Spyker - the creeping end of the Saab savior

Trollhättan in summer 2010. The festival is in full swing, Spyker sports cars are parked in the Saab Museum amid historical artefacts. Spyker is the Saab savior, but the extravagant vehicles look like foreign bodies. It is the time of big dreams, everything seems to be possible, the stars are tangible. In fact, Spyker is only one way. Downhill.

Spyker as Saab savior in the Museum 2010

Why actually? Other manufacturers of top-priced exotic cars find more than just living in the luxury niche. Before the Corona crisis, the Super Premium segment was forecast to have the highest growth rates in the long term. How it will be after that is unclear. But Spyker hasn't had a bike on the asphalt since 2012.

B6 Venator was introduced in 2013 but never came out of its box. 5 years later - in 2017, the C8 Preliator should then make a new start. Spyker now docked at Koenigsegg, the old circle of Saab-Sweden connection seemed to be closing. Ängelholm was to replace Audi as the technology supplier with its incredible V8 engine. In fact, not a single engine was built for Spyker at Koenigsegg, and the cooperation was dissolved. In the same year another 3 C8 Ailerons could be used as Le Mans Special series have been built. However, their completion has not yet been proven. In 2018, Spyker made a name for itself for the last time at the Monaco auto show. Then it got very quiet, and bailiffs and insolvency administrators increasingly worked their way off the mark.

Nulla tenaci invia est via

In contrast to other companies in the super premium segment, Spyker was always only a manufacturer at a high level. The drive was bought from Audi, the design with spectacular detail was designed by Spyker. While brands like Koenigsegg have made a name for themselves with sophisticated, technical innovations, a Spyker has always remained an expensive, fashionable accessory.

Great importance was attached to the little things and high-quality details. The company's motto "Nulla tenaci invia est via" - no path is impassable for the stubborn "was not only found in the company logo with the stylized propeller. Also on the exhaust system, which may not have been so successful. But shaping the brand. Not always sure of the taste, sometimes just too much of everything. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why a Spyker simply looks like an old car today, while other vehicles mature into classics.

Spyker service canceled, spare parts sold

One of the last functioning parts of the Spyker Group was Spyker Services BV The company was founded last week at the request of the tax authorities insolvent declared that the six employees fired. Spyker Services took care of the maintenance and repair of the 250 existing vehicles worldwide. The extensive Spare parts warehouse has already been sold to a customer according to insolvency administrator Dennis. That gives some hope for the future, the warehouse could be worth gold in the medium term. In addition to technical components, Spyker had a very high level of vertical integration, and almost every part is an expensive one-off.

The insolvency administrator rules out a rebirth of the brand. In the widely ramified group that has meanwhile operated from Great Britain, there are still companies that are not in bankruptcy. You are now the focus of the authorities who are trying to untangle the mesh. Among them is Spyker IP BV, which holds and licenses the trademark rights. It could be the last valuable deposit in this drama.

8 thoughts on "Spyker - the creeping end of the Saab savior"

  • Herbert Hürsch, then you would have to count the SAAB'S sold under VM.

  • @ Mr. Nordmann,

    that's not true. What about the 9-3 from NEVS?
    However, VM actually has the edge and built more cars than NEVS if you count all Saab of the VM era.

  • After all, 250 vehicles that are more than NEVS ...

  • I have 2 of the 250 ...

    actually seen in the wild. Both in Berlin, one of them on the P in front of a hardware store, which allowed a detailed tour.

    In defense of Spykers and VMs, one could argue that the many superfluous details on the real object as a whole are largely lost. In nature, they are less disturbing than in (detail) photos. That doesn't make them less redundant.

    It hits more accessories than a car. Target group bling-bling group. Strictly speaking, a Spyker is an Antisaab.

  • I don't know if I think the cars are beautiful or less beautiful. That is definitely in the eye of the beholder. But I had always believed that Muller Saab understood. But what I don't like as an entrepreneur are these nested companies and companies that think they can find their salvation in the veil.

  • ... I always found the car somehow "ugly" -
    ... other brands seemed a bit more appealing to me.

    Perhaps some of the pot buyers saw it partly similarly ...…

  • 250 existing vehicles worldwide ?? And who wanted / should "save" Saab with such expertise in vehicle construction and service? How could anyone ever believe that? Just crazy! (Or was there a lot more in 2010 and now all of them are scrapped? Wouldn't it be better!)

    • Other times back then. Spyker had its own Formula 2006 team at the start in 7 and 1. A lot seemed possible there.


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