Cancellation for the 5th Hamburg Saab meeting

Dear Saab friends! The Hamburg Saab meeting Unfortunately, due to the corona situation, the classic petrol station, which we had planned for May 2nd, will be canceled on the date. Actually a "luxury problem" when you think of all the health and economic suffering that the pandemic is causing in the world.

The 5th Hamburg Saab meeting does not take place
The 5th Hamburg Saab meeting does not take place

Nevertheless it is a shame that we cannot enjoy our beautiful Sweden classics together as planned. We hoped to the end that the meeting could take place. But the cancellation was ultimately unavoidable.

Of course we try to find an alternative date together with the Oldie-Tanke. We would of course communicate this in good time via the blog.

In this sense: stay healthy and alert so that we can all enjoy our freedom as soon as possible.

With warm regards and full of optimism, the whole organizing team of the Saab Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg remains

4 thoughts on "Cancellation for the 5th Hamburg Saab meeting"

  • Bielefeld…? Never heard.
    But I know the Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg. It really exists 😉

    Hello Ebasli!
    Thank you for your message!
    Yes, it is a real shame that this year's petrol station meeting cannot take place as planned. Nobody can say yet how the situation will develop. It is therefore difficult to find an alternative date. But we are working on it.
    Regarding our regulars' table: Of course we are always happy to welcome new people! We would be happy to add your email address to our mailing list. However, due to the situation, scheduling is currently also suspended here. We had to cancel the last round table due to Corona. As soon as a new appointment is available, we will announce it here in the appointment section. 🙂

  • Hello Olli, I would have been there for the first time this year - and as a Hamburg woman I was already looking forward or hoping to meet people from the “conspirative” 😉 Stammtisch Hamburg-Schleswig-Holstein there, which really does exist . If I were open to new interested parties, I would like to take part anyway (in normal times, even if we Hamburgers are allowed to cross the inner-German border to Schleswig-Holstein again) - only unfortunately the Hamburger / SH regulars' table is at the monthly appointments overview from Mark NEVER showed up here on the blog. And nothing else is up-to-date and generally accessible on the Internet. But unlike Bielefeld, of course, it really does exist ... 😉 How can you contact me?

  • Would have been happy to be there for the first time this year, but of course the right decision.

  • Too bad. For the first time this year, the meeting fit into the calendar and noted it down. - I already know the tank very well, but the SAAB density has always been too low ...


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