Saabfahrer für Grenzlos eV We say thank you!

The action came spontaneously and was due to the circumstances. Provide some help where it is needed. Do not withdraw in difficult times, but take responsibility. The appeal from Grenzlos eV came at the right time. The social department store needs money to buy groceries. The Saab drivers help.

The new Saabblog stickers

We were overwhelmed by the helpfulness of our readers. Quickly € 600,00 was in the account, two days later it was more than € 800,00. Not everyone only gave the desired € 6,00 for the blog sticker. Quite a few still packed one or the other € on it. And some readers were really generous. Our thanks go to everyone! Also because we know times are not easy for anyone.

We transferred € 900,00 to the PayPal account of Grenzlos eV yesterday. The letters with the stickers have been traveling the day before yesterday. Unfortunately, we did not receive an email or postal address from individual donors when making transfers. We can therefore not contact you. If you donated by bank transfer and do not receive any post from the blog, please check your data again and contact us!

Saab driver for Grenzlos eV € 900 for the social department store.
Saab driver for Grenzlos eV € 900 for the social department store.

Moral help, not only for Grenzlos eV

The Action is a big win, not only for the social department store Grenzenlos. With the outbreak of the corona pandemic in Germany, the question arose for a few days whether the blog had a right to exist. The topics regarding what is currently happening and what is still to come seemed too banal to me. Saving and maintaining some normalcy is certainly important. But also appropriate?

Of course, writing mainly about old cars seems really banal right now. But readers have shown that not only do they enjoy reading about it, but that you are also very helpful. Not only do they consume, they give something to people who are in less fortunate circumstances. You have a big heart and are open to suggestions. They also provide moral support for me and the blog team. Thanks for that!

3 thoughts on "Saabfahrer für Grenzlos eV We say thank you!"

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    Mine are also there and will be gradually distributed ...
    Good Easter days, despite / with pandemic effects.
    Health for all readers!

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    Thanks for the initiative and for the stickers, you have already arrived

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    But you were also really quick with the shipping of the stickers, arrived yesterday.
    Many thanks for that, but above all respect for the really good action.

    I wish everyone a nice Easter
    and remains disciplined….

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