Saab 9-3 Turbo X by DNA. Is it worth the money?

I am happy when a new Saab miniature appears on the market. The brand is the niche within the niche. And if someone deals with it today, that is to be welcomed. The Turbo X is one of the cars on an imaginary list that should be owned or driven. Not everyone succeeds in this, and its edition was limited ex works. It is possible that fans will put their dream car as a miniature in the showcase or on the desk.

The edition is strictly limited to 320 copies
The edition is strictly limited to 320 copies

DNA Collectibles made a Turbo X available for us to review. As always, we received the model car in high-quality packaging, and even removing it from its packaging is fun. The little child in the man is happy when the box is opened after a textile outer packaging and the Saab, screwed onto an acrylic plate, finally sees the light.

So much effort is required. Because DNA Collectibles plays in a high league with its limited editions. € 164,99 plus local VAT is due, which makes it difficult for some collectors. Is the investment worth it and is the Saab model worth the money? I answer the first point at the end of the article. Secondly, it takes a close look. Since I am very rooted in the Saab topic, I usually leave the first impressions to my family. A new model car is discreetly placed somewhere in the apartment. If there is spontaneous positive feedback, I know it's good. It works reliably and in every direction. A model that I really like failed mercilessly a few weeks ago. I kept it anyway.

The Saab 9-3 Turbo X won immediately from my merciless jury. It looks very good, is black, broad, strong. The paintwork is very similar to the jet black of the series, the mufflers, from which the original conjures up its cool sound, are well made. Spoiler, rims, radiator and rear. Everything is right. If there were an optional sound module, it would be unbearable. The interior is also very close to the original, the fittings and steering wheel correspond to what came off the production line in Sweden. The Turbo X is an eye catcher! Everything done right, one can say!

Details in the millimeter range

Of course, I think it's great when DNA pounces on the Saab issue. I hope for more miniatures, but that doesn't stop me from constructive criticism. After three days of Turbo X on my desk, I was of the opinion that a few details could have been improved. This would have turned a miniature, which I definitely think is a success, into something even sharper.

There is no lettering on the tires - a negligence that shouldn't be in this price range. The dimension and the manufacturer are not listed, and I suspect it is the 18 ″ standard tires. On the one hand, this should have been noticed, on the other hand, the optional 19 ″ size of the miniature would have been even better. If the rear side windows and the rear window had been tinted as they were from the factory, the model would have been perfect and very, very hot. Constructive criticism at a high level, which you definitely have to listen to if you want to play in a certain league in terms of price. Do I have another wish? Perhaps at DNA one should consider giving the Saab miniatures a Swedish license plate in the future.

On the other hand, there are the many successful details that play in the millimeter range. The Saab lettering on the cooler is just 2.5 millimeters tall. Estimated. It is so filigree that it is a pleasure to discover it. As well as all the other small labels that pick up the original. The strength of this miniature lies in such small things.

Limited and worth an investment

Is there still an open question whether the Saab 9-3 Turbo X from DNA Collectibles is a good investment? A German collector would have to pay around € 200,00 if he took the miniature in Online Store ordered. Quite a bit of money in a highly competitive market. The potential target group is no longer the youngest, the market stagnates more than it grows.

Against this background, the direction of DNA Collectibles is coherent. Editions are severely limited; there are only 320 pieces of the TX model worldwide. The number is always noted on the base plate. Manufacturers who have been on the market for a long time do the same. Their strictly limited miniatures are safe investment objects and already show a significant increase in value after a short time.

DNA Collectibles is not that far yet, the company is too young for this and is still working on its popularity. If it can establish itself on the market in the coming years, its strictly limited miniatures will take a path similar to that of the competition.

4 thoughts on "Saab 9-3 Turbo X by DNA. Is it worth the money?"

  • I gladly agree with that. Do not collect yourself, but the criticism, sugar Zucker

  • Well written and photographed as always.
    Even without a personal passion for collecting, these articles are always a little pleasure for me.

    Thank you.

  • The TX should have been lower; because even on the street he crouches deeper than the model shown.

  • No, the car is not good. But only because it doesn't exist as a station wagon. It would have been ordered directly, so that when the 1: 1 model is in the garage you can have a look at it in the office.

    A sound module? Can't imagine that this can even begin to reproduce the real sound. But maybe I'm just wrong.

    And yes, the models from DNA are definitely suitable for the frustration of not available vehicles such as the Aero X, 9-5 NG Kombi, because the large version is not available.


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