Saab 9-3 BioPower - dream car receives rust prevention

I've been very Swedish-loving since I was a child - especially after watching a report on GDR television about the vastness of the Nordic country and my uncle's old, dark red SAAB 99 in the barn (and that in the former GDR) ).

Saab 9-3 BioPower. Built in 2008, a few kilometers
Saab 9-3 BioPower. Built in 2008, a few kilometers

It took a long time, but in October 2019 I bought a SAAB 9-3 II 1.8t BioPower, because my Rüsselsheimer undercarriage suddenly stopped working with an engine failure that appeared to appear out of nowhere.
I found what I wanted today, how could it be otherwise, the Internet.

Model year 2008, 119.000 km run, laser red, two previous owners, a little deeper and wider and in excellent condition should be the object of desire. The 9-3 II was advertised in the Munich area for a few weeks and I mentally crept around the ad permanently. When the price dropped to an appealing level one evening, I made up my mind the next morning to visit the Swedes.

And what should I say? It was love at first sight! The subtle lowering and widening of the lane matched the sporty, timeless look and the bright red laser like the beige interior and the black deer steering wheel. I prayed to all the gods I knew that the technology would be in no way inferior to the very well-kept look - and it did! So then nails were made with heads, the purchase contract was signed and an endless week later, with a license plate in their luggage, the baby, including palpitations like in my best teenage years, was picked up.

Dream car gets rust prevention

Now there was a car in my garage that I had been waiting for unconsciously since childhood. The question of the future now arose and it quickly became clear: Cavity preservation and underbody sealing were necessary!

Rust protection for the Swedes is available from Muckelbauer in Bamberg
Rust protection for the Swedes is available from Muckelbauer in Bamberg

Although I have a SAAB workshop in Regensburg, it does not offer the desired service and would refer to a local company - but what about experience with Swedish steel? I have been following the blog for some time and therefore your contributions to rust prevention on various SAAB models have not been hidden from me.

Because of Tom's very positive experiences, I have contact with Car dealership Muckelbauer received in Bamberg and received my mails promptly and very kindly from Ralf Muckelbauer. For the time being, an appointment was made to inspect the vehicle in order to take a rough inventory and to discuss the exact procedure. What came out? In addition to worn spring mounts on the rear axle, an apparently very good substance (at least what could be seen without removing wheel arch liners and the like). So an appointment was made to bring my laser red beauty to Bamberg.

After a week without a car, I was able to pick up my baby again on a Friday - just in time for the shutdown that came into effect one day later due to the Corona virus. Lucky! I was greeted warmly again this time, even though the current situation and the additional hygiene measures taken meant that the contact had to be more distant than usual.

Even after removing wheel arch liners, etc., no further rust appeared during the upcoming work, apart from two small surface rust spots - and these were quickly removed. The preservation work could therefore be carried out without any problems or further delays and the period of one week mentioned during the first vehicle inspection could be kept exactly.

Good care pays off!

When returning the vehicle, Mr. Muckelbauer also assumes that my 9-3 II is also in very good optical condition, not just technically. The little child in me was very happy again and gladly accepted the compliment. The 15.000 km that my darling spooled from the parent plant in Trollhättan before it found its way to Germany had left no traces and the good care of the previous owner kept the great condition. Many thanks to the two unknowns, I will continue their first-class attention and proudly move another piece of Swedish quality work on our streets!

Thanks to competent provision in Bamberg, the next few years can be tackled relatively relaxed ...

Thank you for the good tip with the Car dealership Muckelbauer! Friendly, competent people and my laser red baby has another great option for optimal care for a long and happy car life!

Text and images: Alexander Tilz

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  • Neither conversion nor registration are necessary. Everything fits directly and with the ABE in the car, the race management and TÜV / DEKRA / GTÜ / KÜS cannot harm you. (-:

  • Hi Alex,

    thanks for the quick reply.
    Conversion work was not necessary for this?
    Did something have to be entered?


  • Hello Saabine, the wheel spacers are from H&R.
    If I am not mistaken, it is 30mm (front) or 40mm (rear) per axle.

    And my laser-red beauty definitely benefits from it, so clear recommendation from me! (-:

    Thanks and regards

  • We drive a 2009 convertible and I also tend to discreetly widen the track.
    Which make was installed in which width?
    Thank you very much

  • Hi Alexander,
    Thank you for participating in this beautiful SAAB limousine!
    Such an optical bargain in these times ... Congratulations!
    Provision has now been made for long-term joy. Hence, continued good emotional SAAB use and accident-free journeys!

  • Great color - and also very nice, matching rims, I think. Last year I bought the same used from another Saab fan as a winter rim for my midnight blue SportCombi beauty “Cassiopria”. Looks great, just like the Alu43 summer rims that I've kept from my second convertible since 2007. It's all a matter of taste, of course, and tastes are very different when it comes to rims, but I also find 16-inchers optically very appropriate (not to mention driving comfort) - and I personally only use rims with the most “classic” spoke design possible. That's why I got hold of the 17-inch Alu66 for my convertible “Black Beauty” - beautiful, but unfortunately sold out!

    Everyone continues to have fun caring for and prettifying their treasures! 🙂

  • Thank you, Tom, for the blog post, even though my (ultimately escalating) text was basically just a thank you for the tip and feedback. (-:

    I enjoy my 9-3 II in almost every detail every time I see it, accordingly it is treated well and will certainly stay with me for many years!

    The exact location is Tegernheim, directly on the east of Regensburg. I would be happy to meet you with your gray eminence.

    Until ...

  • Yes, I am looking forward to seeing the jewel in the Regensburg area !!
    I will have to give my 2009 gray Eminence a rust prevention soon. Unfortunately, the ravages of time are also gnawing at Swedish cultural assets ...
    Greetings from near Regensburg!

  • Thanks for the reading material.

    He looks damn good. The subtle modifications look great on him. The taillights are among the most beautiful anyway ...

    I miss Saab. Despite the affluent society. Or exactly because of that?

    In any case, I find a lot of superfluous things on other cars. Up to four tailpipes, huge grills, beads, edges and flourishes in the rear lights. Awful!

  • The first moment I read the headline and saw the red car, I thought I could have written it because we also have a red 9-3 biopower.
    Have fun and always a good trip with the 9-3

  • I just had to smile. “... including palpitations & tea times”. I can understand it well, because it shows that it is not just a means of transport. That would just be bought and picked up. Have fun with the 9-3, which will bring a lot of color into the gray, black and white automotive world for a long time to come.


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