Better coordinated? Shopping and Saab driving in Corona times.

Already the 5th week of the Bavarian exit restriction. The COVID-19 column becomes an involuntary cross-country skier. In some places, the country feels like a crisis area. The hardware stores are a typical example. My preferred market, which is part of a large chain, is fully prepared for the pandemic. The entrance on one side of the building and the exit on the other. In between there are long one-way streets leading to the ticket offices.

Saab driving in Corona times

Shopping carts are compulsory and the carts are disinfected again at the entrance. Right in the middle of it all are the people, equipped with all kinds of face masks, rushing through corridors. A scenario like from a third-rate war film. Hard-core people take it sportily. I discover that I am not one of them. Visits to the hardware store, I plan, are a thing of the past once it has to be set up.

The hardware store does everything right, it is exemplary, without a doubt. The concept thought out, but the question is what do I want to do to myself. The crisis is having an impact. One of them is that we buy in a more coordinated way. More local, more thoughtful, maybe more sustainable. Giving preference to small shops that have the firm intention of only buying books in the nearest town and no longer on the Internet. The spontaneous “I'll drive over to Edeka again quickly” is a thing of the past. The result? It's actually positive. The appreciation for food is increasing, the household waste we produce is decreasing. The family lives more consciously.

Not everything is taken for granted.

What about our cars and the workshops? How secure is the supply of spare parts? One of the topics on the blog for the next week, already specifically in my fleet. My aero is weak. No more coolant, probably a leak in the system. Sure, it's getting warmer, one of the old trolls always draws attention to himself. A full yard at Saab Service Frankfurt. You still had time for my Saab. Fresh coolant and contrast to find the leak. Because climate protection also applies to an old car. The service and the commitment of the employees remain high. Despite Corona.

Fechenheim we are back again. The 9-3 in Frankfurt.
Fechenheim we are back again. The 9-3 in Frankfurt.

Yes Frankfurt. That's where Saab lives. I take the chance and move a very special 900 and collect even more narrative material for the blog. The people of Frankfurt offer more than enough of it. But, to stay with the Corona topic, everything is under the sign of the virus.

The repair acceptance disappears behind a distance solution, in the small office there is space for only one customer. Everywhere signs that indicate the minimum distance. Respirators have been ordered because the extensive guild catalog to protect customers and employees from COVID-19 will apply from Monday.

What's as cool as saab

We are starting the 6th Corona week, with the hope of further discipline and keeping our distance from everyone. Even if it is difficult and a bit annoying. Only in this way can there be rapid relaxation and life becomes more normal. But I liked one thing this week. The WordPress system on which the blog is based throws anonymized search terms under which we can be found on a daily basis. Everything is under that. Saab model year 2020, where are Saabs built, where can you buy them. All questions, the answer of which I would also like to know.

The best search of the week? Here you go!

“Which car brand is as cool as Saab?”

I would be curious to hear from Google or Siri.

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  • Hello Tom, Great article about what is happening now in Duitschland in these times. In Belgium there is only the possibility to go to the hardware store and of course shops where there is food. Everything else is closed until early May. Workshops are closed; so no chance to have his car repaired or to change winter tires. You can't even drive with an old timer. In Holland, however, this is allowed, KNACK just writes that it is better to take a trip with your old-timer at least once a week. So you see that there is a different rule everywhere. But we hope everyone that we stay healthy and that we can enjoy our Saab (s) for a very long time.

  • I entered the question on Google, Bing & Yahoo and looked at the hits on the first page (surprisingly I had no error messages 🙂).
    Admittedly, the results from Bing & Yahoo were disappointing, but Google delivered an even more surprising one. In second place, I was referred to the Saabblog with another brand plus the term cool:

    Honestly, no other brand was found cool there, but at least the product of another brand, the Kia Stinger. So see you soon on the KIABlog ... 😉

  • Hello Tom

    exactly this question has been occupying me and many others for years!

    Unfortunately, despite an intensive search, I have not found an answer. And SIRI, I'm sure you don't know that!
    Because what is really COOL driving the SAAB, and why we SAAB drivers always have such a stupid grin on our face when the TURBO sings its song to us whistling and hammering. That is probably only reserved for those who have already experienced it! And then there are a number of constructive peculiarities ...

