Interesting! Saabblog readership in Q1 2020.

We have never published our readership figures in this form, and deliberately. We are breaking that tradition today, for a reason. Because the numbers are developing in an interesting way - very different from what would be expected. You could be a driving force behind those making money with Saab. Or at least make you think. For the fans they are at least a confirmation. Because you are not alone in your sympathy for the brand.

In principle, it was clear to me from the start with the blog project that it would be finite. One brand closes the gates, there is hope of a comeback for a while. If this is shattered and the imagination disappears, then it is only a matter of time before the blog shrinks to a readership that is barely worth mentioning.

More than 1/4 million readers in the 1st quarter

In principle, that's exactly how it turned out. In the first quarter of 2012 with the end in Sweden a high with 394.553 readers, in 2014 and 2015 the hope that NEVS will revitalize the brand. Then the end of the fantasy, the phase of disillusionment began. Readership fell steadily, and 2018 hit the bottom. Only 158.523 readers left, less than half of the all-time high. At this point, the end of the blog was already firmly in my mind. Less than 50.000 readers per month would have been what is called a personal pain threshold. The point at which you can no longer justify the effort behind these pages to yourself.

Saabblog readership figures in each 1st quarter
Saabblog readership figures in each 1st quarter

The Saab saga is told? It turned out differently! December 2018 should definitely have been the last month for Saabblog, it wasn't. Readership increased and interest in Saab slowly increased again. A trend that has lasted for 5 quarters and is stable. Surprising, because it shouldn't exist and nothing can justify it. Saab as a car brand is dead, there is no justification for a fantasy. The public mood is against old cars, the trend is towards digital, fully electric mobility. Nevertheless, the blog reached 2020 readers in the first quarter of 264.599. It could top the million mark again for the first time this year, which is a daring assumption with all the current uncertainties.

Almost half of the readers are under 35 years of age

It is even more interesting who is reading! We don't have an analysis tool running on our German server, which is a fundamental decision from the start. But if you read Saabblog in other languages, you end up on our US server. The providers analyze, due to a different legal situation, very precisely, and the result is different from what you might think. The largest group are 37,5-25 year olds with 34%, followed by 45-54 year olds with 25%. The age group from 18 to 24 accounts for 11,5% of every 10th reader, those over 55 only make up 3,75%.

The age structure can probably not be transferred 1: 1 to the German-speaking area, but conclusions can be drawn. Saab plays a bigger role with young people than you might think at first glance. More than every 10th reader did not have a driver's license when Trollhättan closed. The car brand hasn't disappeared from people's minds, interest is rising with a robust curve up almost 10 years after it ended.

The workshops and the companies that deal in spare parts have to answer for themselves what can be made of it. Saabblog can only arouse interest or also conserve it. Getting people to drive an old Saab that fits into life and the environment is a matter of the respective local business model. The blog only provides the basis for this.

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    Since last Friday there is an 18-year-old 9000aero driver more, ... always confronted with the parents' SAABs, referred to exciting articles in the blog and now amazed at what a SAAB from 1996 already had on board. Inevitably, blogs are read again and again.

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      Congratulations! That's how it should be!

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    Herbert, I would really miss your tasty comments! So stay with Saab and the blog!

    Greetings from Hans from the south, a Swiss who is “locked up” in Germany 🙂
    My Saab garage is in Switzerland and I urgently need to bring two vehicles past. Unfortunately not possible at the moment!

    Good time everyone!

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    @ Tom,

    certainly also a factor and part of the multiple truth. So I can personally sign it immediately.

    On the other hand, you can escape digital overkill with any vehicle of any brand. With older models of all brands no problem and occasionally this escape can still be realized with new cars.

    The growing popularity, which the blog and thus Saab is experiencing, cannot be explained otherwise than by the conclusion that the blog is simply damn good and always makes you want Saab.

    Again congratulations on the numbers and especially 1.000 thanks for everything.

    It is quite possible that I would not have invested a Saab more or less without this blog. Or that I would invest less without this blog. Unfortunately, you always get suggestions here. Even if it is only to exchange the old shark fin (roof antenna) ...

