Saabblog license plate holder - new version!

All good things come in threes. After “Made in Trollhättan by Trolls” and the revised “Born from Jets”, there are now the Saabblog license plate holders - in a new design, adapted to our lettering on the blog. In this crazy world, is there still some room for a lousy hobby? We think so, and here is our latest post.

The new Saabblog license plate holders are here
The new Saabblog license plate holders are here

The last vehicles rolled off the assembly lines in Trollhättan 10 years ago. As we all know, the lights went out forever. But the Saab story wasn't over yet. It appears that the trolls are still alive and want to continue telling their Swedish saga.

The new license plate holders are also a sign of the further development of the blog.

For years the blog was only accessible via the .net extension. We have dispensed with this ending in the new design. Because in the meantime we can be found using different national endings, subdomains translate the blog into 9 languages. Readership has been rising for the last 5 quarters in a row - a development that is quite unusual. Because actually they should be sinking, almost 10 years later. But what was ever normal at Saab? We will publish our quarterly figures in the next week, they show a very interesting curve.

Of course, we also deliver all Saabblog license plate holders with blog stickers. Not only do they fit well on every Saab, they are also a statement on notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Anything we like is allowed and we are happy when the readers have as much fun as we do. The new Saabblog license plate holders are now available and can here be ordered.

7 thoughts on "Saabblog license plate holder - new version!"

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    I like the youngest owner just because he's the simplest so far.

    He looks good. I actually start to ponder.

    At the front I had a plain plate with no writing under the screwed license plate. Both nestled perfectly on the bumper. No rattling, no wind noise and no theft of the license plates without tools.

    Personally, it is still my favorite solution for the front. Unfortunately, the former of my former trust has exchanged my license plate holder for his own, without asking for permission beforehand.

    Grinning cheekily and complacently, when he picked up the Saab he explained to me that I had been fitted with two new brackets. A (selfless) gift from the house.

    Since then I have been going for a walk with two owners who are more white than black, without being asked and against my will. Name, Internet address and telephone number of the ex-Saab dealer, everything on it. Looks awful ...

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    Hey there!
    Since we are running towards a mask requirement, is there nothing shabby?

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

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      It's our turn!

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    Another nice thing is the new license plate holder. You prove again and again that SAAB is still alive, at least with us fans. I actually like all the variants, so it's a matter of taste. The new proposal is good too. I can't forget that at the Saab meeting in 2013 in Trollhättan a Swedish couple stood smiling in front of my 9.3 and was amused by the license plate holder with the label “Made in Trollhättan by Trolls”. They didn't know that and we quickly got into conversation about it.
    Thank you for the great ideas.

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    Oh yes, like "SAAB move your mind"

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    Great thing! “Born from Jets” was my favorite, but who knows how it will be received today and not let a couple of madmen fool themselves into leaving scratches on the car ?! Are there any considerations to apply the slogan “Saab move your Mind” at the time?

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      Why not? The printers need an economic stimulus package and are grateful for every job during these times. Thanks for the suggestion!


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