Comfort flashing = safety - can be retrofitted to Saab 9-3 and 9-5

Saab hasn't built cars for years. Model maintenance in the broadest sense takes place again and again. The latest example is the comfort flashing for 9-3 OG and Saab 9-5 OG. The desire to keep the vehicles on the road for as long as possible is certainly part of the motivation.

Have fun with the car and lived sustainability another one. Comfort flashing also makes old cars safer and is more than just a technical feature.

Comfort flashing has been standard on new cars for years. Briefly press the flashing lever, a triple signal to change lanes or directions is given automatically. After switching from a rental or company car, you miss this feature that you quickly get used to.

Comfort flashing for the 9-3 floor and 9-5 floor
Comfort flashing for the 9-3 floor and 9-5 floor

Flashing comfort = safety

Comfort flashing is more than just a modern gimmick for new cars. Convenient, automated triple flashing makes the lane change clearly visible to all other road users and is better than a hasty, single flashing signal.

At Saab Service Frankfurt, it was obviously similar. The Saab specialist developed a retrofit solution that enables convenient flashing for the first generation of the Saab 9-3 and 9-5 without additional hardware.

The turn signal lever cannot do a soft touch - it still works without problems
The turn signal lever cannot be soft-touched - it still works without any problems

Convenient flashing without soft touch

We have already been able to try out the new feature for readers. Convenience flashing was retrofitted to our 9 Saab 3-2000 Aero. How well does it work? I still have an unfamiliar feeling for the first few meters. 20 years ago, nobody at Saab thought about convenient, automated triple flashing. The turn signal lever is of course not designed for the "soft-touch" feature, as is the case with new cars.

He is a lever, in the truest sense of the word. Then there is the force of habit when driving an older vehicle. Traditionally, you'd want to snap the turn signal into place the way you've been doing it for 20 years.

After a few kilometers and half an hour of driving, everything is forgotten. The lever can suddenly "Soft-Touch', and by the next day at the latest, it's as if it had never been otherwise. A bit of psychology is of course involved, because now the 20-year-old Saab feels a little more youthful.

You don't want to miss the comfort flashing anymore, quite the opposite!

The retrofit solution from Saab Service Frankfurt works great and has one major advantage over other solutions. It is based on the original hardware and software. No circuit boards or components from third-party suppliers are required, nothing is changed in the on-board electronics.

An absolute plus point, especially for old cars.

The price for the upgrade is about €120,00, including the working time of about 30 minutes. Comfort flashing is now available for the first 9-3 and 9-5 generations, and is in preparation for the Saab 900 II. An appointment is required for the retrofit.

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  • See Herbert, we are working in a totally coordinated and synchronized manner again: Last night at 19:15 p.m., I wisely filled 60 liters of 95 octane into the tank, but the price is a bit higher for us because it is heavily taxed. Our price was CHF 1,355 and is the lowest I've seen here for a while. With the OPEC agreement, the price level should rise soon. On March 26.3th I was in Frankfurt, filled up there before the return trip and saw your low price level.
    So normally you should really FLASH and HORN when you are happy.
    May our Saab's give us a lot of pleasure for a long time.
    PS the 3.0 Saab 9-4X from Switzerland is cheap with only 15 km, but oversized for me and I don't feel like driving around with a consumption of 000 liters. At the moment when I bought my current car, I was also interested in a 12-9 Eco-Power, which I drove for a week and also had a consumption of 5 liters, which I did without and bought the current one, which runs on 12 liters.
    All the best and best regards Ulrich

  • blank


    Happy holidays and a safe journey at all times. A little tip: fill up.

    I just saw Super Plus for 1,19 and I forgot to blink out of sheer joy ...