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    Congratulations on these impressive user numbers!
    Of course, it's about SAAB. Has already been a special brand ...
    with special people as users,
    with an early instinct for security and
    economical (environmentally friendly) drives,
    as well as some impressive performance. It polarized “back then”, today it arouses desires when used with an H mark.
    In my mind I'm looking for a 9000 CSE 2.3 or 900 Turbo 16S ... or a blue Viggen 9-3 ... yes, if I had that much space.
    The fascination will remain.
    The blog is also booming because the team is doing a great (!!!) on the PC.
    Interesting articles,
    Now How in the subject,
    emotional writing plus wonderful pictures.
    Commitment to SAAB in digitizing the films and and and.
    All this will be rewarded with clicks and will be supported with € in December.
    In any case, I am always happy when I look into my email inbox when there is something from the SAAB blog again.
    Thank you very much for the information work so far !!!

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    Perhaps the blog is simply so good that it generates growing readership in a shrinking community?

    I think it's excellent.

    Maybe Saab made a lasting impression on young people?

    In any case, it happened to me with some cars that I later bought the desires of my childhood and youth and I still didn't have everything I wanted. There are still quite a few Saab on the wish list ...

    Good to know that you are not alone in this (although it has long pushed prices up for some models).

    But the more hope you can get for the spare parts supply and good service. The appeal in the article goes (as always) in the right direction.

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      Perhaps one of the truths is that the prospect of moving a smartphone on wheels in the future will not delight everyone. There could be a growing enthusiasm for analog mobility, even beyond Saab. Things don't always have to be complex and networked.

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    The number of hits is actually surprising in terms of quantity. However, it is no surprise that the Saab blog is appreciated. The meticulousness with which the research is carried out, the profound know-how with which the writing is carried out and the high frequency of publication - that is phenomenal! Even those who are not (yet) interested in Saab will always find something interesting here.

    The fact that no new Saab vehicles are produced no longer matters to the brand's appeal, I believe. The other brand of my heart has not been produced since 1961 and still has a worldwide fan base. Unfortunately, a lot has been done wrong in the Borgward scene in the past decades when it comes to public relations. And of course, in the past decades, the media opportunities have not been available as they are today. And so it happened that the Borgward scene is hopelessly out of date. This obviously does not happen at Saab, thanks to the blog, also to the dedicated workshops and suppliers who keep the vehicles running with their lifeblood in everyday life. Communication options via various media do the rest.

    The blog should live, must live. 264.599 readers in the first quarter are fantastic. But even 1 readers would be absolutely no reason for me to give up. As long as people are interested in Saab, the topic lives. And my experience shows that even decades after the end of production, the story is still not told.

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    I agree with the congratulations, because the first point is you who make up the blog. Saab has its own fascination, always had. I have never had a car as long (11 years and 350.000km) as my Saab.
    And until the last trip, my eye enjoyed the car. At no time was he over me, or did I feel like I had an old car. Only economic things sometimes kill the most beautiful thing. A new car was needed. I sold the old Saab and bought an even older Saab as a seasonal vehicle. Yesterday I made the first extensive trip this year. And it is a pure deceleration for me like a short vacation when I am traveling by car. And I am amazed how well the car drives compared to the new car !! I can understand that the younger generation feels the same way! A positive side effect of Saab is, of course, that the prices are within easy reach, so that young people with a small budget can also strike.

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    Congratulations on this success!

    I am also surprised at the age distribution, but it is very gratifying. That also leaves room for the future, because I am not so sure whether everyone will participate in this “trend towards digital, fully electric mobility” or whether one is almost forced to do so. I'm curious what the government hatches again. VW has definitely put out its feelers and called for a “switch bonus for new vehicles”.

    I also belong to the last age group on the blog and I will drive my Saab as long as I am able and allowed to.

    Today I was on the road in the southern Black Forest with the 9-3 Aero Coupe built in 2000, with maptun stage 1. Simply heavenly, there is nothing to be found, nothing is rattling, the engine revs willingly like a turbine and accelerates the car with great ease in every situation. And when you get out you stand in front of a timelessly beautiful and well-shaped automobile!

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    Well I also belong to these “3,75 percent” and am positively amazed that so many younger people read the Saabblog.

    And now for the current photo. Simply wonderful! Two of these 9-5 are busily driven by my wife and me. With the same color and in one case also with these rims. Especially the somewhat younger blog readers should be told that these vehicles are still wonderfully comfortable and safe on the road long distances. Last year we covered a total of 30Tkm with the vehicles and this year we are again at more than 9Tkm.

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    Better to drive a cool old SAAB with a great community and a super blog than an overpriced Golf 8 without soul and cheating technique.

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    As far as age is concerned, I am currently in a “risk group”. That's why I'm also annoyed that after so many years with all possible and impossible car models, I've only now come across SAAB. So what, a 3-9II My3 Cab has been in the garage for 07 years and that's a good thing! Point!


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