The new Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut. Picture gallery!

Koenigsegg has around 300 employees today. With the Gemera, you venture into new dimensions in terms of quantities. For him you expand that Work and will assemble components in Trollhättan. The Jesko traditionally remains. Its sharpest version, the Jesko Absolut, is reserved exclusively for the main plant. To get impressions of the fastest Koenigsegg ever, James Holm photographed him on the in-house track.

Jesko Absolut in front of a historic hangar. Note the clad rear wheels
Jesko Absolut in front of a historic hangar. Note the clad rear wheels

What distinguishes the Absolute from the normal Jesko? There is an incredible amount of technical precision in the new version. Aerodynamically optimized, it promises a drag coefficient of 0.278. With 1.600 horsepower, which the charged V8 with E85 should deliver, a top speed of more than 500 kilometers per hour could be possible. The final proof is still pending.

A tail unit - not a spoiler

The fine work on the clad wheels and the striking tail unit on the back are best visible. Instead of the spoiler like the normal version, it carries two vertical fins in the style of the F15 Eagle. Koenigsegg expects them to stabilize the vehicle at extremely high speeds. The Jesko Absolut looks very fast on the track even in the stand. Impressive, respectful. A piece of exclusivity. It is a demonstration of what is possible if you are not on a budget.

Fascination Koenigsegg

With Jesko and Gemera, the manufacturer has two completely different vehicles in its portfolio for the first time. The Gemera wants to be a GT, the Jesko an old school hypercar, as one is used to from the Swedish manufacture. They are both fascinating. Not just because of their technical data.

Some of the fascination from Ängelholm will in future not only be reserved for buyers of high-performance sports cars. Knowledge flows to a limited extent in a joint company with NEVS and Evergrande. Future generations of vehicles that should also go into production in Trollhättan can benefit from this. Something Koenigsegg and the genes of the special sports cars from Ängelholm could open up to a larger circle.

6 thoughts on "The new Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut. Picture gallery!"

  • Fascinating about Koenigsegg ...

    I find the ownership structure and the depth of in-house production and development. This is truly Made in Sweden.

    Of course, the technical and aesthetic level is also fascinating.

    But even though the hypercars seem to come from the future, the circumstances of their development and manufacture also remind me of a past country and its legendary products.

    On cameras in space (Hasselblad), old Volvos and the Saab generation with the first own engines. At
    Chainsaws, motorcycles, tents, stoves, tools and much more.

    A lot of what once came from Sweden had a reputation for being the best you could buy.

    It is a shame how this has been reduced to a limited and expensive piece of art over time and things.

  • I'm already a fan of Koenigsegg and I would have trusted him (as Muller) to lead Saab into the future. So it happens in a greatly weakened form through the back door. And who knows, the changing attitudes towards the pure car and the (fortunately and justifiably) crumbling resistance to the combustion engine could bring more civil and buyable cars to the market in this trio (Koenigsegg, NEVZ, Evergrande).

  • Everything is possible when a man has enough money to fully live out his enthusiasm for cars and airplanes and, above all, his play instinct ...…

    Always interesting and impressive, these reports from another world - with reference to Trollhättan and thus to Saab. Thank you so much!

    In my opinion, this restriction should also remain with regard to Volvo - please report if you have any relation to Saab. Otherwise nothing about the giant Chinese SUVs with their various beadings, etc. (I'm looking forward to thumbs down ;-)). We recently had this discussion in more detail.

    Or is something else planned now? After all, the blog has recently been given the title “… & swedish cars”.

    • The Volvo theme has been with us for some time as background noise. I keep getting emails from readers who would like some additional Volvo reading. There is apparently more overlap in the scene and quite a few Saab drivers also have a Volvo in the carport.
      We had actually thought about the topic over the winter and found a way (s) of how to integrate Volvo. Other than usual, a bit unconventional. Discussions to deepen the project and finally decide its feasibility should have taken place in April. With COVID-19 everything is on hold for an indefinite period.
      The rather fresh addition “Swedish cars” has nothing to do with it. It is owed to the Koenigsegg Link to Trollhättan and maybe also to the cars that will eventually roll off the assembly line there under some name.

  • A strong part that the Swedes put on the wheels.
    Flat and wide, like a ray, directed, like on an airplane. Funky combination.
    JESKO is absolutely fascinating.
    Thank you for the pictures and the, again and again, edifying text.

  • I will never have either the Jesko or the Gemera in the garage. Nevertheless - I think it's good that Saabblog has opened up for another Swedish brand. The pictures are awesome, the texts, as always, worth reading. Fascination Koenigsegg - I'll be there. Thank you!
    Now Volvo would be my wish. Then all Swedes would be in one magazine. It doesn't have to be that much. But now and then, again and again, that would be something? You're welcome!

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