  • blank

    Thank you very much, I am happy that peace and tranquility will return. Unfortunately, due to my many years of driving experience, I am one of the blinkers who only blink when it is absolutely necessary and safety-relevant in dense multi-lane traffic or before overtaking maneuvers and really benefits other road users. I practically never blink in roundabouts, because there are far too many of them and there are always more, especially in France and England, but recently also with us, and there are often no other road users who could be of any use. And if it doesn't benefit anyone, even when overtaking on roads and highways, I don't blink.
    Please forgive me for this negligence, which should not be an incentive for others, because we are all asked to follow the applicable regulations and they are very clear and unambiguous on the subject of flashing and I do not question it.
    Precisely because I'm unfortunately lazy for blinking, the never-ending dialogue about blinking annoyed me and I put on a first text, which I then threw away again because I anticipated that it might not be welcome and offend. Then we went on to flashing and so my comment came anyway, but it was more of a gimmick on the subject from my personal point of view, which I should actually keep to myself, since it violates the applicable regulations, of which I am aware .
    I wanted to say that so that you can better understand the motives for my writing.
    I wish you a very happy and reflective Easter holiday in the wonderful weather. All the best and warm regards.

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    No discussion topic

    Well then it's all right. Her older comments read differently - as if one should question the blinking and do not have to practice it.

    So we agree that you blink. And that many unfortunately fail to do so, but this does not prevent us from identifying and using gaps in traffic.

    On this basis, I also like to smoke a peace pipe. But not in your beautiful car (congratulations) and not in mine. That would be a smelly sacrilege.

    We could have had it easier.
    Sunny greetings

  • I think in this exchange of views you need a little bit of tolerance and understanding that you can experience the blinking in a roundabout differently. If you find that a personal affront and therefore think that you have to shoot back a little unfairly from all the tubes, then I'm sorry. I only feed in my driving experience, which I do not want to overestimate and even less to place above the traffic regulations, which clearly says where, when and why it should be blinking, so this is not a topic of discussion and must not be questioned . I therefore do not say that the turn signals are overrated and have no sense and purpose, nor would I find blinking drivers unworthy. These are your words, not mine, please calm down. Why do you have to feel like you stuck into a wasp nest just because you express your opinion? After all, my active car is a Saab 9-5 2.3T Griffin SC that I've been driving for 10 years and is an absolutely wonderful vehicle that tops my 50-year-old Saab loyalty. With greetings.

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    Peace pipe

    For my sake. But based on what agreement and decision?

    There is a very, very broad field between absolute driving ineptitude and a high level of comprehension coupled with quick reactions ...

    There are also vehicles with different braking distances and acceleration capabilities. About trucks. It is impossible to shave all of this together.

    It's nice for you if your current reality of life happens to represent the optimum. Plenty of experience, fit like a sneaker and master of a driving car.

    What I don't understand at all is, where should the problem be then, to blink for others?

    For example for a combine harvester or a novice driver in an overloaded small car ...

    You would definitely have the necessary capacity. The blinker may be overrated, but it still makes sense and is not too much to ask. Therefore, I personally do not like smoking a peace pipe with road users who do not find others worthy of a set turn signal.

  • the third most recent comment is neither serious nor ironic, but simply realistic, corresponds to my very long driving experience and which has always proven itself so far. Logically, the blinking has nothing to do with its own advantage, but rather wants to give other road users a preview of upcoming maneuvers. That is as clear as day and needs no further justification. There is also no one, not even the third youngest commentator (who is unfortunately the oldest among the participating commentators), who would not understand this or would be dumbfounded and even less ignorant or dangerous. I don't know what would be deliberately ignorant or dangerous about my driving experience. On the contrary, it does not comply with the regulations, but offers 150% security, is very reactive and in the worst case lags maybe half a second behind the flashing notification. However, there are many older drivers over 65 who need 5 - 10 seconds before they have recognized the traffic situation, especially in the roundabouts (there is no point in blinking), and that is really more dangerous. The best example is my 75-year-old neighbor, who is still driving, but has obviously become unfit to drive, as I discovered her behavior at a roundabout a few weeks ago. So let's smoke the Saab peace pipe and calm down.

  • blank

    Delicious comments.

    The discussion just keeps getting better. As so often, the Lizi (forbidden in prison) puts a smile on my face and Ebasil also ensures cheerfulness (the illusion of no other problems) ...

    Thanks to both of you. The 2 most recent comments are also my happy favorites on the topic.

