The Koenigsegg Gemera on the track. Picture gallery!

The new Gemera is the first super sports car from Koenigsegg that offers space for more than 2 people. Exciting high-tech from Sweden that is exclusive and has its price. After returning to Ängelholm, the Gemera should actually be on view in Geneva, photographer James Holm photographed it on the in-house track.

The Koenigsegg Gemera on the track
The Koenigsegg Gemera on the track

The Koenigsegg headquarters is in the immediate vicinity of Ängelholm-Vänersborg Airport. Ideal, because customers and interested parties can float in directly with their own jet. In the past, the base was divided into two parts, there was a military and a civilian part. The history of the military is now history, Christian von Koenigsegg acquired real estate from the former military base in 2003. Since 1945 it has been home to the 10th flotilla of the Royal Swedish Air Force.

Sports cars instead of military equipment

The reclassification to civil use was successfully carried out. Today there are only exclusive sports cars in the hangars and the runway and no military equipment. Where Saab fighter jets thundered into the sky to protect Swedish neutrality, Gemera and Jesko are hardly less slow to test at high speeds.

Or they pose civilly for a photo shoot. The photo car comes in a very Swedish design. Yellow and blue, the national colors, dominate the interior. Supplemented by the Swedish flag, which looks exciting and by no means embarrassing. Would that be conceivable in a German car with the national colors? Not necessarily.

Apart from that, every customer at Koenigsegg traditionally has the option of unlimited customization. Everything is a matter of taste and budget. Almost every Koenigesegg is an individual, unique piece that reflects the ideas of its owner.

Ready for take off? Gemera starts towards the evening sun.
Ready for take off? Gemera starts towards the evening sun.

Somehow, if you allow yourself some time to look at it, the Gemera seems less and less a car than an earthbound jet. The reduced cockpit, the bucket seats, the wing doors. And at some point you are sure. The glazed passenger compartment is actually an aircraft cockpit, and the Gemera poses in front of a historic hangar for a reason.

If Gemera is on the track in the direction of sunset, there are roaring exhaust pipes, at the latest you have clarity. It doesn't take much anymore and he could fly.

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