Saab 9-3 Aero. The beauty and the rust.

The Saab 20-9 Aero has turned 3 this year. He has 12 exciting months behind him. Once he was even on the wrecker on road. Other things faded into the background over the excitement. The disciplines of rust and beauty, for example. We'll do that today.

Saab 9-3 Aero with rust and beauty issues
Saab 9-3 Aero with rust and beauty issues

A question of beauty

I am now well known at Saab Service Frankfurt. I like old cars, so far everything is fine, but they should look good too. Of course, there is always something to do with a 20-year-old vehicle, but I don't have the time. The Brakes The 9-3 Aero are new and have been upgraded to the standard of the larger 9-5. An action that is highly recommended. Because now the Saab is decelerating without the fear sweat on the forehead. New brakes, slightly rusty calipers and surrounding hardware. Is not at all, immediately catches the eye.

Saab Frankfurt sees it the same way and takes on the matter. Painted discreetly in gray, they now match the rest of the vehicle. At the same time, the antenna on the roof is being replaced. The shark fin is getting on in years. UV radiation and small rodents, coupled with environmental influences, perforated them. Down with it and new! The Saab looks much more neat.

The matter of rust is more serious than the question of beauty. Cars from the 90s like to rust, almost all manufacturers manufacture with overlapping body panels, which by nature offer attack surfaces. The whole thing is not tragic if you keep an eye on it. There is a need for action on the subfloor, planned for autumn this year.

Body sealant?

A ticking time bomb on all vehicles is the body sealant used. It contracts over the years and no longer does what it should. Instead of sealing, it allows moisture to penetrate freely. The result is rust in places that surprise. Every car has more or less the problem, but it only comes into play when the vehicle has long exceeded its guarantee period plus the planned service life. After 2 decades like this.

The use of body sealant varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Roughly speaking, the amount of mass used has something to do with the precision in body construction. The more precise, the less sealant is used. So far, a brand in the south of the republic pays homage to very precise, complex body construction. Another one, located somewhat south-west, deals with the stuff rather wastefully. Both play in the same market segment.

Saab body construction was the benchmark in the GM Group, and there are no particularly noticeable problems. Nevertheless, a look helps, for example under the bonnet. Mass has receded on the strut mount on the driver's side and cleared the way for moisture. In Frankfurt quick action is seen as fashionable before it becomes a problem. The 9-3 stays in Fechenheim for a few days, the areas in question are sanded down and re-sealed. This is calm for the next 2 decades. But only at this point.

So with the Saab 9-3 Aero everything is in the green. The opportunity to take care of the freestyle again. What has bothered me for the almost 8 years that the aero has been with me is the wood on the dashboard. Wall unit design is not possible, says a friend. And he's right. Time for a redesign of the interior in the next post.

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  • With these rims, the aero still looks so fresh, you hardly believe that the car is already 20 years old.

  • Thanks Tom, I'm starting the call

  • @Charkes, always spraying some perfume on the rubber parts, the martens don't like that at all. Not too much and cover the sheet metal parts, otherwise there will be a deposit that can only be removed with a polish.
    I also spray some perfume on the rubber parts in the engine. The cheapest from the discounter does it perfectly.

  • Very nice car. I think the Alu 36 fits best with the car. Of course, those who are on it are more individual.
    Is there actually a way to use the radio code if not known; to learn somewhere? My predecessor thought it was great to simply get the original radio out without separating it.

    • In summer, the ALU 36 are on it, which are now unreachably stored away in Bamberg. The wheel change will be a long time coming.

      The radios are from Clarion. Years ago Repair Center can help in Oberursel. I would invest a call.

  • Antenna renewal or shark fin, yes that is also up to me this year! I can't understand why the martens love to chew on it! 😉

  • .... with perfectly fitting rims.

  • Because of "KARRE", the expression stuck with me. When we had to refuel for the first time in the former GDR in 1986 on the way from the FRG via Eisenach and Erfurt to Berlin and were standing at the service station with a full tank and wanted to pay with our no longer entirely new Saab 9000 CS mother-of-pearl, one wished We have a good onward journey, but it couldn't get stuck to add “with this CARRE you're not doing any honor to socialism”, no kidding, word for word, that's always stuck with me ever since. We understood the statement a little better when we compared our honorable Saab KARRE with the Trabis all around and therefore almost had a guilty conscience when we continued our journey, because of course you really noticed it and was looked at incorrectly. So much for the current topic of beauty, there was no talk of rust back then and actually not until today.

  • Your "cart" is a calm, beautiful piece!

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