    With Ulrich (the third most recent comment), I don't know what is meant seriously or ironically? I'm not going through ...

    In any case, the blinking according to StVO has nothing to do with your own advantage. It is not a matter of asserting yourself, but of enabling the other road users to reliably and bindingly anticipate upcoming maneuvers.

    Those who do not understand this are at best confused. Otherwise, deliberately ignorant and dangerous.

  • blank

    Hello Hans. I have the feeling that the use of the blinker is forbidden in Spain under threat of imprisonment….


    The Lizi

  • Isn't this discussion with Verve about blinking just wonderful? In any case, I really enjoy this wonderfully normal German rea discussion in these surreal times! It gives you the illusion for a period of time that we would otherwise have no problems ... 😉

  • Wonderful these highlights of flashing in a spinning top that I never bother about. I watch and act. When someone drives out, I drive in instead and the move is done. From my perspective, the difference between a blinking exit or observing the exit can hardly be more than half a second. You can see from the direction of travel of the outgoing vehicle plus its wheel position whether it is extending or continuing. And then you take your place, immediately while it's still driving out. This guarantees 100% safety for the driver and I have never had any problems with it for 60 years (50 of which with Saab). For me, observing and acting in accordance with traffic is more important than blinking. Even if the theory and the law see it differently.

  • blank

    @ Ebasli

    When I blinked in the roundabout, I meant that the LEFT indicator should be set immediately after entering the circle and thus signaled to the waiting person in the next entrance. that you only want to leave the circle later, for example at the next but one exit - then of course by setting the right indicator.

    Even if it contradicts the German traffic rules, I try to comply with this, as I have seen very often in France - and hopefully can experience it again soon after the restrictions.

    So please take care of all of you, stay healthy !!!

  • That's exactly what I meant yesterday, of course my two 9-3 series don't have any comfort indicators, but I always use the tap with which the duration can be individually controlled, which I find much more sensible (and what Herbert Hürsch described yesterday) . Nevertheless, of course a nice development from Saab Frankfurt.

    In the roundabout you should only blink when driving out (important!), But not when driving in (is superfluous anyway): With small roundabouts and when the turn signals are engaged, this means that the car will continue to flash for a while after turning is interpreted by those waiting at the next exit in such a way that the car wants to leave the roundabout in front of them, so that the waiting person can pull in. Dangerous - I've seen it before!

  • blank

    Another point why I have never missed this comfort flashing or even found it annoying:

    As Herbert Hürsch has already described, you only need to move the turn signal lever slightly up or down (without snapping it into place) and you can use it to determine how long you want to flash.

    I find it annoying with this convenience flashing, for example, if you want to enable a truck to overtake on the motorway and it has already set the indicator itself and shows it with a single flashing signal that it can pull out - much better than this annoying in this situation, To have to endure automatic 3-fold flashing (in the past there was the slogan “Hello partner - thank you”, today hardly practiced anymore ...). You just have to have driven a 38-ton truck yourself to get to know the needs of slower road users (I was allowed to do this many, many years ago as a holiday job with a friendly haulage company).

    What bothers me in Germany in particular is, in addition to not flashing when turning the right of way, also not flashing within the roundabout, as is very often the case in France. So there are two flashes (even without comfort indicators), in the roundabout and when exiting the roundabout. We don't even handle this when we drive out.

    Another annoying point: if you have made a mistake when it shows the direction of the flashing, it stubbornly flashes three times in front of you. With the then Vectra III this was particularly annoying, because if you wanted to correct this mistake, it flashed three times in the other direction. The indicator lever also remained stubbornly in its horizontal position.

    But who likes it. Still great from the Saab service Ratzmann!

  • Sounds pretty good and shows that sprinting into the gap is the safest solution. We say that you also practice zips, which always works here. Flashing or not. Watching and acting is popular by counting on the consideration of others. This is more important than blinking, which is not practiced by everyone.

