Exciting question. Does Hengchi 1 come with Saab genes?

Chinese media have published patent drawings to show Hengchi 1. The newly developed vehicle from NEVS - Evergrande is to be shown this year and built in 2021. Maybe also in the former Saab factory in Trollhättan. He is accused of Saab Gene. Media see bonds on the Saab 9-4x and 9-3x. Is there anything there?

Patent drawings from China show Hengchi 1
Patent drawings from China show Hengchi 1

Finding information is not easy. The coronavirus changes everything. The list of things that could not happen is growing. Allegedly there should have been a study at the Geneva Motor Show. At the end of April, at the Beijing Auto Show, then the model for the series. Geneva was completely canceled, the new date for Beijing is now at the end of September. Everything is shifting now, hoping for better times and normalcy. Schedules can no longer be kept. Hengchi 1, the first of 15 new models planned by Evergrande, could also suffer.

The design of Hengchi 1 comes from Sweden

The patent drawings common in China show a medium-sized SUV. No surprise, ours Information were appropriate. The SUV is purely electric; according to Chinese media, next-generation batteries such as the Koenigsegg are to be used as energy storage a Gemer used. There are no details yet.

And in general, Koenigsegg and Sweden seem to play a more interesting role in development than we would have thought. Ängelholm is said to be closely involved in the development, and Koenigsegg engineers will later support the start of production in China. The real surprise is another.

The design of Hengchi 1 should come from Sweden and not from cooperation partner Pininfarina. In China, RAW design is mentioned as the origin. RAW Design is a 100% subsidiary of Koenigsegg AB, head of design Sasha Selipanov came from Bugatti in 2019. There he drew the Bugatti Chiron.

Several media see a certain relationship to the Saab 1-9x in the patent drawings of Hengchi 4. Parallels cannot be dismissed out of hand, even if the drawings leave plenty of room for interpretation. It is noticeable that the vehicle shown does not wear the current China fashion, as is often drawn at Pininfarina.

Design surprisingly European

The headlights take up a relatively large amount of space and are not LED slots as in many other new releases. The front is simple and calm. The design is of a European cut. If you are looking for parallels, you can actually interpret Saab DNA. On the C-pillar, especially at an angle from the side, a hockey stick can be recognized with imagination - the typical characteristic of many Trollhättan cars. The bonnet of 9-4x and Hengchi 1 also have parallels in detail, an LED light strip could be used at the rear.

It will be exciting for Saab fans to see the first pictures of Hengchi 1. Maybe the electric SUV holds what is currently hinted at. The interior design will also be of interest. Scandinavian puristic in the Saab style, or based on Chinese taste? In the current situation, it is difficult to say when the presentation will be. It will definitely be exciting. Not only because a new car brand with global ambitions takes the stage.

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    The exciting question for me is, will anything ever come to Europe? Probably not. The second question is whether a purely electrically powered car is practical and sensible at all ?!
    On the other hand, I think the role of Koenigsegg is good, I treat him and his company.

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    Looking for more information about NEVS 'L113, I found a presentation that NEVS apparently showed on a supplier day late last year:


    Page 34 is interesting, it shows in general which products should come. Unfortunately there is no timeline, but the L111 (sedan) and L113 (SUV) are named. With the indication that they should serve to establish the brand in China.

    What you show the suppliers does not have to be the whole company strategy, but basically it looks to me as if NEVS-Evergrande wants to start with relatively unspectacular vehicles mainly in China.

    If you want to refer to Swedish roots in advertising, it can of course make sense to offer the vehicles in Scandinavia so that Chinese tourists can also see them on their Scandinavian holiday and not have to wonder whether they are sold for stupid.

    The information about what should come as a potential volume or premium product to Europe when, should probably be a bit longer.

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    Exciting thoughts under an interesting article.

    First the car:
    In fact, many similarities to the 9-4X. Amazing.
    Obviously there is a steeper rear and the longer roof line. This promises a lot of space and is not a disadvantage.

    The big rest:
    Hopefully we learn from the current situation. D is a developing country when it comes to home office. There is a lot of family-friendly room for improvement. There are free positive effects for the environment and for equal opportunities for women and men.

    The big rest? Better not. I could continue to talk about possible effects but also opportunities and learning effects. Only so much: Interesting how the world turns anyway. In principle, everything that we aim for socially, economically and politically needs to be thoroughly examined. Really everything.

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    The longer I look at the drawing, the more I come to the conclusion that it is mixed from different models that we have seen from NEVS.

    The basic concept of the body seems to come from the L113 study, which probably already carries this hockey stick variant, as can be seen more clearly on the sedan:


    The side air intakes in the front bumper are reminiscent of the 9-3 X Concept as it was shown in Asia:


    The question arises, has only the design been adopted, or is the NEVS electric 9-3 II still under it? And if so, with which technical equipment?
    If there were wheel hub motors that NEVS had already tested in its electric 9-3, there would still be a unique selling point. If not, it somehow looks like old wine in new bottles.

    There is probably no other option than to wait until the model is presented ...

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    That would be a nice "In Memorial SAAB" ..., yes, if things continue as before after CORVID-19 ...
    How will consumers open their exchanges ???
    How will mobility develop with sooo much home office ???
    Will the shift to health remain sustainable or will the return to supposed happiness come from consumption ???
    Many questions in an open environment in the future ...
    For now, the article has been illuminatingly informative and positive.
    Thank you.

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      On top of all these questions comes the future economic development in China and especially Evergrande. Will the billions of dollars needed be available in the future? And how will electromobility develop in the years after COVID-19? Does the consumer invest the money to get started or is he unsure and prefers to build up reserves for future crises?

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    Well, that's interesting information again, thanks a lot Tom. You can be curious if it will become a reality. Happy Easter to everyone despite the circumstances.

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