Dream car in Switzerland. Saab 9-4x in Mooreland bronze!

The Saab 9-4x story is extremely exciting. Only 673 units were built in Mexico in a short-term production. Not all came into customer hands. A large part disappeared into the vastness of the GM galaxy, which disposed of vehicles or released them internally for consumption. This further limited the stock. Therefore, there are almost inevitably many unique pieces and color combinations that only exist once or twice in the world. The 9-4x 3.0i, which is offered in Switzerland, is not quite as rare.

Swiss dream car, a Saab 9-4x
Swiss dream car, a Saab 9-4x

In fact, only two identical specimens are known to exist in the Confederation, which were short in 2014 sighted were, but then disappeared again. However, 65 of the tapes ran in this color and thus 10% of all 9-4x ever made. The provides a precise list of the vehicles built Production report by Michèl Annink.

A dream car with very few kilometers

Even several years after production ended, the 9-4x remains a dream car for fans. As almost always with the smallest editions, the price is stable. A safe investment and, in times of the SUV flood, an extremely individual vehicle in its class. Pleasant to drive, even today with a beautiful V6 engine. The offer from Switzerland is remarkable, as it only has 15.000 kilometers on the counter. Almost unbelievable by Saab standards, a kind of demonstration car that was produced back in 2011. The purchase price of 25.000 CHF is not too high for a 9-4x, but those interested in the European Union have to calculate with additional customs and VAT. The 3.0i base engine is completely sufficient and makes the Saab a pleasant travel companion.

Many wear parts are inexpensive to obtain, as the 9-4x base and production location shares with the Cadillac SRX. Specific parts are rare, if only because of the small numbers. This has been taken care of here for years Saab center in Kiel for supplies with Markus Lafrentz, and they do so with success.

Saab 9-4x, the second attempt

What many Saab fans do not know, the 9-4x is not the first of its kind. I am not writing here about the 9-7x, which is thought to be the first Saab SUV at all. But from the 9-4x there was a predecessor that also shared its platform and technology with the Cadillac SRX. Its 1st generation came on the market in 2003 and became one of the most popular SUVs in America. The second generation from 2010 continued its success and shared the tapes in the Mexican GM factory with its Swedish relatives for a few days.

Only the 9st generation 4-1x, developed under the Saab project code 265, has never been seen. It was withdrawn in 2002 shortly before the start of production by order of GM and disappeared forever.

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    I would suspect a connection between Project 265 and the Saab 9-7x. With the probably relatively expensive Cadillac platform and probably low forecasted quantities of the Saab variant, project controlling may not have seen a good profit margin, which should have looked better with a cheaper platform.

    When it became clear at some point that the Chevrolet Trailblazer brother Oldsmobile Bravada would be phased out due to the discontinuation of the Oldsmobile brand, the opportunity was given to switch Project 265 to a cheaper platform and to further utilize the existing Oldsmobile manufacturing capacities and thus save overall costs .

    You would have to ask GM if this was successful, but even they probably don't really know, because they can only compare forecasts with real numbers. These were perhaps the first retreat to avoid bankruptcy, but we definitely know that they have not been successful.

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    The 9K is getting a successor! Limo, hatchback, station wagon and coupe ... it is built with Koenigsegg in the Saab factory and SAAB AB approves the name for the project!
    Sorry Tom if I betrayed something, you had to get it out. 🙂

    Happy Easter to all of you ... Ciao Alex

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    In the early days of the SUV boom, the Saab 9-4x could really have caused a turnaround - it's a shame that this opportunity was denied it!

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    The last hint is indeed sad, but at GM it doesn't surprise me in any way. GM only owes it to its unbelievable size to still exist in the States. And certainly also the simple-thinking US customers. Are there any drawings of the "predecessor" that was never built?

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    Tom, it is exactly these reports that I love to support the blog every year. Comments on unknown / produced models (any chance to learn more?). Again a link beyond the blog outside the box to the Production Report.


    And yes, I successfully managed to get my 9-4X, AERO, XWD, fully equipped with everything that was available at that time and with 40TKm also with low mileage in the past year. That would have meant a crying and laughing eye. Now he is out of the sales idea and I have two smiling eyes and look forward to the next exit with a vehicle that appears very sporadically.

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      Project 265 has been terra igocnita for me so far. I don't dare promise what will come. But another secret and never realized Saab project, which I ran after without success for years, clears up. Swedish documents are on the desk, I'm busy translating. So it always goes on somehow, you just have to be persistent.

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    That's why I never get anything from the GM world into my house. I go on foot or take a bike.

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    The last paragraph is well suited to spoil my mood ...
    Thanks anyway for the lines on the unrealized.

    There is probably no second corporation in this industry that has treated its own brands as jealously, suspiciously and unfavorably as GM.

    Imagine that the VW group would deny Skoda and Seat certain models, platforms and engines, access to markets and financial resources, because otherwise there would be black figures, growth and profits. Unthinkable.

    GM has done this feat repeatedly with multiple brands. It's also a way of shrinking healthy ...
    Those who are small enough or even disappeared completely no longer have room for illness. May GM take this path consistently and quickly. I won't miss her.

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    It is described as XWD in the display.

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    Is a front wheel drive or?

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