  • blank

    Kinking right of way ...

    is my personal blinking muffle highlight. Not far from where I live (cold engine) I have to thread myself there every day. Just stupid that hardly anyone flashes and I never know who is following the right of way or straight ahead.
    I have to let go of many a possibility.
    It makes sense that at some point you sprint into the smallest of gaps, annoyed. So the day begins “well” with curses and curses.

  • @Ebasil, let's put it this way, it's a little better in Switzerland, especially at the roundabout. Since many have already recognized that this benefits liquid traffic. And a non-blinking in Switzerland quickly costs 100 or more francs, and is often checked at gyroscopes. I should be fine, I really always blink.
    Also in Germany 😉

  • It's a good thing that there are still committed people who continue to dedicate themselves to a unfortunately extinct vehicle brand and continue to bring features to the start! (-:

    I've only had comfort flashing since I got my great 9-3 II. Before I didn't miss it, now I don't want to miss it (on this vehicle). It's not a must, but nice to have.
    (In my 9-3 II MY08 I use the eSID2 and have set the convenience flashing to 5x - it suits me perfectly!)

  • blank

    @ Paul Tappert: Yes, I would also like to know that from the Kiel area. Driving to Frankfurt is a bit too far 🙂

  • blank

    When I use my SAAB 9-3 Mj. 2000 (and that was the same with my previous 9-3 Mj. 2002) tap once, the indicator flashes exactly as long as I tap - it does NOT flash three times. That is exactly the point of the convenience flashing and I miss that too and I am happy that it is now available. Hopefully soon in Kiel too. 🙂

  • blank

    The discussion about blinking ...

    Including thumb down starts almost as hot as the speed limit.
    "But why should you?"
    (Troll quote from Ronja the Robber's Daughter)

    Of course, the comfort flashing is a nice to have and not a must have. Otherwise, many of us would not have the cars they just have.

    Here's a little tip for locking and unlocking the turn signal lever:
    You can also give 3, 4 or any number of characters without comfort flashing by holding the lever gently and gently at the first pressure point during a lane change.
    This saves the driver having to reset himself and the component mechanical stress. Please only click into place if it is actually turned and the automatic reset takes effect. Otherwise you will shorten the service life of your turn signal lever significantly ...

    As a rule, at some point they refuse to engage at all if they are switched off too often by hand and against their automatic reset. Then there is no more TÜV if no spare part is available.

    You can turn and turn as you like, Frankfurt's innovation and initiative are top quality. The general availability would be even better throughout Germany and globally for all Saab drivers.

  • Ulrich

    In any case, I see various cars every day that should also see me the other way around, and do not blink, even though they should: abruptly pulling over onto the other lane, stopping abruptly on the road without blinking to the right (it only stops because it looks chic darkened windows is a traffic obstacle or does he want to take a break on his own initiative?), no blinking when leaving the roundabout etc. These are real safety risks, precisely because these people obviously do not observe the traffic around them, dream about it and then suddenly force other traffic participants to make emergency stops.

    My humble opinion: If you do not even think about whether you are alone and whether the "enormous effort" of blinking is necessary, but intuitively always blink (however you put the seat belt on, even on a dirt road), you will forget it also never.

    For convenience flashing: three times is often not enough, as one reader wrote above. And tapping it without engaging leads to the same result and effort, at least in the case of middle-aged cars, only that you can blink longer - and should, if necessary.

    Still a nice and commendable action from Frankfurt!

  • blank

    So comfort flashing is something I don't miss at all. When I drive in a modern car, I give the turn signal there so that it snaps into place and I also do that in the Saabs. With the rain sensor, I would like a better sensor, or in addition to the sensor, a manual change in intensity. The sensor often does what it wants, sometimes it wipes too much and then it wipes too little again. Instead of comfort indicators, I would rather have good parking sensors in the front. Does anyone know what is good and handsome?

  • blank

    Know the system from our company cars (Volvo's) and find it practical when you have got used to it.
    But unfortunately a journey from Bern to Frankfurt is a little far for half an hour's work. In addition, I would have to drive twice. (9-5 / 902) It is to be hoped that this will not remain a comfort solution for the Frankfurt area and that others may also participate in this great innovation.