    I mean: SAAB is simply s COOL because it is anything but everyday!
    This is exactly why you always stand out with your SAAB.
    Saab simply doesn't fit in any drawer. And pigeonholing is a big thing for current society!
    But what do you do with the names that already represent something and still don't fit in one of the drawers?

    Exactly because of this, neither Alexa, nor SIRI, nor Google, nor I have a search result for your question!

    Sorry! ERROR No search result!

  • Hardware store, if I just read the word my hair stands on end. Why do so many and so constantly have to make a pilgrimage to a hardware store? It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of tons of nails and screws are stored in German sheds and small workshops, as well as about one million drills that are somehow never used. Anyway, I like to allow everyone to linger in the hardware store.

    Our purchasing behavior has also leveled off. Shopping once a week is enough. We consider ourselves lucky to live in a rural area, little traffic, little flow of people and a well-stocked farm shop like visavis. I know is a privileged situation, not everyone can have it. The only downside, the Saab stay in the stable and get little exercise!

  • Jorn Frick,

    I did not quote Mr. Schäuble, but the Tagesspiegel, which I consciously classified as "formerly renowned" ...

    I will go along with you completely if you consider the game of incomplete quotes and political play of colors to be outdated and offensive.

    I have also often considered carefully whether I should separate the one or the other comment here at all?

    The topics (in addition to Saab also corona, sustainability, environmental protection and much more) are not set by you or me. The blog itself is therefore only entitled to moderate the comments.

    I personally find your comment very valuable, although it is not directly related to Saab.

    Just like you, I like the unexcited nature of the blogger and the vast majority of comments. And I like the mutual food for thought and additional information that results from the interaction between the editorial team and the reaction (readers & comments).

    Thank you so much for your illuminating comment, which is smarter and more differentiated than a headline in a “formerly renowned” daily newspaper.

    It's just a shame that you are basically basing your knowledge and arguments against a discourse that I feel was triggered or at least favored in the previous article.

    But I will take your suggestion to heart.

  • I am always delighted with Tom's great articles on the Saabblog. These are pleasantly unhysterical in these strange times. I like food for thought and my own opinions. And of course everyone can have their own political opinion. For me, however, dear Mr. Hürsch, it is questionable whether the comment function of the Saab blog is the right place for political statements, especially since not every Saab driver is per se left-liberal.

    I find it regrettable when quotations are reproduced incompletely and out of context.
    Mr. Schäuble said: “But when I hear that everything else has to step back in order to protect life, then I have to say: That is not correct in this absoluteness. Fundamental rights restrict each other. If there is any absolute value in our Basic Law, then that is human dignity. It is inviolable. But it doesn't rule out the fact that we must die. … ”
    But the statement is also remarkable: “It is still not just the pandemic that is the biggest problem, but climate change, the loss of biodiversity - all the damage that we humans and, above all, we Europeans do through the excess of nature. Hopefully we won't just come up with scrapping rewards that will allow the industry to continue as before. "
    In this sense back to the topic: SAAB.

  • Schäuble: "The protection of life is not paramount!"

    Is it today as the headline on the front page of the (formerly renowned) Berlin TAGESSPIEGEL ...

    By now at the latest, we no longer have to worry whether all the worries we have worried are really cause for concern.

    It's a shame, because the learning effects described in the article are widespread and infinitely valuable. Those who do not belong to the small group of completely frightened and presumably previously damaged hamsters buy less and more consciously, throw less and save a lot of CO2 and packaging material ...

    Saves your own time, money, trips and resources, protects the environment and also lowers the infection rate, saves lives.

    My biggest concern was that this learning effect is (economically) politically not wanted at all. This is currently being confirmed. That's really a pity.

  • Hello, I also have a SAAB, it is a SAAB 900, it is in the garage because there are still a few small things that need to be done. It is nothing serious, the costs are not so high for the small repairs. I'm going to get it ready, so my husband is getting it ready for the TÜV. It is a great car. We either drive it or I sell it. Because my husband drives a Mercedes. Also an older model. It is a sports coupe. Must persuade him to part with it and sell it, so I apologize. Because I don't know if I could post it all now. Please stay healthy and take care of yourself. Wish everyone a nice Sunday.
    Greetings from Brakel / Gehrden


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