Cars in stockpile and production of protective masks

Week 2 of exit restrictions. Cars are in a heap and protective masks are now being manufactured in the former Saab plant. Involuntarily reminds me of war economy - and it is. Europe is determined to fight an invisible enemy. Hard times, and those who are on the road these days are experiencing a sad country. It is empty on streets and squares and the silence is unreal.

Ex-company car of the VW group in stockpile. Not just due to the Corona crisis.
Ex-company car of the VW group in stockpile. Not just due to the Corona crisis.

People with face masks are encountering more and more. The wearing of masks in public is slowly becoming established. Corona has consequences for everyone, you just have to look

The auto industry was hit hard by Covid-19. I don't have to go far to see the effects. In the next district there is a small provincial train station. Repelled by private investors long ago by Deutsche Bahn, a little run down, as less important train stations in this incredibly rich country are unfortunately often. If the climate-neutral future is to be found in public transport, then this station gives those responsible a lot of room for improvement.

It currently looks less like rail traffic on the site and more like the Volkswagen Group. Mainly cars from Audi, but also from Skoda and Volkswagen, are parked in long rows. There are former company cars, only a few months old, that a local company markets. Successful in recent years, on an ever larger scale. An estimated 1.000 vehicles are in stock in normal times and are actually a safe and profitable bet. There are enough buyers who see their dreams come true in an almost new Audi.

Respirators from the Saab plant

In the meantime, the market has completely collapsed. Car dealerships have closed their salesrooms, registration offices are restricted. In the meantime, the supply continues to roll, initially unchecked. Because the manufacturers themselves have full stockpiles, and what can go away is removed. Accordingly, the space available from trading partners is no longer sufficient; they have to rent more floor space.

But not everything is corona. The first rows of Audis were already set up in January. The auto industry had been strangled by the crisis before, but not so clearly.

NEVS hands over respirators to local authorities
NEVS hands over respirators to local authorities. Picture: NEVS

The corona crisis is global and does not stop at Sweden. You are still relaxed there, maybe a little too much. After all, after this weekend you will end the ski season in the north and turn off the lifts. A few days ago, people wanted to stick to the traditional end after Easter.

Respiratory masks are now manufactured in the former Saab plant - as Volvo Cars and AB Volvo already do. The 3D printers in the Concept and Prototype Construction department are now producing protective materials for the local healthcare system. The first masks were delivered this week. Previously you had the local Hospital Hand over 360 protective masks from the existing inventory. A further 2.500 protective masks were brought to Trollhättan by Evergrande and are to be passed on to the hospital the next week.

Saab driver for social department store Grenzlos eV

Just as NEVS helps in Sweden, Saab drivers are for that Social department store Grenzlos eV there. The readers have already donated over € 600,00. We are busy sending Saab stickers, and on Monday the first transfer will go to the social department store account.

Now it is important not to let up! € 6,00 is not a large sum, many readers put a few euros on it. The crisis will continue, and Grenzlos eV will surely need every cent. And should the stickers become scarce, we will reorder.

We at the blog are proud of our readers and of being able to achieve something together in difficult times. That motivates us!

Thank you!

And don't forget: #stays at home.

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  • I already thought that they are now also producing masks. I hope for the Swedes that the path they have chosen will work and they will not regret it.

  • S is relatively sparsely populated, home office is old hat and the internet is good.

    I think (@ Ken-Daniel S) that the relative serenity of the Swedes has a hand. In D we would probably have to take even more draconian measures to reduce our risk to Swedish.

    Taxes and social security contributions have always been so. Again and again S is haunted by the German media as a negative example (for example for income tax and VAT) and stumbles across political tongues.

    It is regularly forgotten that social benefits in S are tax-financed and that the burden on citizens is not higher, but generally lower than in D.

    Nothing against you and your good wishes to the Swedes, but I'm afraid that it's viral as well as social and fiscal reversed. We need pity. Alone for our Internet ...

  • Laughing through tears ...

    Nevs is finally producing something

    (Last production 2012-2013?)

    Nevs will beat its previous numbers as far as production is concerned ...

    Eh Tough times. Health for all


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