Austria, Roland

    • Roland, thank you for that, everything already fits! Please don't worry. I am delighted to have so many readers to support me!

  • An aversion to stickers ...

    I can't deny it. But I must and want this. At least one white one should adorn the tailgate of the black chrome glasses SC. If need be, I could clamp the second one under another wiper under the wipers. Or the fourth, the sixth? ? ?

    I don't know, I don't know yet.

    Dear Tom,

    great action. But how big is the sticker and how big is its title block? Perhaps, despite my aversion, will I find more than one place on my own Saab? At least the pictures let me hope so

    Thank you in advance for an indication of the previously unknown dimensions.

    • It's about 11-12 cm. Very discreet and also suitable for aversionists. Also supports a good cause.

  • Donated via paypal. 4x XNUMXx black please. Thank you for the great campaign!

    Today I was driving the yellow 9-3 convertible in the sunny southern Black Forest. Had the little side streets for me alone!
    What a satisfied first trip for the convertible and me after almost 6 months of hibernation (only the Cabi ...)

  • Tom… Sending to friends works very well, is just a little more complex.
    Sign in to PayPal, choose send amount, recipient enter and then of course send without insurance to a trustworthy recipient. And no swoops are charged.
    You're trustworthy, aren't you? 😉

    Just sent this way and am happy about 2x black / 2x white

    BG and great action

    • I'm assuming. Thanks for the tip and the donation! Excellent!

  • Reader Christian from Switzerland asks if the background of the sticker is transparent. That's him! Thanks for the donation!

  • Hello Tom, donation was made via Paypal! 2x black and 2x white please.
    Great idea ... and by the way ... thank you very much for the continuity in the reporting :-)!

  • Hello Tom, thank you for this great campaign. My payment is on its way to you promptly. Thanks also for the piece of normality in my everyday life. I am always happy when my black lady hums and says: "You have mail" and I read SAABBlog in the entrance. Stay healthy. Greetings from Freital

  • ... and the donation goes! (4 x white)

  • Moin Tom!
    Great action! I just followed the link and donated 12 euros via PayPal. Unfortunately, there was no option to “send money to friends or family”. Either I was too daft - or that doesn't work that way.
    If there are actually fees, just send a couple of stickers 😉
    You and all blog readers health and well come through the economic crisis!

    • Thanks Oli! As we just found out, you cannot take out or pay the fees on our PayPal account. We have changed the text and accept with a heavy heart that PayPal deserves something. The campaign is starting very well, we are happy that so many are helping and supporting Grenzlos eV!

  • Awesome!

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