  • I always find it amazing what is still being developed for the Saab fans and their treasures. Great!

  • more important than blinking is LOOKING and CONTROL what is happening behind and next to you, because you are blinking so that you can see behind and next to what you are up to. but if there is nobody behind and next to me that I could interfere with my maneuver, then I don’t blink either. What for? Who for? The blinking must be of use to someone so that I blink, if it is not useful to anyone, then I do not blink. Don't know if that's useful as an explanation. Anyway, that's enough for me. So I don't really care about comfort flashing.

  • blank

    Great voluntary spirit of innovation! Great!
    Fits many good ideas in the present time. Thumbs up.
    And off to the sun!

  • blank

    Unfortunately, that's exactly the point. For those who are intellectually overwhelmed with flashing, “comfort flashing” does not help either. What is the problem with simply tapping the indicator or locking it into place? In many situations, blinking three times is not enough.

  • blank

    @ Ebasil,

    if your Saab automatically flashes several times when you tap it, then the convenience flashing ...

    If you don't miss it, maybe it's because you have it?
    Anyway, Hollywood even devoted an entire movie to the wiper interval. Or rather, the inventor cheated by Ford.

    I think both comfort features are comparable in their meaning. Changing lanes with a light drizzle without interval and without comfort flashing with old cars are almost in the works ...

    Great commitment from the people of Frankfurt. Would be great if they would license the programming.

  • Hans S .:

    Exactly - that's how it has become with the blinking in D in recent years, unfortunately! Is it different in other countries?


    A completely different question: Compared to other car dealerships whose new car business is currently completely idle, our Saab workshops, which probably only make a small share of their sales with used car sales, would have to do relatively well in the crisis, right? Does the blog know anything about it?

    Or to put it another way: Should we prefer service, larger orders or installations that we only planned to take two months to support our friendly staff? Or do they have their hands full anyway, everything is more complicated due to hygiene issues, staff in quarantine, etc., and you are happy if you are able to complete the pending orders under these conditions?

    Does the blog know what it has or does it have a recommendation?

    • The situation is difficult in our federal system. The reason why there is nothing to read on the subject here.

      Example 1: Bamberg works, but is not allowed to do things like changing to summer tires. The Bavarian rule is very strict here.

      Example 2: Frankfurt works and is basically allowed to do all work according to the current status.

      At the same time, the nationwide call #StayAtHome applies

      Of course, time is difficult for all workshops and everyone will have to suffer a few sales losses. My opinion would be, after lifting the initial restrictions, to deliberately let the work due to Saab-related companies and not to the big chains. A lot would have been gained.

    • There is a current addendum from Bavaria on this topic. Switching to summer bikes has been allowed since today, and minimum clearances must also be observed when visiting the workshop.

  • blank

    I don't know, I've been living in Germany for two years now and I keep thinking, why are the cars for D equipped with indicators at all? Almost nobody really blinks, especially not in the roundabout.

  • Great and not at all a matter of course that in these times we are entertained daily (!) By the blog with distracting, stimulating, cheering up and simply interesting articles! A big thank you! 🙂

    The point of the convenience flashing does not make sense to me - maybe I just don't know or understand it. After all, I only drive my two Saab 9-3 II and III (MY 2011 and 2012). They don't have that either, do they? But when changing lanes you only have to tap it briefly and the Saab flashes several times. I only “lock” when I actually turn, at traffic lights, etc. And I always blink! In contrast to all the (partly luxury) new cars, which apparently have no indicators installed as standard. ;-(

    Nevertheless, it is of course always nice when dedicated Saab workshops develop something on their own initiative that can be technically supplemented with our treasures and is simply fun. This is impressive, very welcome and great class!

  • blank

    … .. or also in Hamburg?

  • blank

    Thank you and very nice idea and innovation from Saab Frankfurt! Is it known whether this will also be available for other Saab workshops at some point on the basis of a license?

    • It is not yet clear whether Saab Service Frankfurt will realize sales together with other workshops. In Corona times everything is a little slower. The blog will definitely stay tuned and informed.

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